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DRL the drone racing league twelve of the world's best fpv pilots battle each other across the longest most complex forces ever seen for maximum season points of world champion this is throw racing [Music] welcome to the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship the premier international drone racing circuit and has been a wild ride this season with the most intense competition the sport has ever seen after six levels of racing several pilots differentiated themselves but none more than those of Vanover coming into the season all 12 pilots had the desire and hope if not expectation that they would become the world champion I want to win this year more than any other year because I know I can do it I've proven that I can consistently out fly everybody I just want to make it happen to be honest I don't really care about winning like one level I want to get to championship I'm not here to podium that's all great and definitely will feel good about it but I'm here with one goal in mind that's win this championship at each level only the podium finishers earn season points by four first two for second and one for third the pilot with the most points at the end of seven levels becomes the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion thanks for joining us we look back on levels one through six the season started in Miami Florida we're at Hard Rock Stadium home to the NFL's Miami Dolphins for level one our six finalists take their place in the cockpit where they'll race six regular heats to qualify for the winner-take-all golde haters included in this group is nurtured in green the defending 2018 TRL world champion the biggest perk that I have of being world champion in the offseason was throwing out the first pitch for a Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona this is crazy to be in front of a 10,000 people and threw a strike so I can't complain also in this group are jet and gab who have had the most storied rivalry in DRL the semis gab and I were neck-and-neck and that was honestly to be expected this field also has a new face 19 year old rookie band over I can't believe I'm really sitting like next to you guys this sounds so cheesy but like watching it on the show from third person and then sitting here and like looking left and like seeing the backdrop and everything is like freaking me out right now it's awesome it's gonna be fun this is so cool my it's super weird though hello everybody I'm Craig Hummer here alongside drone racing pilot Tony Knittle Tony Vancouver sounds like a fanboy but look where he's city handovers in the first seat which means he's the top seat coming out of the semi-finals he won an extraordinary five heats in a row and over would continue that streak winning the first three heats of the finals it is ban over in the flashing drone trying to go three for three in this final and he dies three for three baby two-time world champion jet one heat for [Music] [Applause] then it was time for heat five the next heat will be very interesting we know Vanover constraint wins together but can he recover from a loss and win again regression to the mean and tell myself right now I want to push but I'm just saying I keep doing my thing tech ops are almost finished prepping the drones for the next race we know fan / and jet are in the gold heat but there are only two heats left in these finals which means only two more chances for the other pilots finals by they all head down the main floor to the square game we heard some contact on the ground rotating into the helix five man over in the lead jet red and second these guys are pushing it so hard that's why you're skipping the ground that guy laid back to the tiny bit Vanover in the flashing drone she's up and over into the stadium dive dab in yellow pushing jet for that second place jab doing a great job taking the inside line that's why he was able to catch up there the top three through the dangerous watch date back to the main floor Vanover jab and check in a chuckle that's the first time we've really seen him off his line that gets jetan red the opportunity followed by gavin yellow a great job by man over a game composure and hold on while he made that mistake final lap jet through the diamond game up and over leading as they go into the stadium bag but banned overs come back Shetty first Vanover at second the dangerous watch meet again then the over stakes can be had here some more contact you can hear it but that doesn't affect chef he's looking for a second win this is the run and the fight per second was legitimate too close to call but remember the wind is what matters and jet wins for the second time dude we were way too much throttle we all bought like slowly sinking oh it's getting close in close we are maxing these rigs out yeah I was full throttle and it just I hit the ground like and over he did that dodo that was good Vanover led from the start until his first real mistakes of these finals jet got close its first swatched feet but Vanover held him off until the very end of lap 1 when he overcorrected through the gate and hit the floor he did a great job saving it but fell to third behind jet gap jet held the leaps to rest of the way in while cabin Vanover had an epic dogfight for second Vanover gap in the helix climb then pulled away in the stadium dive gab caught man over at the swatch gate and the two were neck and neck all the way in with gaff taking second by half a drone lane [Music] the Racing's there we got a lot of challenge this is what we want this is why we're here this is the only place you're gonna get fish Racing gap set er L is the only place they get this kind of racing absolutely TRL's proprietary technology allows for the longest most diverse courses have ever seen and more importantly their spec racing with the racer for DRL redesigned this drone from the ground up and built over 500 for this event they perform identically which levels the playing field and means the only difference is how each pilot flies racer 4 is TRL's next generation drum it's a professional high-end racing machine made for a global sport hoods already rather the rest it's made for competition today [Music] the racer four is the most special racing drones that has ever been developed it's super unique no one has built a drone like this that looks this good and goes this fast we want a drone that's going to inspire the world and excite them something that you can follow at home something that's high performance something that looks beautiful to be as amazing as it can be the race of four has lots of new technology in it that the last racers didn't have there are a lot more powerful easier to fly more spectacular to see it has a thousand LEDs on it high voltage power train it has a gigantic battery to fly far away and a very advanced radio system they're all identical it's this even playing field I think that's part of what makes great racing everyone's why exactly the same specs so it makes it 100% about the body which pilot is the most scale which pilot actually the best performer and that's exciting racer the best pilots on the edge of what's possible racer four is the manifestation of that gab 77 people on to win the final regular heat of racing setting up a three pilot showdown in the winner-take-all going it's finals go 803 up van over in that pole position platform he should be first to the square of Dayton in the helix fight he is she can't miss the flashy drone Jenna red in second gap off to a rough start skipping the ground that's gonna get in his head just a little bit he said hip hop fitness for taped all scenario you've got in front first time through the dangerous watch game makeovers through Jen's Roo we heard some contact though been over back to the main floor he's in front jet in second in the red everyone still up as we start left to Vanover just a little faster than these guys through these turns he's got it dialed the rest needs a styled airline in Vanover trying to put the puzzle chat with contact he looked to be down that's more space for Vanover into the stadium dive damn right they're trying to stay close vinegars got one more time through the swatch gate [Music] as well say hello to the future it has a ride in the form of a 19 year old from Texas well duh oh man I tried to cut the helix too tight can I like lay down yeah that first lap I was full sent it over led from the start but all three were in contention until the second helix climb Jets approach was good but he simply didn't pitch down and up at the top of the climb hitting the gate and taking himself out gap flew a great race but fell just 4/10 of a second short gap beat the previous course record by half a second but Vanover flew the race of his life gap got close reentering the main floor on the sprint to the finish but Vanover was too quick destroying his previous course record by nearly a full second Vanover after the golden heat you secured the win and you said I did it we know that you won the level but what does it mean to you it means everything to me I'm doing this for my dad he's watching up in heaven he he's a champion and this is just the first step to getting there and I'm really just so great grateful so blessed to be here for me this is 10 years flying anything RC and even more flying drone racing and to be on TRL again is incredible and to pull off the win it's just something I've been wanting to do ever since I watched the first year I'll race ever that broadcasted I wanted to to be in that position I want to feel that energy and I wanted to to prove to myself that all the hard work I put into here was worth something and to do it is just it's amazing so the rookie proved he was legit and over dab and jet stood on the first podium of the year turning five two and one season points respectively Vanover would get his second chance for more season points at level two Hard Rock Stadium a second event of the doubleheader the drone racing league brought to you by Allianz global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship season we're in Miami Florida for the finals of level 2 our Rock Stadium five of our six pilots enter the arena with the goal of redeeming disappointment from level one the 19 year old rookie ban over who made history winning his first PRL event CPUC I don't really feel the pressure of being a rookie your youngest pilot in a way though I do feel the pressure to do well because I have a reputation especially winning level one so now it's time to go show people that it wasn't a fluke these pilots are the six best from the level two semi-finals Toki what a field we have here absolutely as you said Vanover is coming off the tremendous level one win newark nub and gab finished one-two-three at the 2018 World Championship these guys all know what it takes to win big races to win level 2 would be redemption for not doing as well as I wanted in level 1 I'd love to get into that golden heat to battle it out to lay it all on the line I'm very relieved to be in the finals somehow the pressure is higher this year I don't know everyone's been practicing very hard and everyone's really fast in the 2018 season as a rookie the fact that I was able to come out and put myself up and put myself above the other veterans was a really proud moment for me each heat is two laps in and around the stadium each lap starts with a long straightaway into the critical helix climb it's another long straight to the dramatic stadium dive next is the ascent through the inimical swatch game and back to the main floor for the end of the lap more sprint to the finish level once winner ran over one the first heat but then got beat by nub inherent and each two and three each securing a spot in the winner-take-all golde heat Tony - very distinct camps you've got the three pilots that are in and of course the three pilots that have struggled in are down to their last chance yeah these guys have only one key and what they really need to do right now is hit the reset switch to get out of that mind space that they're in to get their composure back to win a race we're down to the last regular heat before the golden heat finals heat six [Music] they all know how to do this so dramatic run to the square gate up in the hill it's fun you're King breed right there you got bent over and gaps episode and contact get gap benefit he's out in front he needs this win gap 707 through the diamond gate up and over into the stadium dive loosely followed by the flashing throw to banner these three are staying close no one's letting up gab 707 makes it cleanly through all the top three are cleanly through back to the main floor gap 707 in yellow still in front staff 707 student great job holding on to the front but he needs to find a way to create some distance out of these three gaps 707 in yellow is the only one that needs this win to assure himself was spotting the golden heat and he's doing everything he can he's gotta press on this next turn Vanover coming in trying to put the pressure on he's going [Applause] I am this swatch game will determine it all since he's out vandals ritenour oh and dirt goes down nineteen-year-old wonderkid tiny boys Stasi Newark finishes in six go to let's go to heat now ready for the golden heat back Vanover I've got one question two back-to-back heat wins going into the golden heat what does that do for your confidence it's where I want it to be it's not too high because I know that it was still a close heat the good news is the pilot gaps some of the seven who was the most worried about made a mistake and regardless I still would have had him on the pass so I feel better I know I can beat Newark I know I can beat Noah but I just need to do I did the last two heats and there's no chance they can beat me I'm just in my rhythm so as long as I launch good get out in front and just tell myself to fly my own race don't make any dumb mistakes I think it's mine short and concise Vanover short and concise yeah he talks too much maybe not all of the pilots are fans of the rookie sensation but love him or hate him they are all paying attention to him Vanover is kind of a new wild card I think he's got a few eyes on him at the amateur level he's very well known to be one of the fastest out there I have to give him respect because he has a lot of dedication he gets out he puts in the time and he trains like no other I know personally that I can be a these pilots out here on any of these tracks any quad doesn't matter any radio goggles I just need to focus on what I needed you personally told everything else out and go win but at the same time he is very arrogant and I don't appreciate that Vani Vani Vani Vani the bigmouth brat I see an insecure little boy with Vani he wants reassurance from the rest of the guys I grew up in the south where you have to be humble and he doesn't seem to feel that way we are getting ready for the winner-take-all golden eat started with six pilots and work down to three Newark Vanover and up the winner of this next team will be the level two champ earning a critical five season points in his quest to become the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion Vanover in the flashing disco drone nub in purple and Newark in green finals expected to pay off it'll be the square gate and then the heel expired van over and for eight launched by turf to keep it close - pilots nerf chasing dirt closing the gap this is for the level to win the swatch game for the first time up and thrill every close pressing the base no stand over keeps the lead but just barely pressing Vanover is not used to be fast [Applause] on the table over a little turn but sandover's not letting him get away [Applause] yeah Newark a nail-biter of a golden heat what does it mean to you to take this level win it's I mean it's it's redemption from level one that's for sure it's a continuation of last season it's it's it's a little bit more confirmation that I'm where I need to be that I can hang with the best in the world and come out here and get a get a course win early in the season I'm super psyched about that after two levels the rookie fan over sits on top with seven season points Newark since second but five gap is in third with two while jet nub each have one after Miami everyone headed to the Twin Cities of Minnesota for levels three and four they're a very different track presented unique opportunities and challenges for the pilots our look back on the 2019 season continues this is DRL the throw racing league [Music] [Music] welcome back to our review of the DRL Allianz World Championship season the brand new dazzling Allianz Field is our host for level 3 twin cities the top six pilots out of the semis now take their place in the cockpit where they'll race 7 heats around the stadium each eat here at Allianz Field is two laps with two critical switchbacks and the sky gates course is absolutely amazing out of all the drone courses I've flown over the last few years it's the best track of our flock it's a little bit of a mix it's wide open where it needs to be and then it's got spots where every single pilot is trying to take a different line figure out what's faster we have made it to the golden heat of the level 3 finals three pilots are here and now it is winner-take-all we started with six pilots now fan over Gavin Duncan remain to race one heat to determine the level champion it's the Battle of smooth versus raw it's the battle right now yeah but you don't want to be facing Duncan wings on fire all your guns I don't know that's scary the keys to victory Tony let's just go down the line let's start with Vanover what does he have to do that over has proven that when he flies his race from start to finish he wins so what he has to do is make sure that when the tone sound he's completely ready no other thoughts about winning or celebrating let's switch to gap what are his keys gap needs peak performance gap is the most consistent pilot at 98% he needs to push it to a hundred percent with flawless execution and I feel like our third and final pilot is definitely the wild card Duncan absolutely he's proven that he's the fastest on this course here and no one's gonna take that away from him so if he could do that now when it counts to the boat he'll get that win finals and over from the first podium but it's gap first number one man over in gamut of light jumping right there as well this is the first switchback man over with that traditional straight line has given him a slightly look at these do they're that big bag Gavin Duncan right there Vanover Gavin yellow Duncan and white in third the concourse the fastest murder to lose up to the sky gates this is Duncan's favorite spot it's still banned over in front along the western run they'll drop down once again to the swatch deep in or still maintains that position [Applause] so this cap cap gone up already making the push along the top course no you take it I think so I don't know I couldn't see I think I wonder you take it I never saw anyone in front yeah yeah good he took it you took it all yeah good job Annie yeah level three and he is able to put his stamp on this level Duncan's body in one but it wasn't the case Wow motional when you race I'm like did he somehow beat me I was like all right you want to talk about a close race giving fans exactly what they came for that was it in the final there oh no absolutely I had a great first lap I'm kind of known as in like level one I had an excellent first lap and I always kind of slowed down a bit a lot too I think that's just mentally me telling myself my heart starts beating it's like okay we're in front let's not mess up right and watching the replay I didn't realize how close gap got to me he made one mistake and that was it he probably would have beat me to that finish his line was looking really good but a nail-biter ever finished so much fun I love these guys so much because three different flying styles but three great pilots who are all pushing the limits what we can do out here well it's a lofty goal but right now you can celebrate another level win congratulations this one's also for my dad too we're getting there yeah we're going I was giving it everything I I could have just do close to that light pole tough luck I would have items' Vanover now has a significant lead in the season standings with 12 points nerf remains in second with five and gabon third with three Gavin Duncan fell short in level three but they would get another shot in the second event of the doubleheader at Allianz field level four next this is er L a drone racing lead [Music] welcome back to Allianz field here in st. Paul Minnesota we are down to our final regular heat in the finals of level 4 for pilots already in the gold key tour trying to earn their way there and one man has two wins that's fan over Vanover had a rough start here and we wondered if you'd be able to turn it around well he did great launches tight lines and no mistakes the last two heats let's go back to gap he was right behind Vanover last teeth but couldn't close out the win now that's become a theme for him for nearly two years gab has been the so close but not quite pilot since winning level two in 2017 he's finished on the podium eight times but never on the top step this is a dry spell he's burning to end you know life's unfair sometimes and it's one of the things that you know defines a bit who you are how I've performed in the last few seasons I know that I can consistently be faster than everybody I've just not been very lucky I'm not getting pushed down by it or anything I know it's how you can step up from that that really makes a decision on who you are and how things evolve for you I want to win because I know I can do it I have the ability to beat everybody so it's just a matter of keeping my training regiment going it's usually two parts of the training that have to come together for example when you go play a poker game you get your two cards at the start for me that's the amount of practice that I can do the more I practice the better my cards when I start the game but then once you're playing there's a bit of luck there's a bit of reading your opponent's see what they're gonna play if you need all those three parts to get there you need luck you need skill at the start and you need to make the right choices it's something that it's in my reach I just need to reach out and you know grab it gab is already in the gold heat a win here would give him a better start position freely and flexy it's win or go home finals eat six last chance were flexi inert metal this first gap right behind it we've seen this before in the switch that number one it starts with the swatch game Vanover with the cleanest line again to the square gate drops through the Pentagon game and on this respect number two you have inert looking for a chance to catch up but it's just not happening so far it's hard to catch up against the lead and a pilot like that Vanover through the sky game second he's going for it on the west run wow that was amazing but fan over passes right back look at this [Applause] - over the last time they were in this position can you do it again Vanover to the sky gate that dive through the finish Vanover get that gap second it is it sir you did yep good do you I was just right on you came that second lucky pasty good race and then you came up out of nowhere man heck yeah good race employs the regular heats of the level for finals have been completed we know there will be four pilots in the gold meet ban over gab 707 Duncan and Shaggy have one more heat to determine the level four champion was the pace on that no that was another record-setting heat he's not gonna have how many of those in a row no you just did three hours over the neuro four pilots the winner of this next heat is the level four champion Vanover starts on podium one gap 707 on podium for Duncan otome five shaggy six finals the other pilots have some real estate to make up against anima being over definitely versus already card is over [Music] [Applause] what an emotional win or gab 7:07 wait for that unforced error from Vanover and he capitalizes on that mistake holds on to the wind all the way through the drought is over gab you're known as one of the most consistent pilots in drone racing but the last level win for you was in 2017 level 2 atlanta aftermath how does it feel to be back on top you know I can't believe this you know I might just gratitude at this moment I can't you know thanks so much to everyone who's believed in me thanks and my girlfriend family it's been so long coming and people have been telling me you know you know you deserve this you got to get you got to get it and to finally make it I just can't why do you believe that you deserve it um I don't know two years ago I was leader in the season overtook me at the last possible moment and beat me last year I was feeling strong I had the course record on the track and the golden heat just went over in a snap like this and I know I have the speed I know I just need to keep it together and find the right formula for me I've worked actually really hard I found a new way of training I will admit and I think that was really really determining a factor for me tonight and that's huge on behalf of all your fans and us here at DRL we're all very proud of you and congratulations and we can't wait to see what's next thanks so much whoa an emotional win for gab that was two years in the making and bumps him up in the season standings after four levels Vanover remains in first with 13 points dabbe moves into second with 8 and Newark sits in third with five the TRL season heads to Phoenix Arizona and the largest crowd ever for a drone race level five Chase Field coming up this is TRL puts roam racing lead [Music] this is the URL Allianz World Championship welcome to Chase Field where we've turned an iconic baseball stadium into a high-speed three-dimensional racetrack we've made it to the gold needs at level five Chase Field four guys are in it no gap 707 Luxy and Vanover each heat is two half mile loops through port to gates position iein whoa Criss crossing the stadium and this course TK is a significant factor it truly is because it's so open the pilots need to focus on carrying momentum through the turn more than carving tight lines the smoothest pilots here will rise to the top the switchback has been a key differentiator here all night take us through this critical maneuver the switchback is a complex double u-turn requiring precise timing the goals are minimize distance flown while maximizing exit speed from each you turn the keys to the first u-turn are making a single turn while staying as close to the diamond gate as possible pilots pitch up slightly as they roll and yaw right they must time the turn so that they line up the diamond and square gates in a straight line the keys to the second u-turn are beginning to turn prior to the square gate and a peck seen as close to the gate as possible they pitch up slightly as they roll right with minimal yaw if they don't line up the two gates in the first u-turn they must make additional corrections which is slower if they don't begin the second u-turn early enough they extend their line path the square gate which is slower mistiming either turn causes them to hit the diamond gate or the square game if you want to win a level you need to first make the golden e and now we know our four pilots and their colors nuf in purple gap 707 yellow flux e the swatch pilot red and white and Vanover the flashing disco drum final [Music] winner-take-all fantastic start from Doug he's got climbing to the sky gate gab and fan over chasing him look at these guys ducks in a row Craig not doing a great job keeping in that day though as he just wonderfully dropped down little switch back to the first time now I'll be able to accelerate out of the square gate but gap is keeping it blue there on the right side of the course around the right-field pole back to the Pentagon gate and the start of last number to sub in the lead these guys behind a bit of a bobble there goes down he's blows again gap has closed the distance to switch back yet again gaps running at a time there was a bump that drop snap back the sweeping left Oh [Applause] fantastic launch off the podium getting to the front of the group and not letting go a tiny bit knocks back the wind and sends a message of his own now first off congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment can you put it into words what does it mean to you it means everything getting these points getting real points up on the board it shows these other pilots that I have what it takes still to stand up there on the podium at the end of the season and come back for another year before now what was holding you back that you overcame on this level I think it was a combination of things I wasn't getting a ton of practice I was in my own head a lot I wasn't thinking very positive I was dwelling on all of these negative things it would happen to me during a race and this time I just let it all go and just kept on flying my race so how do you take that how do you bottle it up and use it for the future levels that we have in front of us it's just an extreme confidence boost I've shown the guys hey I'm here I'm staying and you're not getting rid of me well once again congratulations you earned every bit of it thank you the overall season standings are getting interesting Vanover misses his first podium of the year but remains on top with 13 points gab is now just three points back with 10 and with this win now moves into third with six level six here in Phoenix would give the pilots another shot at season points with huge implications in the world championship title race next the drone racing league brought to you by aliens global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 TRL Allianz World Championship season getting set for Heat number four of our finals here at level six Phoenix fan overs one two heats he's at the gold meet that's why training for gap just won the last teeth joining Vanover in that gold deep well I'm not gonna lie not do a little stretch a little bit less stress there by yourself winning Heat no I I'll give you a bit of confidence you know right no way to get by yourself people don't like being my team so anything that just gave me more confidence knowing I can make that make up that time on you out of all people I stay the last one Gabon Vanover have really separated themselves from the others here tonight TK what are you seeing that they're doing better you know that's a good question I don't think it's one thing in particular more everything all of them know the track inside and out and the best line through each element but Vanover and gab are executing those lines almost perfectly for two laps when the others make even a small misstep at any turn they fall behind they're up and away the left turn to the Pentagon Kade Vanover with the hole shot through the watch be built slime bin over in front cap 707 and yellow and jet conserve that was an aggressive turn out of a swash beat by gathers like two different clothes that distance to the top and he's always great on this drop here he goes this is the switchback Vanover gab jet they exit but gab stay right there with it over that's usually where he flips a gap in get this ringing a little wide out of that switchback that slows it down over there see this watch me so climb again jab is going for it there he goes on the drop he excels here and it's proving it right there gab momentarily passing Dan over but the swing back again gap slightly in front [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank God dang it I don't know how to catch you guys that's your bedtime or what yeah it's true good job good racin gab how fun is it for a pilot of your level to race at this level you know this is the stuff that we all dream about we all think when we go out on the field let's say we practice together we'll get it heat like that and then we go to the next one and then nothing happens again it's one of those you just get one of them but we just did two of them in a row so I think we got something going here it's time for the golden heat flux e's last-second victory heat six means he joins Vanover and gap the stakes are huge if Vanover wins this heat he will have enough season points to clinch the world championship title if gabber flux ii win the entire season podium frame he determined in level seven all three away game over first to the Pentagon cave he'll be first to the slicing oh yeah kiss the swatch gate and is done fan over through the sky gate luck she's gonna have to play catch-up now into the switchback set up van over this is one of those maneuvers confidence in every heat well flux he's in a bad position here he's got to play catch up but that's not good for him if he could do this on every single one of these turns and changes a little bit of ground he can have his fighting chance he needs to figure it out remember these guys know each other's flying very well it was camped ban over weeks ago where they were together spending hours upon hours each other's tricks in treats but you have to believe but over the lightness [Music] unbelievable one little mistake like that costume give that to van over the crown has been passed all hail band over the season is his captain VIN over finally some smiles but also a lot of emotion that we saw just now what does it mean to be not just the level champion but now the world champion of the 2019 season I'm doing this for my dad and I love you that like this is for you you were a world champion and you inspired me it's this is this is for him this is for you he's watching up in heaven and my lord and everything just the support and everything this is hopefully the first of many but for me right now this is just probably the best one in my entire life I feel like I've I've served a purpose that I maybe can't grasp just yet but I hope these guys see it and I really hope that they see the motivation the passion in my faith and everything behind the scenes because that's also why I'm here I'm here to serve Him and not to serve myself or other people it's incredible you've racked up quite a trophy case here in your rookie season looking back at what you've accomplished what are you most proud of just my improvement in my dedication I've really focused so hard on this season trying to be the best pilot and that was it and just trying to not just be the best pilot for myself and my Lord and my dad who I'm serving but to show all these other guys that hard work and show everyone at home I was I wanted to be on D role and I put in the work to be here and then they get to world champion you can do it yourself that's what I'm here to show and that's my biggest proud moment is that anyone can do it it doesn't matter what obstacles what people call crazy that's great because I want to prove crazy to be right and that's just incredible it's so much to take in right now on behalf of the fans congratulations let's go to the overall season standings Vanover with that win now has a seven-point lead over gab 707 which means he has clinched the season win Vanover is your 2019 world champion
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2020.10.06 20:42 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update October 6, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update October 6, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Note: Thank you to the people who have given awards to these posts but I do want to say: Please don’t spend money to give these posts an award or if you want to give then donate it here instead. These people need your help more than I need awards. I guess if you are just spending reddit coins that you already have then that’s fine but don’t spend new money, donate it instead. Thank you all!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.21 02:07 brbvfl [Help] Constant diarrhea with blood in it

I have a Miniature Dachshund named Murphy that is 11 weeks old. I got him on the 10th of this month from a breeder but she wasn’t really a breeder. I’m not even exactly sure what a puppy mill is but I think this may have been one. I drove out of state to Arizona to pick him up and prior to the pick up date, it was a pain in the ass just to get a simple picture of the little guy. I needed a picture for peace of mind to make sure Murphy was even real. There was only two pictures of him on their website and one was kind of blurry. Scams exist, ya know?
She responded the next morning with a text saying “All my puppies are arriving this evening so I will take a pic once they arrive.” I said “Thanks”. Then asked “Where is Murphy arriving from exactly?” No answer.
The next day I send her a text again about the simple picture that she needs to take or I was planning on calling my bank and getting my deposit back. She finally responds with some snarky text saying something along the lines of “I’m busy with all of the other dogs, and their vet checks, not just yours.” At this point I got my bank on speed dial but I say “Can you confirm that Murphy is there right now?” She says “Yes”, and sends me two pictures. Finally. My god, was that so hard?
I just wanted to let you guys know some of the details that happened beforehand and what kind of environment he was probably in before she got to this “breeders” house.
The main concern here is that he has had diarrhea since the second day I got him. The first couple days I just assumed he was nervous with his new surroundings and that’s what was causing it. I bought the same food he had been eating prior to me picking him up. He was and has been energetic ever since so there was no real red flags other than diarrhea.
The diarrhea hasn’t stopped, it’s gotten worse and there is noticeable small amounts of blood and mucus in it. I first noticed the blood 30 minutes before his Vet visit. I took a picture of the bloody diarrhea and told them everything. To sum up what the doctor told me about the blood in the stool was that it “Is not normal.” Great. They gave me a container to scoop his stool into so they could test it and they gave me some medication for his stomach. It did nothing. I go back to the Vet the next day with the stool sample and tell them that the diarrhea is out of control, nonstop. a they give me medication for diarrhea. It does nothing.
They call me back two days later with the stool test results, he tested positive for Giardia. After a Google search that explains the diarrhea. I come to in again to get medication for that, I’m currently on Day 3 of 3 of giving it to him, now 7 days off, then 3 days on. Then we test his stool again to see if it’s gone.
I’m concerned because his diarrhea has gotten worse every day for the past week or so. I’m noticing slightly more blood, too. Dehydration is very scary so I’ve been putting water in his food and constantly trying to get him to drink water, which he usually does. He’s an energetic boy with no signs of feeling bad. Just constant, and I mean constant diarrhea.
I’m going to the Vet tomorrow to get this shit under control. My carpet in my apartment is close to being completely ruined at this point but I’m not worried about any of that. I just want Murphy to have normal poops. I can work with all of the other puppy issues. The diarrhea is what is driving me insane. I’ll switch Vets immediately if they can’t give me a straight answer tomorrow on what to do to stop the diarrhea.
Anyone relate to any of this?
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2020.09.20 17:40 alexac8 [REQUEST][Steam] Arizona Sunrise


I sit in dead silence working on my maths homework, question number 22 - Exponentials and logarithms. Since question 5 my productivity has been rapidly decreasing thanks to boredom and cramps in my hand.

The silence is broken by a sharp crackle of white noise followed by a harrowing call of, “Mayday, mayday, mayday”. The voice sounded distant and despondent. Engrossed in my work, I don’t notice the first call, the second call sounds, “Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is survivor group 16F requesting immediate assistance. We are one member down and they're closing in on our location. Over”.

I sit staring at my work, listening to the radio transmission. The words resonate in my head. Work? Radio? Radio! I scramble from my chair over to my amateur radio set and put on the headset.

“G532 receiving loud and clear, what’s your twenty? Over”, as I release the transmission button, I hear a blood-curdling scream from outside. Stretching the headset cable to its max I rip open my curtains and look out into the darkness. Aside from a flickering street light, there is nothing. Flicker, flicker, off, the street light goes out entirely and the street is black.

The voice speaks again, “Arizona, USA. 20 miles out from Tuba City. Over”. I begin to close the curtains when another scream rings out in the street. This is followed by footsteps, a crowd? A gentle murmur can be heard coming closer and closer. Suddenly the streetlight illuminates, brighter and brighter, before “POP”, the bulb blows. In that split second of light, I saw the source of the scream.

The young girl was running down the middle of the road, her teddy dragged by one arm behind her. Just one-meter back there was a shadow. A large group of adults stumbling and falling behind her. There was something not quite right about the people though, it was almost as if they looked lifeless. They were moving, can’t deny that, but their eyes looked distant.

“16F do you copy? I can’t provide assistance but will seek to get you help. Over.” I could faintly make out the figure of the girl, the gap between her and the hoard gradually shrinking.

No response. “16F Arizona, do you copy?”. I rip off the headset and reach for my paper bin. Retching, I think over what I just saw. The young girl, no more than 6, couldn’t run any longer. She was swallowed by the group, into the darkness. Her final cry for help was silenced by a sickening bone crunch.

Standing up, I grab my flashlight and at the back of my bedside drawer, my hunting knife. Running out of my room I see my parents coming up the stairs.

“Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Where are you going at this time of the night?”

I squeeze past them on the stairs, ignoring their questions. Homework can wait, exams can wait. Its time to kill zombies!

The front door is open so I run at full speed towards it. As I reach it, I am knocked to the ground. An invisible wall is blocking my exit. I try again, this time more cautiously, again, I cannot leave.

A large grey box floats in front of me, on it are eight large words.


-The end

TLDR; School is super stressful at the moment and I want to kill zombies.
Backstory: I’m currently in my second year of A-levels (UK exams that get you into University). Year one went fine but the online learning over quarantine and the increase in stress from nearing deadlines and application dates have taken a real toll on my mental health. I’m at the lowest point I think I’ve ever been – I always used to know where my life was going, and now I’m not so sure.
During quarantine, I was lucky enough to get a small job with a family friend. Restoring an old Royal train carriage of all things! Using the money, I saved from this I have pre-ordered an Oculus Quest 2. I have wanted the quest one ever since it was first released, so I was so happy when the newer version was released, and for less than the quest 1! My hope is that the separation from the real world and the virtual world might put my mind to rest for a little while.
I would be really happy with any VR game and there's a few that I am going to start saving towards, but I chose Arizona Sunrise as my request today as it is currently on sale on steam for another 25ish hours. This means that I could get a great game for the least money.
Hopefully, once I have got through my exams and sorted out my life, I can return the favour to the ‘gifter’ or someone else in need.
Thanks for reading 😊 Cheers, Alex
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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

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2020.08.21 03:20 UnusedMilk26 Some operator Ideas I came up with

Warning: Some of these aren’t exactly the most realistic and wouldn’t necessarily make the most sense, but it was just fun to make them with my girlfriend.
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Sean McConnery
Date of Birth: March 17th (Age 42)
Codename: Knight
CTU: Nighthaven
Place of Birth: Kinsale, Ireland
Loadout: Primary: C8-SFW, V308 Secondary: P9, Super-Shorty Secondary Gadget: Stun Grenade, Breach Charge Gadget:
Honorable Blackout Gadget Ability: Uses his phone to make every defender camera blackout for 10 seconds, then they turn back on after. He can only do this twice.
Speed: 1 Armor: 3
  1. Defender Operator Name: Abigail Wexelberg
Codename: Rose
CTU: US Air Force Spec Ops
Date of Birth: February 26th (Age 25)
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Loadout: Primary: T-95 LSW, F90 Secondary: 1911 TACOPS, USP40 Secondary Gadget: Proximity Alarm, Deployable Shield
Gadget: Thornbush Gadget Ability: A throwable container when thrown at a barricade it covers the barricade in synthetic rose thorns that cloak themselves to the barricade, but are not entirely invisible. They go on both sides of the barricade as well, and deal 10 damage to any attackers when they hit it. It takes 2 hits to destroy the thorns.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Elijah Unger
Codename: Vax
CTU: Marine Corps Security Force Regiment
Date of Birth: December 18 (Age 26)
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Loadout: Primary: M4, C7E Secondary: D-50, SD9 9mm Secondary Gadget: Frag Grenade, Hard Breach Charge
Gadget: Health Grenade Gadget Ability: Throwable that sticks to any surface and has a circular proximity of 3 meters on all sides, teammates within the vicinity of the grenade will gain up to 50HP. He has 3 of the Health Grenades. As each one he uses, the HP gain goes down by 10.
Speed: 3 Armor: 1
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Lillie Figueroa
Codename: Mariposa
Date of Birth: September 5th (Age 39)
Place of Birth: Guadalajara, Mexico
Loadout: Primary: CSRX 300, Supernova Secondary: P9, P229 Secondary Gadget: Smoke Grenade, Breaching Charge
Gadget: Crawler Gadget Ability: Drone that can climb up walls and onto the ceiling and stick itself onto a flat surface and poses as a camera for the attackers.
Speed 2 Armor: 2
  1. Defender Operator Name:
Keemo Minh Bui Codename: Emperor
CTU: Republic of Vietnam National Police Field Force
Date of Birth: January 17th (Age 30)
Place of Birth: Sinh Village, Vietnam
Loadout: Primary: 9mm C1, Commando 9 Secondary: Keratos .357, P9 Secondary Gadget: Impact Grenade, Proximity Alarm
Gadget: Transfiguration Barricade Gadget Ability: Paints on a barricade to make it disappear into its surroundings, except for the gap at the bottom of the barricade. It stands out a little bit and is noticeably different than the actual surroundings.
Speed: 3 Armor: 1
  1. Defender Operator Name: Eleanor Stavos
Codename: Kalokairi
Date of Birth: July 20th (Age 27)
Place of Birth: Skopelos, Greece
Loadout: Primary: Vector .45 ACP, MP7 Secondary: SMG-11, P-10C Secondary Gadget: Nitro Cell, Impact Grenade
Gadget: Heatwave Gadget Ability: Heat trap that is set down, creating a sluggish effect on the attacker, when the attacker steps on them and they get put in a DBNO state.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Domonkos Istvan
Codename: Wolf
CTU: Counter Terrorism Centre
Date of Birth: April 19th (Age 34)
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary
Loadout: Primary: Type-89, PARA-308 Secondary: Super-Shorty Secondary Gadget: Hard Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
Gadget: Quinn Jammer IV Gadget Ability: Shootable device that tracks the enemies gun they have equipped and burrows itself into the barrel and temporarily jams their weapon for approximately 3 seconds, to which they can switch to their secondary, which is not jammed. After the 3 seconds, the device disintegrates and expels itself from the weapon.
Speed: 1 Armor: 3
  1. Defender Operator Name: Luis Meléndez
Codename: Avatar
CTU: Puerto Rico Joint Forces of Rapid Action
Date of Birth: October 13th (Age 42)
Place of Birth: Rincón, Puerto Rico
Loadout: Primary: TCGS12, MP5, M1014 Secondary: C75 Auto, LFP586 Secondary Gadget: Nitro Cell, Barbed Wire
Gadget: Manhandler Gadget Ability: Sets down a diamond shaped object that pushes back attackers when they walk through the vicinity of it. Only used once, but he has 3 in total. Can be shot to be destroyed.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Mahealani Ka’aukai
Codename: Warrior
Date of Birth: March 8th (Age 33)
Place of Birth: Honalo, Hawaii
Loadout: Primary: PDW9, SR-25 Secondary: Super Shorty, 1911 TACOPS Secondary Gadget: Claymore, Smoke Grenade
Gadget: Bullet Barrier Gadget Ability: Throwable capsule that destroys reinforced and soft walls, and puts up a clear barrier that takes damage off of the enemies bullets every time they shoot through it, but as each bullet goes through, it will weaken the barrier. Does not take bullet damage away from attackers.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Defender Operator Name: Thomas Dunlap
Codename: Flash
CTU: Nighthaven
Date of Birth: September 23rd (Age 35)
Place of Birth: Greenock, Scotland
Loadout: Primary: 416-C Carbine, K1A Secondary: P12, P229 Secondary Gadget: Barbed Wire, Proximity Alarm
Gadget: M07X Exosuit Gadget Ability: Exosuit that activates small boosters within the suit to make him run a little bit faster than the rest of the operators.
Speed: 3 Armor: 1
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Abdoul Razak Alhassane
Codename: Weaver
CTU: Nighthaven
Date of Birth: June 10th (Age 32) Place of Birth:
Zinder, Niger
Loadout: Primary: R5 RGP, 556 XI, SPAS-12 Secondary: M9, 5.7 USG Secondary Gadget: Stun Grenade, Claymore
Gadget: Diversion Lure Gadget Ability: Throwable nonlethal grenade that explodes and acts like a frag grenade but does not do any damage, only scares and distracts the enemy.
Speed: 3 Armor: 1
  1. Defender Operator Name: Anaya Borra-Kapadia
Codename: Eden
CTU: Nighthaven
Date of Birth: August 21st (Age 31)
Place of Birth: Aurangabad, India
Loadout: Primary: MPX, MP5K, P90 Secondary: P12, P226 Secondary Gadget: Barbed Wire, Bulletproof Camera
Gadget: Vantagne Capsule Gadget Ability: Deployable poisonous capsule on entryways and poisons attackers as they walk through it, does an initial 15HP loss, and deals 3HP damage every second until the attacker takes out the poison.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Christina Tolentino-Cruz
Codename: Dark
CTU: Special Action Force (SAF)
Date of Birth: January 28th (Age 39)
Place of Birth: Pasay, Philippines
Loadout: Primary: M249 SAW, G36C Secondary: SMG-12, Mk1 9mm Secondary Gadget: Claymore, Breach Charge
Gadget: EMP Drone Gadget Ability: A drone that can explode that disables and destroys electronics within a 5 meter vicinity. Can be shot like a normal drone, and electrified walls destroy it. It can’t jump.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Defender Operator Name: Shu-Ching Zhèng
Codename: Canvas
CTU: Thunder Squad
Date of Birth: February 29th (Age 36)
Place of Birth: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Loadout: Primary: Ballistic Shield, PP19 Bizon Secondary: M1911, Skorpion Secondary Gadget: Deployable Shield, Proximity Alarm
Gadget: X-Detection IV Gadget Ability: Activates glasses that can highlight enemy weapons through walls,but does not tell you the operator, it also doesn’t ping them for the teammates, her glasses can only see within 10 meters.
Speed: 1 Armor: 3
  1. Attacker Operator Name: Benjamin Fournier
Codename: Ghost
Date of Birth: May 7th (Age 36)
Place of Birth: Montréal, Quebec
Loadout: Primary: AR-15.50, AK-74M Secondary: ITA12S, P9 Secondary Gadget: Smoke Grenade, Claymore
Gadget: Y9X Galaxy Gadget Ability: A deployable wall that is half the height of the operators and has a glass peeking hole on the top of it. It’s about 4 meters long and 1 meter thick. Takes about 10 bullets to destroy.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
  1. Defender Operator Name: Dalhia Rakotobe
Codename: Mamba
Date of Birth: December 25th (Age 45)
Place of Birth: Amparafarvola, Madagascar
Loadout: Primary: FMG-9, F2 Secondary: Bailiff 410, .44 Mag Semi-Auto Secondary Gadget: Nitro Cell, Deployable Shield
Gadget: Radio X59 Gadget Ability: Places down a triangular shaped speaker that plays sounds of her footsteps and her voice, to distract and confuse the attackers.
Speed: 2 Armor: 2
submitted by UnusedMilk26 to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2020.08.15 04:08 aliens_exist428 Paraphernalia charge - I now have a medical cannabis card

Hey, so this is from my girlfriend who has an upcoming court date:
So I was driving (in Arizona, where I moved from California about 10 months ago) a few weeks ago and I got pulled over for speeding at night when I hadn’t noticed the speed limit changed.
When the officer approached my window he noticed that I had an empty joint tube in my car, which was left over from the last time I was in California. I purchased said joint at a dispensary in California which included the tube, and I smoked it in California as well.
In addition, I was in the process of moving apartments and transporting various things to my new place, and I had a few other paraphernalia items in my car. The officer used the joint tube as reason to search my car, and he found another tube, a glass pipe, and a bowl piece. I didn’t have any weed, both tubes were empty. All four items were purchased at either a smoke shop in Arizona or a dispensary in California. He cited me for paraphernalia; I do not have an Arizona medical card. I’m 21 years old, and I’ve had a medical cannabis card in California since I was 18 (2016).
My California card expired in April, and because I lost my job, I could not afford to get a card in Arizona at the time - they cost about $300. However, I’ve since obtained an Arizona cannabis card, and I have my court date coming up. I’m now officially a medical patient again, and all items I bought were purchased legally, so I’m wondering if there’s any chance my case will get thrown out due to these factors? Is there anything else I can do to help my case? Any advice is appreciated. I’m not sure how exactly to approach this situation.
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2020.08.10 20:38 Buck_Joffrey Wealth Formula Episode 224: Multifamily Macroeconomics in the Twilight Zone

Catch the full episode: https://www.wealthformula.com/podcast/224-multifamily-macroeconomics-in-the-twilight-zone/
Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, he's been on the show before. He's economist Ryan Davis. He actually joined us at one of our last Wealth Formula meetups. Of course, the last one we had was canceled but Ryan was at the one before that. He serves as a chief operating officer at Witten Advisors and provides fact-based research analysis and discussion to help clients like us formulate their apartment strategies and these insights and for investment decisions for multi-family development and buy/sell opportunities which as you can imagine we're all looking for some of this advice these days. Ryan has a PhD in economics from the University of Texas. Ryan, welcome back to Wealth Formula Podcast.
Ryan: Thank you. Glad to be back.
Buck: Yeah it's been like a pandemic ago when we last talked right? Listen, you know I want to kind of jump into the whole you know what the heck is going on, I mean the overall, if you would, you know kind of give me your overall assessment of the economy. I mean obviously we know these huge drops in GDP etc which were expected last quarter. How is this all affecting real estate asset prices especially you know apartments which is you know is our interest and something that you specialize in?
Ryan: Sure so yeah the great unknown is the pace of the recovery. So we had that big drop through April in terms of employment and then we got a bounce back in May and June and the hope was that it was going to be a V-shaped recovery. But then we saw virus cases ramp back up in the second half of June into the early part of July and the local economy started rolling back some of their openings and so with that, we've kind of stalled out recently. So we'll get the July numbers this Friday for overall payroll gains and that could I think the consensus is anywhere between one, one and a half million jobs it could be negative so who knows but it looks like the hope for a v-shaped recovery in the economy has kind of stalled out after the first two months of optimism. And so we think that going forward we won't see any the worst is behind us really and so we won't see you know the big losses that we experienced in March and early into April so kind of what we're calling for right now is for the national economy to continue to add jobs for the remainder of the year and then beginning next year a recovery should emerge and that would sustain demand for housing and ultimately apartments going forward. In the near term as far as multi-family goes we expect some pain through the end of this year and then into the early part of next year. In terms of pricing power, if we had to boil it down to one number it's rent growth so year over year effective rent growth we think that declines to eight percent rent cuts this year and into the early part of 2021. That varies considerably on a local market basis I think our worst-performing market is Metro New York City probably no surprise there but then also many of the other gateway markets such as Boston, LA, the Bay Area, etc. We expect rent declines to be lower than that eight percent across the board, however many of the inner west, Texas, southeastern market should outperform still see rent declines but not closer to five/six percent range at the depth and so we expect near-term pain but then as we get out into 2021 and afterward and the economy begins to add a lot of jobs we would expect rent growth to return to multi-family. And then what that means for pricing in terms of apartment assets for right now in the second quarter hardly any deals trade at hand so it's really tough to get a sense of where pricing is and with the deals that have traded though the cap rates have remained relatively stable which is a good sign. We've heard from some of our merchant builder clients where they had assets they had constructed and were going out to the market to sell in the early part of April they were saying 10 discounts in terms of the compared to pre corona levels but that has since come back in the last 45-60 days and maybe it's only one to two percent in terms of the haircut that they're seeing out there right now. And there's a just a ton of capital that wants to get back into multifamily at the same time there's hardly any distress out there right now so there's a lack of available to you know supply to buy and so everyone is just kind of in this standstill there's a big ass gap because buyers aren't willing to pay yesterday's prices for assets but sellers aren't willing to give any you know deep discounts right now and so it's kind of a standstill and we’ll see how all this plays out.
Buck: Yeah you know it's really interesting we're obviously you know through, you work with Western Wealth Capital, one of my partners and you know it's funny because we were kind of thinking well maybe there'll be some real buying opportunities but you know we've seen a little bit maybe just you know from buyers who are sellers who just are just wanting to get out while they're ahead maybe they made some money you know maybe they and at this point you know they're just thinking let's just cash out and maybe they're willing to take a little bit less but for the most part you know if you look across our own portfolio and it might be because it's largely again Texas and Arizona, etc that and maybe it's because it's mostly working-class B and you know high C class apartment but our portfolio you know the numbers are just as good as they've ever been in terms of you know occupancy in terms of even our we're still raising rents. And so when you look at that you're like well I mean how do you expect there to be any you know smoking deals out there if the sellers really aren't feeling any distress. So is there a difference you know when you look at something like a B and C class apartment scenario versus A right now or have you been able to break that down a little bit because I think the people I know who are in the A-class and new build are you know they're certainly feeling things a little bit more than we are.
Ryan: Yeah so what we've heard from some of our clients in terms of early on so may June in terms of rent collections class A's were actually from a nationwide perspective actually exceeded the class B and C product. Now we don't think that will continue going forward and the main reason is that new deliveries that are coming online they will compete with the existing top of the market product and so we think that it will be short-lived in terms of the top of the market outperformance and another part is due to just the nature of this downturn where low-wage sectors were hit extremely hard in April, got some bounce back in May and June but the leisure and hospitality sectors lower-paying positions those have been the most impacted so far. But going forward we don't think that this downturn would be any different than prior recessions in terms of the class A leading the way down in terms of jobs and occupancy and also rent growth or rent cuts in the near term. So class A’s will lead the market down but then as we get out into the later part of next year and into early 2022 then class A's would outperform the broader market. So yeah we think through the end of this year until early next that B's and C's will hold up relatively better but that's mainly a function of just the competition that it takes to get these new projects they will get leased up it's just a matter of the market-clearing price and so those have to compete those could be mostly with the top end of the spectrum and so we see big rent declines and concessions in the class A space going forward.
Buck: You know there's this thesis that's going around in the multi-family space and you know I've been sort of you know looking at it this way too for a while though I'm starting to you know feel like it's maybe not gonna happen is this idea that there's going to be a potentially before we really rebound and start heading up again that there’ll potentially be a you know big tsunami of defaults and things like that. Right now at least what I'm you know seeing and hearing about in terms of the lending markets and in terms of these properties, there really isn't much indication of that right now is there I mean what do you think?
Ryan: No at least not in the short term I mean again there's it goes back to my earlier comment there's been no distress really and so that is due mainly to the huge stimulus packages that have been passed those from a fiscal standpoint and a monetary standpoint which is it's crazy to think that GDP declined at an annualized rate by 32 however incomes soared and so that's all due to the stimulus that we saw and so that's helped prop up renters incomes and allow them to pay rent. Now going forward I think some of these the number of defaults I don't think there will be a tsunami, at least that's how we view it right now, ask me again in a week and it could change, but I think that the defaults will be very market specific and so those geographies that have been hit harder we'll see a larger number but many of the Texas markets, Phoenix, Denver, southeast high growth markets where you've got this short-term tailwind in terms of folks at the margin more and the trends that have been in place for years of folks moving from gateway markets into these inner markets will be kind of you know given a stairway shot really in the near term and so that would help to prop up multi-family fundamentals and so yeah if you're expecting a tsunami of defaults in any of those markets that I've mentioned again it kind of gets a little bit granular in terms of you know potentially Orlando might have some problems just with the amount of supply and then the you know low-wage in tourism industries being impacted more dramatically and that would lead to some weakness in Orlando but out outside of that maybe Houston you could argue you know somewhat but outside of those two and those those areas of the inner west Texas, southeast Florida should be but hold up you know relatively well and I would think that the main stress points will be out you know on the coast in California potentially portland we do think seattle holds up relatively well and then northeast in terms of you know New York and Boston as well so I think it's very locally market driven.
Buck: Yeah it's interesting you know we did we were a little worried about Houston too but our you know Houston portfolio is actually doing awesome it's not having any problems at all which is which was you know again, knock on wood that’s what it's been so far. Let me ask you another question you mentioned the pent-up demand of you know money on the sidelines waiting to get back in and you know and in many situations, they have to get back in right they're mandated to deploy capital and that sort of thing do you the one thought that I've had through this is you know multi-family and well multi-family in general has held up so well during this period of time does that potentially create a situation where you know the big money that's coming in starts looking at this even harder as potentially a little bit of a hedge or a little bit of safe haven. What what do you guys think is going to be the effect of that you know the relatively stable performance and then ultimately you know having all of this money on the sidelines,? Do you see paradoxical even further compression of cap rates over the next couple years? What's your thought on that?
Ryan: Yeah and so kind of pre-corona our forecast was for cap rates to continue to decline and you know taking a step back it was mainly driven by global factors with the aging populations across the globe that have built wealth up and all that investment needed to be placed somewhere. And so those trends were driving returns lower for longer and so those are the demographic that have not been affected by the pandemic. And so just from a global standpoint, we're expecting returns across all assets whether stocks bonds you know all classes of real estate whether it's multi or industrial retail office, etc those returns would continue to head lower. Now we've had the pandemic and we've seen multi-family and industrial hold up exceedingly well and who knows what to make of retail office and lodging just lots of pain and in those sectors and so if you need to be allocated to real estate then multifamily and industrial or where you want to be at least in the short term and especially if you're looking for consistency of returns and you know risk-adjusted on a risk-adjusted basis you know multi-industrial or have outperformed other asset classes and so really to get into the lodging office retail space probably more opportunistic mindset in terms of those assets may need to be repositioned etc and so I think a lot of that money that's out there is not looking to get there's a lot that's looking for that type of asset turnaround story but there's also a lot of money out there that needs the stability. And so that should continue to compress cap rates or put a really put a cap on that cap rates and so it would be no surprise if cap rates on an aggregate basis hold steady and maybe even decline despite a deterioration in short-term fundamentals and part of that is due to the long-term belief in apartments going forward and so yes there's a short-term dislocation where we expect some move-outs that you know this year actually there are a lot of move-outs that we expect and so there's going to be a lot of doubling up folks moving back in with their families but then there's going to be pent up demand as we as that recovery takes hold next year and that will be released and so we see leasing to be through the roof next year and then out into 2022. Then at the same time as that demand story improves in the short term we see starts decelerating dramatically so we've we're going from a 400,000 unit run rate to about 200,000 units by the early part of next year. And so new production is going to get cut in half now that we don't get any benefit of that immediately so we have to wait till later part of 2022 and 2023 before we see that slowdown and production really lift fundamentals and so I think everyone is seeing that yes there's some short-term disruption in the multi-family market right now, but the long-term drivers are there and if you have the capital to wait out this very painful period in the short term then there will be major benefits after that we should see after next year.
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: I think the worst is behind us in terms of the economy. I think that going forward we should continue to produce job gains on a monthly basis, though this next report could see some layoffs we'll see the consensus is one million one and a half. In terms of multi-family we do not think the worst is behind us we think that fundamentals will continue to deteriorate into the early part of next year we think that you know kind of right now in terms of year over year rent growth in the early part of this year let's call it three, three and a half percent we've since gone down to zero percent in the second quarter. So on a quarterly basis we've seen some dramatic rent cuts, again this is on a national basis and then as we move forward we see occupancy dropping by about three percentage points into the early part of next year, rent declines of about eight percent through the remainder of this year into the first quarter of next year and so no we do think that there will be some deterioration and fundamentals going forward. On the flip side of that might present some opportunities and so any assets that were purchased specially in your space in terms of if they were bought at the top of the market at the end of last year in the early part of this year and now that value-add story isn't there where you might not be able to get the rent bumps that you were expecting so some of those assets will have to be recapitalized and so that might present some opportunity as the year progresses but again like you said we haven't seen that materialized so far.
Buck: Yeah that's the tricky part right I mean it's sort of like I think when you're on the buy side here you're saying well I mean these prices that we're seeing right now you know with prolonged you know low-interest rates which we can pretty much guarantee at this point for a period of time and then the pent-up demand. It's sort of like okay well I mean this actually might be one of the better times to buy if you consider what could potentially happen in the next you know 18 to 24 months in terms of you know explosive growth. When you look at those indicators that you're you know that you're talking about that may lead to some of the more explosive growth metrics what markets come to mind the most for you?
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: Yeah so our general geographic areas that we like we like the southeast, parts of Florida, Texas and the inner west. We really like Atlanta, we like South Florida though there's a little more pain in the short term some of our clients are saying it kind of in terms of you know rent collections you know northeast but also yeah LA but then South Florida is outperforming those two areas but still lagging some of these other markets. So we like the Texas markets long term the interwebs you have Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake as well. We like Seattle that's an outlier on the west coast but then the other markets whereas in the Bay Area we expect those you know rent growth numbers to average four, four and a half percent which stack up really well across the nation but for those markets that's a recession pretty much and so compared to what's normal and the cap rates you have to pay the rent growth numbers there kind of you know lackluster. So the midwest the markets they won't be hit as hard but still they don't get that explosive growth going forward and so we really like the inner West Texas, southeast of Florida markets and you know part of that has been driven being driven by the migration flows. So domestic migration numbers have really helped out all of these markets we've seen outflows from the northeast boston new york the bay area Southern California we've seen migration outflows from those markets into the you know inner west you know Las Vegas the inland Phoenix, Denver you know people moving from the coast into those markets and then you know also parts of texas as well but then in terms of the northeast the flows that are coming in to the Nashvilles the Charlottes, Raleighs, Atlanta, Florida markets we and then also Texas as well and so those trends have been accelerated at least in the short term, but it's important to remember that those have been going on for a decade at least even more and then other markets and so it's not anything new but at the margin that will support many of these other markets.
Buck: Yeah on the west coast I mean there's that flight to Arizona as well right from California. One of the things that you know is worth talking about is what effect this has had you know the pandemic and the recession on the lending market, with Fannie and Freddie and you know how that might be playing into any of the growth or lack of growth.
Ryan: Yeah I think on the financing side you know debt for stabilized assets it's there and it's cheap you may have to you know have higher reserves than you've had typically but for the most part it's there and so that's part of the appeal of buying assets right now with these record low interest rates. So I think for stabilized assets yeah it's there for new construction it is dried up considerably and this is a change in the last 30 to 60 days and so the fed does a survey each quarter of banks and their tightening of multi-family construction lending standards and that the latest report shows 70 percent of banks tighten their multi-family construction loans last quarter which we haven't seen those levels since 2008/2009. And so I think part of it's the lenders are trying to make sense of what they have in terms of all these other asset types in terms of real estate or retail, lodging, office loans, they're trying to you know spend a lot of time working those out and so then you add on the uncertainty in terms of the economic recovery etc, they've pretty much put a halt on new construction loans. And so that's been a big change here in the last two months call it. Then on the equity side I think returns have been increased but still available and interested but you know a lot of you know equity and especially focusing in on the new starts pipeline if all the deals that have been started are continuing and it's kind of a mixed bag from our clients in terms of are you seeing delays or actually some other clients that reported these they were able to speed up the timing in terms of getting able to get trucks into sites very easily and then also the construction workers that were on you know working on hotels motels those have come into the apartment sector and so that's provided more manpower in terms of getting these deals done. And so those that were under construction are continuing to proceed, those that were capitalized I think that but haven't begun those have been they haven't pulled out completely they just said let's press pause to see let's say can we get any break in construction costs over the next several months and so the equity and banks they're still willing to do it move forward on those deals that have been capitalized but are you know slow playing it. And then you get to the others where there's land sites and they hadn't been entitled and haven't been capitalized those deals we think have been shelved for right now and so it kind of where some opportunity could be is on the land side of you know potentially purchasing some land sites that might be teed up for development as we get further along in this recovery.
Buck: Again one of the things that you're saying though in terms of construction loans not being there again it helps us for those of us who have apartment portfolios already that are already there that that again goes to the issue of a simple supply and demand issue which we can benefit from if there's not a whole lot of new builds. You know this is a major driving variable in in apartment buildings nationally can you give us a little bit of the idea of you know just not being able to keep up with you know population growth in various parts of the country, can you give us a little bit of you know sort of a thousand-foot view on the perspective on how big of an issue that actually is?
Ryan: I don't know if it's that big of an issue you know on on the whole and I think that you know some of these higher growth markets in terms of where we've you know call it the Atlantas and North Carolina markets, Central North Florida, Texas, the inner west regions where we've seen large population growth statistics you know high growth markets but they're also they also tend to be the highest in terms of supply for housing and so it's more easy to build in those markets especially you know out as you get away from the know central cities etc and so where we've seen the the biggest barriers to supply are out on the coast and so we've seen you know job growth be pretty good in those markets but the supply hasn't kept up at all and so that's why you're seeing you know these big you know rent affordability you know problems in the coastal markets and so we think that supply not keeping up with the population dynamics is more of a coastal problem but then you know as you get into the markets that are more accepting of new development then you know we've seen housing supply increase at a rapid clip in many of these other markets I think you know Austin you know even through the June of this year permit activity for multi-family continued to set it reached big big levels and so I think year to date in Austin it's already pulled permits on almost 10,000 units already which is you know huge numbers. And so I do think that while these population growth numbers and some of these markets are you know off the charts especially compared to you know some of the coastal markets, that supply has been able to keep up there and so yeah you see pockets of where you know rent growth you know bumps up to you know five, six percent levels, it's especially that was the case in Phoenix and Las Vegas over the past two to three years where those markets were leading in terms of rent increases but they tend to you know be markets that you know will accept more new supply and so that will tend to even out over the long term.
Buck: How's Vegas doing out of curiosity because that one was just crushing it. It seemed it seemed a little dangerous you know it seemed like one of those markets where it's like wow is it real or is it one of those things that's just gonna go back to Vegas.
Ryan: Yeah exactly and yeah kind of thinking that you know before kind of goes back to your comment earlier about people moving from the coast to getting in their car and driving to the riverside and then Las Vegas and Phoenix and so it was benefiting from a real out-migration from expensive coastal California. That said that just the nature of this pandemic crushing leisure and hospitality and the conference circuit that the job losses in Las Vegas I think you know through April into May led the nation. We've seen some a bit of a bounce back there but really the question is you know how fast does the the conference you know a circuit come back, how fast are people willing to travel to casinos, I know they have already, but I think that pre-corona the growth was real and yeah absolutely now it's a little bit different you know market in terms of the cost and you don't want to go in there and if you're a developer you don't you know want to build a high-rise there and so your strategy is a little bit different but so far it's held up relatively well, all things considered, but still a lot of weakness that is materializing in Vegas.
Buck: Interesting stuff. Well listen I don't want to keep you all day long, Ryan, but it's been great talking to you. Where can we learn more about your work?
Ryan: Sure. Probably the easiest is wittenadvisors.com you can go there, all our contact information is there, feel free to reach out with a phone call or send me an email anytime and I'll be happy to give you more details on the services that we provide and how we add value to many clients that are in either owner, operators, developers, equity or lender clients.
Buck: Fantastic thanks again and we'd love to have you again you know in a few months to reassess where we are at.
Ryan: All right. Sounds good. Looking forward to it.
Buck: We'll be right back
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2020.08.10 12:54 TheDynospectrum Help with first dedicated gaming build. Looking to spend $2k. Or should I wait for next gpus to release?

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Playing games, Ace Combat 7, Halos, Bioshocks, Need For Speeds, Cyberpunk, Diablo, Civilizations, Destiny, etc. Then just watching movies, browse web, download shit.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
*Usa, Arizona. No Microcenter
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
*Currently have Evga 650w PSU
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
*Yes @ CPU. Down the line.. GPU isn't necessary
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
*SSD. Water-cooling.
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
*No preference. Rgb isn't necessary. If anything, I freaking love the color blue.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
*Already have access to windows 10
Extra info or particulars:
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2020.08.06 08:27 BB-Boleyn I’m BB Boleyn - the most famous rock star in the world - and I’ve got a creepy groupie - Part 2

Part 1
Stan - my deranged stalker - has been turning up at different places: A fan, a roadie, a check-in agent, a pilot ... it’s beyond weird.
Houston, Texas.
Janie, my publicist has a surprise for me. After tonight’s show my boyfriend is coming to stay with me for the night: Brandon St John - professional wrestler.
It was what they call a “Showmance”. I’d met Paul, or Brandon as he was known to fans only 6-7 times. Janie’s sister was a wrestling promoter and put us in touch. Janie guessed it’d be good for my image. We had a few dates but suddenly People magazine were calling us 2020’s most powerful Super Couple. What an accolade. Our six dates had already netted us millions as a couple. Despite this we were still attracted to each other and it seemed to be working - so far.
Brandon met me after the show. He’d just “won” the Royal Rumble and was enjoying the publicity. Turning up at my show only amplified that. The press were rife.
I left the stage after our encore and Brandon met me. We walked the long walk to the dressing room pursued by Press.
A strange older lady intercepted me en route, her eyes crazed and hair a mess: “do not look at the outsider journalist - i beg you!” And with that, she turned down a side corridor at the arena and vanished.
”Ms Boleyn - when are you and Mr St John making things official?!”
”Do you want a baby hon?!”
”Brandon how does it feel to be Royal Rumble Champion for 2020?”
Then there he was. Stan. In a long trenchcoat with a notebook like some old-timey reporter. Just like he was dressing up for the part.
“Betty honey, what message do you have for your number one fan?!”
I stopped walking, frozen in fear. The cameras flashed.
Where was Tony?
Nowhere to be seen.
This is where you step in Tony - you really are the worst bodyguard...
Stan stopped abruptly, halting the crowd of journalists behind him. He shuffled two steps closer and inches from my face he said softly: “ 2nd Chance to say yes to me. You don’t want to regret this, honey!”
Brandon wasn’t even fighting my corner! He stood, staring deadpan into the middle distance.
“Have a look at my notes!” Stan whispered excitedly, pushing forward his notebook with a maniacal grin on his face. Then he fled.
Lightbulbs flashing all around, I reluctantly thumb through the notebook.
It’s not a scrapbook of images like last night. In some ways it’s more weird. It’s a transcript - a detailed and frighteningly accurate word for word account of everything I have said today since I woke up this morning.
The strange older lady appears again behind the journalists - shaking her head in frustration.
Paul - “Brandon” and I returned to the penthouse and within seconds he was shirtless. I’d been looking forward to this for weeks.
I fixed us a double scotch.
There was an urgent knock at the door.
Brandon rolled his eyes and went to see who it was.
Stan stooped in at speed wearing a suit and carrying a gun marching straight to the bedroom door - Almost as if he already knew the layout of the room.
“Tony asked me to keep watch tonight” he announced and took a seat by the bedroom door. Just pretend I’m not here”.
“No! Get out you creepy shit - I’m not having you sit outside the bedroom as we’re ....”
“It’s cool, babe” says Brandon. “He’s just keeping us safe”
What kind of man is ok with this?!
“No, this is the crazy stalker I told you about ... it’s not ok!! I want him out”.
Text from Janie: “Have a good rest - will get you at 12:00 tomorrow”.
I frantically text back: “he’s here in the room - get Tony quickly!”
A red ! appears - the message fails to send.
I look at Brandon, exasperated. I can’t believe he doesn’t care about Stan being here. It’s the first alone time we’ve had in months.
“Babe honestly it’s fine just pretend he isn’t here”. Still not comfortable with it I visit the bathroom and freshen up. When I return, Stan and Brandon/Paul have switched places.
Stan is in bed, naked and Brandon is sitting guard looking comotose. No reaction, no blinking. Is he even breathing?! He looks dead to the world. I rush over to check on him.
Stan smiles at me, leaps out of bed and lunges at me again with that filthy grey cloth. He smothers my face. The room spins and i pass out.
”Wake up call for Ms Boleyn”
I bolt upright. Sunlight ploughs through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the penthouse. I look around. I’m alone. No Stan and no Brandon. Not even a trace of them either. Weird.
My phone has died. I have no idea what time it is but I know I need to be up and ready by 12:00. I turn on the TV.
Hollywood airhead gossip columnist Carli Carlsson is on screen, busting at the seams to release whatever inside scoop she has. In front of a huge crowd she swings round to face the camera:
”Guys, I’m in Houston, Texas and it’s with a heavy heart I report to you today that Paul D Austin, known to fans as WWE Superstar Brandon St John has died aged 37 at the Metropole Hotel, downtown Houston. Consuela Gonzalez, a housekeeper at the hotel found the sports star hanging in his room at 7:30am this morning. A note left close by blamed his girlfriend, the British rock star BB Boleyn as the reason behind his suicide. This is Carli Carlsson, for Inside Scoop, TMZ!”
Before I could even digest this news, Tim, Tony and Janie burst into my room, dressing me and pouring me into an outside car.
Phoenix, Arizona.
“Sullivan Saxe” said Janie my publicist. “He’s the CEO of the hottest new social media site”.
“Janie, he is 24! 10 years younger than me!”
“It would be so HOT!” She insisted.
“Janie, my boyfriend’s dead - why don’t you care?!”.
She shrugged it off as if we’d simply broken up. Not that he had killed himself blaming me.
“It wasn’t a real relationship you know that”.
“I don’t buy his suicide note either - look you know Stan was in the room ...”
“No more details have been released! You just need to get over it!” She snapped.
“Look, I’m not ready for a new relationship, ok? I need to process what’s happened. This has really shocked me, Janie!”
She didn’t care. Narrowing her eyes, pursing her lips and peering into the distance she tapped her chin, deep in thought.
“Hmmm, come to think of it you do sell more music when you’re single” she mused.
My phone pinged.
“We need to get ready for tonight”.
An unknown number. I knew exactly who it was - and I dreaded tonight’s show.
Janie left me alone in my dressing room an hour before the show. She never leaves me alone.
My new make-up artist entered. She smelt bad.
She looked .... odd.
She looked at me in the mirror.
“Hello Honey! I’m thinking a classic Vintage Hollywood look tonight - red lips, strong eyebrows? Dramatic hair ...”
She looked so familiar.
She made up my face beautifully. My hair however was a different story.
Leaning down slowly behind me to my right shoulder and looking at me in the mirror, she put a hand to her face and slowly pulled off a prosthetic mask revealing herself to be Stan, grinning at me like the cat that got the cream. I gasped but before I could move he aggressively slapped handcuffs on my right wrist locking me to the bar under the chair arm - then matched it again with a new pair on my left wrist. Smiling and sniggering like a lunatic looking at me in the mirror he slowly began to shave my head. My thick, lucious, platinum blonde locks dropped pathetically to the floor as he transformed my long Barbie doll hair into a short, shaved crop. I squirmed and ducked in the chair desperately trying to escape the clippers.
Pain filled my nose and throat as i started to cry. My beautiful long hair. All the things that made me famous he was taking away from me - first my musical knowledge, my breast implants, my A List boyfriend and now my hair.
He finished the shave with a proud “ta-da!”
Gone was the sexy alter ego I spent years creating. I looked as deranged as Stan.
“If I can’t have you, nobody else can” he declared with a cocky and arrogant smirk.
“And now?!” He sang, smiling at me in the mirror. Then spun my chair round to face him: “IT’S SHOWTIME!”
There was no extra time. The opening act had been done for 35 minutes.
Opening the dressing room door, he sprinted at breakneck speed through the backstage corridors pushing me in the chair, manically laughing over and over. Whooping and cheering and sneering at me.
Arriving at the stage and with great speed - so much so I couldn’t process what was happening - he released the handcuffs, yanked me up by the back of my shirt, swung my Guitar across my shoulder and shoved me forwards towards the thousands of waiting fans.
I staggered onstage to fastly decreasing applause.
Part 3
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2020.08.01 12:10 jagsfanski Offseason Review Series: Jacksonville Jaguars

Before anything, I just want to preface by saying that I am filling in some huge shoes by following the legendary u/JaguarGator9. I am NOT a typical writer nor do I have any experience in analysis, I just wanted to take a stab at analyzing and writing about my favorite team that has been terrorizing my happiness for 15+ years. So, apologies in advance if there are some incorrect points made.
Also gotta give a shoutout to u/PlatypusOfDeath for continuing to run this series and for the formatting help! Also a thanks to u/flounder19 for directing me towards the thread where half of the info comes from and my bro u/MikeFanto4 for giving me the positive reinforcement through the writing of this. With that being said, hope y'all enjoy!

Jacksonville Jaguars


2019 Record: 6-10 (4th in Division)

Coaching Changes


Tom Coughlin – VP of Football Operations/Dictator: This will be discussed in the news section. Please hold.
Jon DeFilippo – Offensive Coordinator: It never really occurred to me until recently (give me a break Jags fans), that the firing of Flip was most likely directly related to Foles (even more so once he got hired by Chicago as QB coach). Once Foles was gone, Flip wanted out and they ultimately “mutually agreed to part ways”. While according to fans it would’ve been nice to see the other coordinator go, it shows that the front office “admitted” their mistake and decided to move on from the experiment.
Scott Milanovich – QB Coach: Milanovich took a job as the HC of the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL. Before his 3-year stint in Jacksonville, he was the HC of the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL where he won the Grey Cup in 2012 and was also named Coach of the Year.


Jay Gruden – Offensive Coordinator – The once HC of the Washington Football Team, Gruden comes into the organization bringing experience in molding younger quarterbacks. A big help is the fact that GM Dave Caldwell brought in a few players familiar with his scheme to assist in adjusting the other players to the playbook. Of all the OC candidates, Gruden is best fit for Minshew’s playstyle due to his West Coast Offense.
Ben McAdoo – Quarterbacks Coach: Brought in to replace Milanovich, McAdoo also brings HC experience to the team. Even though his time in the Giants organization is best left to be forgotten, his experience as an OC and QB coach makes him a prime candidate. He spent two seasons in Green Bay working with Aaron Rodgers and also helped the Giants to the 6th best scoring offense in the NFL in 2015.
Denard Robinson – Offensive Quality Control Coach: Not really a huge hire, but a nice reunion. Former QB turned RB, Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, continues his time in Duval as an assistant. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 draft as an “Offensive Weapon” but played primarily at RB during his time as a player.

Free Agency/Trades

Players Lost/Traded

Player Position New Team Compensation
Nick Foles QB Bears Compensatory 4th round draft pick
Calais Campbell DE Ravens 5th round pick
A.J. Bouye CB Broncos 4th round pick
Marcell Dareus DT Free Agent
Marqise Lee WR Patriots 1 yr / $1,047,500
Jake Ryan ILB Free Agent
Cedric Ogbuehi RT Seahawks 1 yr / $2,300,000

Key Losses:

Nick Foles: After signing him to a MASSIVE 4-year contract worth $88 million, with $51 million guaranteed, the Jaguars thought they had their man in Super Bowl MVP Big Dick Nick. However, that did not live long since Foles broke his left clavicle during a 35-yard touchdown pass to DJ Chark. Once he was replaced by Bomb-Chuckin’ and Mom-Fuckin’ Gardner Minshew II, he was basically left as an afterthought in the Jaguars fanbase…..until the bye week. He was named the starter for the rest of the season and was severely disappointing in his limited time as it, thus resulting in him being benched after 3 games. In his time as a starter, he completed 77 passes for a completion percentage of 65.8%, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, with a passer rating of 84.6. He was largely disappointing in his time here but left the door open for Minshew Mania. Foles was traded to the Bears for a 2020 Compensatory 4th round pick AND took parts of his massive contract and helped us start the return from cap hell. D+ for his play, B for the trade return.
Calais Campbell: I’m like, really upset about this one. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that this glorious human was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a 5th round pick. Chump change for the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient. After being signed to a 4-year deal worth $60 million with $30 million guaranteed in 2017, the man proceeded to become the Mayor of the Defensive Line Formerly Known as Sacksonville. Amassing 31.5 sacks, 77 QB hits and 44 TFL in his 3 years on the team; not only was he a force on the field, he was very much involved in the Phoenix and Jacksonville communities. In 2019, Campbell won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award – given to the NFL player that best demonstrates outstanding community service and excellence on the field. His charity, CRC Foundation, has been helping young people with critical life skills since 2009. Adding to that, he has also hosted many holiday shopping sprees, the JaxPAL Youth Football and STEM Camp and has spent countless hours speaking encouragement to children in area schools. The fact that the Jaguars let him go for a 2020 5th round pick says a lot about what the teams feels about their cap situation. A for play, D- for trade return.
A.J. Bouye: Bouye was signed in 2017 as a free agent from Houston. His final season on the Texans is what attracted the Jaguars the most, landing him a 5-year contract worth $67.5 million with $26 million guaranteed. In his time with the team, he accrued 8 interceptions, 34 passes defended, and allowed just a 64.4 completion percentage when thrown to since 2018. 2017 was by far his best season opposite Jalen Ramsey in which they formed one of the most feared duos that year. He saw significant drop off in the 2 years to follow, leading to the team wanting to move in a different direction. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for a 2020 4th round pick and saving over $11 million from his remaining contract. B for play, C+ for trade return.
Marcell Dareus: Dareus was traded from the Bills to the Jaguars mid-season 2017 for a 2018 6th round pick to help solidify the lone run-defense weakness in what was a near impeccable defense. Although his stats don’t show it, (2.5 sacks, 45 combined tackles, 4 TFL and 5 QB hits) when healthy, he was a stud in the run game. The Jaguars ultimately decided not to pick up his 2020-year option and he remains a free agent. A team struggling in the run game could pick him up for cheap and I’m not 100% sure why he hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Dave Caldwell has said he is open to bringing him back on a separate deal, but hasn't acted on it yet. C

Players Signed

Player Position Old Team Length Salary
Tyler Eifert TE Bengals 2 years $9,500,000
Joe Schobert ILB Browns 5 years $53,750,000
Chris Thompson RB The Washington Football Team 1 year $1,400,000
Al Woods DT Seahawks 1 year $2,500,000
Rashaan Melvin CB Lions 1 year $1,750,000
Mike Glennon QB Raiders 1 year $1,187,500
Rodney Gunter DE Cardinals 3 years $18,000,000
Aaron Lynch OLB Bears 1 year $1,100,000
Cassius Marsh DE Cardinals 1 year $1,047,500
Lerentee McCray OLB Jaguars 1 year $1,047,500
Tyler Shatley C Jaguars 1 year $1,512,500
Keelan Cole WR Jaguars 1 year $3,259,000
Brian Price DT Jaguars 2 year $1,815,000
Yannick Ngakoue DE Jaguars 1 year TAG $17,788,000
Source: Spotrac.com
Tyler Eifert: Going into the offseason, the biggest hole in an already lackluster offense was the Tight End position. The Jaguars drafted Josh Oliver in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft to help with that, but he went down with a hamstring injury in the preseason and a back injury during the regular season which limited him to 3 games. James O’Shaughnessy was one of Minshew’s favorite targets but went down with an ACL injury early on as well. Tyler Eifert comes in already familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense. The Jaguars are taking a risk in signing Eifert if they expect him to play even close to his 2015 production (52 catches for 615 yards and 13 touchdowns). However, if he stays healthy and can play even half as good, that’s a massive upgrade over what our Tight End group has produced over the past 5+ years. A 2-year contract worth $9.5 million filled with incentives should give Eifert the motivation to stay healthy and contribute immediately. But if he doesn’t produce as expected, the team should be able to release him with little cap hit. C+
Joe Schobert: Schobert from the Cleveland Browns could be considered the teams’ “marquee” free agent, signing a 5-year, $53.75 million contract with $21.5 million guaranteed. He comes into a linebacker corps that hasn’t had a true MLB since Posluszny retired. This addition allows Myles Jack to move to weak side and gives the opportunity for competition at strong side. Schobert gives the Jaguars a leadership type figure in an already incredibly young defense. Since Telvin Smith retired and decided to be stupid (more on that later on) and Poz choosing to hang up the cleats as well, there hasn’t been someone that could command the defense; Jack tried previously but had probably his worst year to date. Schobert solidifying the middle also gives Jack the opportunity to use his athleticism on the outside. Schobert is top 10 in pass coverage, but still needs to improve in the run game (which is something the team has struggled in for years). I feel like this is a boom-or-bust signing, but am cautiously optimistic. B+
Chris Thompson: Leonard Fournette is still this team’s workhorse back. Rumors started spreading that he would be traded prior to the draft, which ultimately fell flat. Just because the Jags are going to rely on Fournette even more, doesn’t mean that Minshew doesn’t need as many weapons as possible. This is another signing that works well with Gruden’s offense since he had played for him in Washington. This also gives Minshew another weapon out of the backfield. On the other hand, this is another signing that is based solely on whether he can stay healthy or not. A one year, prove-it deal worth $1.4 million is smart on the teams end because when healthy, Thompson can still have the capability to make plays. B
Rodney Gunter: A Calais Campbell clone? Probably not, but a man can dream right? The DE from Arizona signed a 3-year deal worth $18 million to pretty much help rotate through his old position, though. He hasn’t really shown much as a pass rusher (11 sacks in 5 years) but will probably be a rotational piece mostly used in run downs. C
Rashaan Melvin: With the departure of Bouye, the team looked thin at the position prior to the draft. The Jags also hit a homerun with their previous CB signing from Detroit, DJ Hayden. Melvin comes in on another one-year deal to compete with last years UDFA surprise, Tre Herndon for the CB2 spot opposite CJ Henderson. In his 4 years with Detroit, Oakland and Indianapolis, he posted 4 INT and 41 Passes Defended and 2 FF. This puts some competition in camp (if there is one) with experience vs. potential. B-
Al Woods: Caldwell goes in again on defense and signs the large run-stuffer from Seattle on a 1-year, $2.5 million deal. The loss of Marcel Dareus put a large hole in the already weak run defense and Woods helps plug it back in with a decent resume stuffing the middle. This gives the Jags a nice rotation between him, Abry Jones and Davon Hamilton. B EDIT: As of posting this, Al Woods has opted out of the 2020 season.


After trading away Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye and Nick Foles, the Jaguars ended up with a total of 12 draft picks (most in franchise history).
Round Number Player Position School
1 9 (9) CJ Henderson CB Florida
1 20 (20) from Rams K’Lavon Chaisson DE/LB LSU
2 10 (42) Laviska Shenault Jr. WR Colorado
3 9 (73) DaVon Hamilton DT Ohio State
4 10 (116) Ben Bartch OL St. Johns (Minn.)
4 31 (137) from Broncos Josiah Scott CB Michigan State
4 34 (140) from Bears Shaquille Quarterman LB Miami
5 12 (157) from Ravens Daniel Thomas S Auburn
5 20 (165) from Rams (Fowler trade) Collin Johnson WR Texas
6 10 (189) Jake Luton QB Oregon State
6 27 (206) Tyler Davis TE Georgia Tech
7 9 (223) Chris Claybrooks CB/Return Specialist Memphis


C.J. Henderson: There was a lot of speculation as to who Caldwell was going to draft with the first of 2 first round picks. Was it going to be an OL? WR? QB?(for some reason). Dave ultimately went with the heir to the Ramsey throne. Gone are the days of back injuries and in are the days of another Florida school product. This man is 6-foot 204lb and is extremely good in coverage, which is something that the team needs in replacement of Ramsey. One glaring weakness in his game is his tackling, which seems like there is some hesitation and looks to often miss open field tackles. He immediately fills the CB1 role that was previously held by surprise UDFA Tre Herndon. B
K’Lavon Chaisson: Alright, I’ll address the elephant on the team now. Yannick Ngakoue is not playing another down for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I was a believer that they could strike a long-term deal and keep the talented pass rusher but NOOOOO, he just had to beef with the owner’s son and ruin any chance, but I digress. The first of the Rams 1st round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade yields the replacement for the other man who really wants out. The LSU product brings an incredible motor and raw talent. He has all the physical tools you could need in a DE/LB at 6’3” and 254lbs but has a high ceiling if he works on his technique. A line edged by Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson sounds relentless to me. A-
Laviska Shenault Jr.: There was plenty of WR talent deep in this draft class and I feel like the Jags found a secret weapon in the Colorado prospect. Despite dealing with numerous injuries and not the best quarterback play, he was still able to produce over 2000 scrimmage yards through his SO and JR seasons. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be able to line up all over the field. Gruden will be able to set him up at WR, RB and even Wildcat QB if he’s feeling frisky. At 6-2 220LB, Minshew has versatile target that has the chance to produce really well if he can stay healthy. B+
DaVon Hamilton: The 6-4, 320lb DT was a wall in the center of the Buckeye line. He amassed 6 sacks, 28 tackles (9.5 for a loss) with 1 forced fumble in his redshirt senior season. Hamilton was drafted to help shore up the middle once held up by Dareus, but also now partially manned by Al Woods. His specialty is in the run game, which is something the Jags desperately need. B
Ben Bartch: The Smoothie King comes to Duval. Everyone knows the story of Bartch’s insane smoothie recipe that helped him gain 86lbs. Coming out of DIII St. John’s in Minnesota, he dominated competition enough to earn him a spot at the Senior Bowl. Even though he doesn’t have much experience against NFL caliber competition, Bartch has the tools necessary to grow in the league and become a serviceable backup or eventually challenge current starting RG, AJ Cann. B-
Josiah Scott: On the smaller end of the spectrum (5’9”, 185lbs), Scott has had to overcome his size with speed and knowledge. He’s too small to be anything more than a slot corner; but he can be great depth behind DJ Hayden and helpful in the run game. The Jags lost a lot in the CB department, so I understand the depth pick. C+
Shaquille Quarterman: Quarterman was a 4-year starter and a captain while at Miami. Caldwell really wanted to shore up the run defense this offense and this pick doesn’t stray away from that narrative. He may not be the best in the pass game since he has limited speed, but on running downs he could be very helpful and a leader in the locker room. B
Daniel Thomas: I’m actually a fan of this pick solely for depth purposes. The best backup safety on the team is Andrew Wingard, so any help at the position is good. In his time at Auburn, he notched 5 interceptions, 199 total tackles and forced 3 fumbles. B
Collin Johnson: I feel like Johnson will be an asset in the red zone. His large stature at 6’6”, 220lbs+ will be great for jump-balls. The Jags receiving corp. has almost every kind of receiver you would need except for a big bodied guy to get up after 50/50 balls. While I’m not happy it took Dave this long to get more help for Minshew besides Shenault, this isn’t the worst consolation prize. C+
Jake Luton: Caldwell has had a history of selecting a QB in the 6th round. So, I’m not surprised by this pick. But the question is: will he be another Minshew, or a Tanner Lee? The Oregon State Beaver threw for 42 touchdowns to 11 interception in 3 years there. My money is on him being a camp body or not making the roster at all. D
Tyler Davis: Davis started his career at UConn as a Quarterback but switched to WR as a sophomore and ended up a TE before transferring to Georgia Tech as a TE. His receiving stats leave a lot to be desired but has some strength in run-blocking. In an already crowded position group, he’ll have to really show off to make the final roster. D+
Chris Claybrooks: Caldwell and Marrone both agreed that Claybrooks was drafted for returning purposes. Supposedly running a 4.25s 40 in a video sent to every NFL team, he has the speed to make a difference on special teams. In his time returning kicks at Memphis, he returned 11 for 338 yards for an average of 30.7 – a much higher average than the 24.2 yds/rt the Jaguars did in 2019. B+


Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State; Doug Costin, DT, Miami (OH); Nathan Cottrell, RB, Georgia Tech; Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota State; Nate Evans, LB, Central Florida; Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina; Josh Hammond, WR, Florida; Amari Henderson, CB, Wake Forest; Ross Matiscik, LS, Baylor; Steven Nielson, OL, Ohio; J.R. Reed, S, Georgia; James Robinson, RB, Illinois State; Marvelle Ross, WR, Notre Dame College; Connor Slomka, FB, Army; Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, OL, Missouri; Kobe Williams, CB, Arizona State; Brandon Wright, K, Georgia State.

Other Offseason News that Affected the Team

Oh my word…..there was so much that happened. I wish I had enough time to go into full detail on everything, but new job has my time extremely limited. I’ll unfortunately have to stick with short synopses on these.
Tom Coughlin Fired
The Tom Coughlin era 2.0 is finally over. The Jaguars have had enough of his dictatorship and days after the NFLPA sent a warning letter to players to stay away, they relieved him of his duties. A few of the grievances included:
  • Fining Dante Fowler Jr. $700k for not rehabbing in Jacksonville
  • Nearly forcing Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith to participate in voluntary workouts
  • Fining Fournette for sitting while inactive during the 2018 finale
But wait! There’s more! Not only did he have a number of grievances filed against him, he:
  • Gave Blake Bortles a deal averaging $18m a year, only to be released
  • Signed Nick Foles to a deal worth $88m, and wouldn’t let it go when it was proven he wasn’t the guy
  • Other general day-to-day nuances that make him an overall unlikable person
Now that he’s gone, the clocks have gone back to normal time and hopefully the morale of the team improves greatly. This is also a final chance for Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell to show that a major factor in the teams lack of recent success can be directly attributed to the Tom Coughlin culture.
Telvin Smith arrested
Oooooh boy……what to say about this one. Former 5th round pick out of Florida State turned top MLB in the NFL arrested and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He retired in 2019 stating that he needed to focus on his family and health. Smith first met the girl in the summer of 2019, recently after she turned 17; and in their 2-month time together, they had sex multiple times in Smith’s car and home. Adding onto that, Smith offered the underage girl $200 to keep quiet, $100 of which she ultimately took. He was released on $50,003 bond. DON’T.FUCK.KIDS.OR.TEENS.PEOPLE.
Yannick Ngakoue
I don’t really know where to start this since so much has happened. Yannick Ngakoue is trying to pull a Jalen Ramsey and tweet himself out of Duval County. Ngakoue has been (and still is) very open about his displeasure towards the organization. Since late 2019, he has tweeted numerous times about wanting to be traded, even calling out Tony Khan (son of owner Shahid Khan) on the site. The team franchise tagged him and tried shopping around. Their asking price was a MINIMUM of a first round pick, but the Twitter tirade ruined basically any chance of that return. There was an offer that included a Pro Bowl player recently, which was declined since the player “didn’t fit their system”. People are split between whether he plays if he doesn’t get traded or sitting out the season, which I guess we’ll see once (if) the season commences.
No 5th year option for Fournette
Just like Ngakoue, the former 4th overall picks’ relationship with the front office has not been the most ideal. He was one of the many players that filed a grievance against the team for the fine for sitting on the bench in 2018 while inactive, which he got back. The Jaguars decided not to pick up his 5th year option, which would’ve netted Fournette $8.43 million. This means that, unless an extension is made, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021. The team will most likely not extend him beyond this season since they were even trying to get rid of him this offseason. They had discussions with teams about moving him, but no deal was done. Caldwell ultimately decided that Fournette will stick around and be the RB1 for the 2020 season but has not made any mention of beyond that. This is a contract year for him, and he wants to prove that he was worth the 4th overall selection.
As most of you may know, the Jacksonville Jaguars have another name: The London Jaguars
But in all seriousness, it’s been seeming to the general public that the team will move to London; especially after this year when Khan moved a second home game to Wembley Stadium. The reasoning behind the move is to increase local revenue. The front office believed that the reasoning behind the low revenue was the local market, not the product on the field. No one, not a single fan took this piece of news positively. It seemed like it was doomed from the start, something that could only be slowed down by say a…..pandemic? (un)Luckily so, one such pandemic happened. Creating an international travel restriction and preventing any NFL teams from playing in London. When the season does start, the home games, which would’ve been vs. the Lions and Browns in non-consecutive weeks, will actually be played at home. In other COVID news, former Jaguar great Tony Boselli contracted the Coronavirus and was admitted to the ICU for five days. Things got so bad that he was hooked up to two IVs and needed oxygen to help his breathing. Luckily, he was able to recover mostly and was released on March 30.

Projected Starting Lineup with Camp Battles

Positions won in a camp battle italicized
QB- Gardner Minshew: This is Gardner Minshew’s team in 2020. After a promising rookie season, added weapons and a more workable scheme, Minshew should solidify himself as the quarterback of the future - given he slows down on the turnovers.
RB- Leonard Fournette: In a contract year after his 5th year option was declined, he will be running with a chip on his shoulder. The team looks to run him as much as possible before he leaves.
TE- Tyler Eifert, James O’Shaughnessy: Free agent signing Eifert will fill the starting role as long as he is healthy. I think O’Shaughnessy beats out Josh Oliver for the TE2 spot due to last years chemistry with Minshew.
WR- D.J. Chark Jr., Dede Westbrook, Chris Conley, Laviska Shenault Jr.: This group is easily the strength of this offense. Chark looks to build on a really nice 2019 season, Westbrook and Conley weren’t bad as WR2 and 3, but they weren’t spectacular either. I added Shenault as well because he will be put in at a bunch of different positions.
LT- Cam Robinson: Robinson battled through an ACL injury in 2018 which basically sent his development back over a year. He’s been inconsistent in his time playing, playing well during some games but slacking big time in others.
LG- Andrew Norwell: The coaching staff is still sticking by the second highest paid guard in the NFL, even though he hasn’t been playing like it at all. He missed time in 2018 with a foot injury and has been battling through that since. But ultimately needs to play even remotely like the former 1st team all-pro in order to provide some return on his contract. He has been arguably the worst lineman on an already weak line.
C- Brandon Linder: One of the more underrated lineman in the league. Linder has been a consistent leader on the offense since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2014.
RG- A.J. Cann: Cann is just one of those guys where you kinda forget about him until he has a terrible game and then you remember that he’s actually not good. I’m considering this one a battle because I feel like rookie Bartch can snag a start or two during the season.
RT- Jawaan Taylor: After dropping to the Jags in the second round of last years’ draft, Taylor has lived up to expectations. While having the typical rookie growing pains, he was extremely solid playing against pro-level talent.
DL- Josh Allen, Abry Jones, Taven Bryan/Rodney Gunter, K’Lavon Chaisson: A group that is primed to surprise people. The Good Josh Allen is already a forced to be reckoned with, Abry Jones is a solid piece with some rotational help, Taven Bryan is only getting better at the run while Gunter will help with the pass rush. Finally, 1st round pick K’Lavon Chaisson comes in with an incredible motor to help with the loss of Ngakoue.
LB- Myles Jack, Joe Schobert, Quincy Williams: Myles Jack is on his 3rd position, so hopefully this will unlock his full athletic potential. Schobert will command the defense up the middle and drop into coverage. Quincy did not play well last year as a rookie. I hope he is able to progress this season or we might be in trouble there.
CB- C.J. Henderson, Rashaan Melvin, D.J. Hayden: 9th overall pick Henderson gets the start at the CB1 position. Melvin and Tre Herndon are going to be battling for the CB2 spot, but I give the nod to Melvin solely because he has more experience. D.J. Hayden is another underrated player in the NFL and is quietly one of the top Nickel corners.
S- Ronnie Harrison, Jarrod Wilson: Ronnie Harrison has been really coming into his own over the past season and will only get better. Jarrod Wilson played fairly well in 2019 and was exercised his option during the offseason.
K- Josh Lambo: Lambo is one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL today. Hitting over 94% of his kicks since coming to Jacksonville (while also leading the NFL in 2019 with 97.1% FG made).
P- Logan Cooke: Cooke is top 10 in yards/punt and has no need to worry about losing his job.
KR- Chris Claybrooks: The 7th rounder from Memphis was drafted specifically to return kicks, hopefully he brings the spark that the team desperately needs on ST.
PR- Dede Westbrook: Westbrook was 14th in the NFL in punt returns, he hasn’t been great in the field, but he also hasn’t been terrible.

Schedule Predictions

Week 1: IND (L) – Philip Rivers has had our number over the years (7-2, 24 touchdowns to 5 interceptions); and a team that’s a QB shy from competing now has the Jaguars literal kryptonite. I have my faith in the young defense, but Rivers will probably have a field day. 0-1
Week 2: @TEN (W) – Huh, no annual TNF Titans-Jaguars trash bowl? 2020 is really a weird year and I don’t like it. Here’s hoping that at least one trend sort of-continues: a split in games. The Jags revamped run defense slows down Derrick Henry for a game and CJ Henderson gets his first career pick off of Tannehill. Minshew is going to be the deciding factor in this game. 1-1
Week 3: MIA (W) – If it’s Fitzpatrick, it’s a loss. But I believe Tua takes the job early in the season(maybe?) and has his typical rookie growing pains. One of which is losing to a bad team that you shouldn’t lose to. 2-1
Week 4: @CIN (W) – Just like Tua, Burrow is set to have his growing pains. But this isn’t one of those games. The first overall pick goes into a shootout with The Man, The Myth, The Legend but comes up short due to a questionable play call in the final seconds. 3-1
Week 5: @HOU (L) – Even though Houston no longer has DeAndre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson is still able to work through the Jags D to come up with the win. 3-2
Week 6: DET (L) – Matthew Stafford has a really good week and Jeff Okudah outmatches his top 10 counterpart in another close game that comes down to game management experience. 3-3
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: @LAC (W) – Even though Jacksonville isn’t typically good on the west coast, they’re facing a team manned either by Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert. If they’re facing the latter (I’m sticking with a first round rookie start), then they’ll pull off a win they shouldn’t have. 4-3
Week 9: HOU (L) - Just like week 5, Watson goes off again while Brandon Cooks has 150+ yards receiving. Minshew attempts a 4th quarter comeback and brings it close, but ultimately falls short. 4-4
Week 10: @GB (L) - Aaron Rodgers is obviously unhappy with the drafting of Jordan Love and is on a mission to prove that he’s still got it in the league. Even though the rest of the roster is lacking pieces, you can never count out Rodgers. Especially when it’s against lower competition. 4-5
Week 11: PIT (L) – I feel like this could be the start (or continuation) of a decent non-divisional/former divisional rivalry. Big Ben is back and has a good back in James Conner. Besides JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eric Ebron, there isn’t anyone that inflicts fear in secondaries. This game could go either way, but I’m giving the nod to Pittsburgh in a close match. Their defense has enough to slow down our offense, but our defense lacks the “star-power” against their offense to really make up for it. 4-6
Week 12: @CLE (L) – Chubb is good, Beckham is good, Landry is good, Hooper is good. Unfortunately I don’t see us being close in this one. 4-7
Week 13: @MIN (L) – Minnesota, at this point, is looking towards the postseason and will not hold back. Thielen and Cook will carry their offense to 3 touchdowns while the Jags offense falls flat this week. 4-8
Week 14: TEN (L) – The split game. Again….WHY NO TNF?! The Jaguars come into the game tired and eliminated, while the Tacks come into the contest nearing a berth and are hungry for a win. Derrick Henry is Derrick Henry and just runs train. 4-9
Week 15: @BAL (L) - I may be biased but I’m not delusional. 4-10
Week 16: CHI (W) – I’m basing this off my prediction that Foles will outplay Trubisky and stays healthy. Foles plays better than Trubisky, but that’s not saying much. Henderson is able to keep Allen Robinson at bay; and while Khalil Mack will be effective, his impact will be kept to a best-case scenario. 5-10
Week 17: IND (W) – Indianapolis already clinched a playoff spot and is resting their starters for their inevitable 1st round elimination. So, the Jags will win in semi-convincing fashion against a team starting backups. 6-10
Final Record: 6-10. I genuinely believe this team has improved overall despite the major losses throughout the defense. There are going to be a lot of close games, especially if more players opt-out of the season. I feel like many of these games could steer in either direction. Besides Baltimore, Minnesota, Houston and Green Bay, of course. The ceiling of this team could push .500, but the floor could really bottom out at 1 or 2 wins. This team is extremely young and still needs to mesh. Depending on next years draft picks (looking at you, Rams. Please suck, thanks), this team is poised for a huge jump in the near future. This isn’t a full rebuild, it’s a partial one. I do not see this team making the postseason this year, but they could definitely play party-pooper to a couple of teams.


Jay Gruden – Gruden utilizes a West Coast Offensive scheme. This scheme was created by Bill Walsh in the 60’s when he worked for the Cincinnati Bengals as the QB coach. This offense relies heavily on shorter throws spread out throughout the field, eventually opening the top up for the occasional long ball. The use of a mobile QB and a variety of receivers can really help spread out the defense as well and easier for him to make throws.
Todd Wash – Although there have been rumors of a scheme change, and the signing of certain players seem to suggest the same, Todd Wash is still sticking a base 4-3 defense. One of the more common schemes, it involves four down linemen consisting of a nose tackle, a defensive tackle and two ends. Behind the linemen are 3 linebackers: The Mike, Will and Sam linebackers. The Mike, or middle, will line up behind the nose tackle and covers the A gap. The Will, or weak, lines up on the side not containing the TE and covers the B gap on that side. The Sam, or strong, lines up on the side of the Tight End and will contain the C gap on that side. The secondary will always have two CB’s, a SS and FS; the CB’s will cover the receivers, the FS will line up deep on the side of the weakside linebacker and the SS will do the same on the opposite side.
Link to Hub
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2020.07.29 00:40 SilasCrane Everything is disappearing, but I'm the only one who can see it.

I hope this story gets out. I’m writing it down and posting it here, because I’m hoping that what’s happening here isn’t happening everywhere, and that this will reach someone. I’ll start at the beginning.
A few days ago, I drove down from the city to visit the small town of Carmichael, where I grew up. My parents moved to Arizona a few years back, so I didn’t have any family there anymore, but nonetheless I was feeling nostalgic, and I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands lately, thanks to the pandemic.
After I arrived in my hometown, I checked in at the local Best Western Hotel, before proceeding to explore my old stomping grounds. Not much had changed in the dozen or so years since I’d last visited Carmichael...at least that’s what it seemed like at first.
It started with a plaque, just a little rectangular piece of tarnished brass about four inches wide, affixed to a wide wooden bench outside the Carmichael Public Library. It was stamped with a simple memorial: “Maxwell Hayes”
When I used to go to the library as a kid, I must have sat down on that bench a thousand times without giving the plaque a second thought, but I remember that, one day, I got curious, and I asked a librarian about it.
She explained that Hayes had been an elderly library patron who ran a children’s literacy program for many years, and -- before the library had an addition built to house a few small classrooms -- held his classes on one of the landings of the broad steps in front of the library, where what the librarians affectionately called “Max’s bench” now stood.
It was nothing big, but it was enough to make him a minor local hero in a quiet little town like Carmichael. So, I was surprised when I glanced at the old bench, and noticed that the little memorial plaque was blank. It was just a bare metal plate.
On my way back out, after a stroll through fond childhood memories associated with the place, I asked the librarian on duty -- an elderly woman I thought I faintly recognized -- about the missing plaque.
She didn’t know what I was talking about. I thought I might have been mistaken about recognizing her as someone who’d worked there when I was younger, and so I explained the familiar story about Hayes. She said she didn’t know about him, but her curiosity was piqued, and she asked me to show her the blank plaque.
Her mild interest turned to suspicion and mild annoyance when we got outside to the bench. The plaque was gone. I couldn’t even find the holes that should have marked where a pair of screws had affixed it to the wood. Not knowing what else to do, I apologized to the now wary librarian, and said I must have been confused, making an awkward exit from the situation.
As I drove away to continue my nostalgic journey, the odd experience nagged at me. It was, I considered, possible that the bench had been replaced since my last visit to the old library. It could also be that I misremembered the story about Hayes -- I’ve read accounts of the fallibility of human memory, especially where events long past were concerned. I even had a friend once confidently relate a story of the crazy night he’d had during spring break, when in fact I was the one who had told him that story about myself, a couple years earlier.
He really wasn’t lying, he had just internalized my story so thoroughly that, years later, by conflating and combining it with memories of other events that did happen to him, he’d eventually come around to genuinely thinking it had happened to him. Thinking about things like that can get spooky pretty fast -- after all, how could I be sure I hadn’t originally heard the story from someone else, too?
But, on the other hand, I was so certain I’d seen the blank plaque on the way in. I didn’t just remember casually seeing it in my peripheral vision, or something, I distinctly remembered seeing it and taking note of it just moments before I returned to find that it had vanished. Where had that gone?
I decided to head to Walden Hills Park, a small, densely wooded stretch of park land a mile or so outside of town, where I’d made a lot of my fondest childhood memories, among its many spruce, pines, and assortment of deciduous outliers.
Heading down through the narrow, paved trail that snaked through the trees, I passed by the long, shallow lagoon where mallard ducks busied themselves diving for aquatic plants, and painted turtles the size of dinner plates lazily basked on the sun-warmed rocks.
At the end of the lagoon, I spotted a familiar landmark of my boyhood adventures in the park -- a large, log gazebo, with a slightly peeling goat of forest green paint. At a distance, I could see the silhouette of the life-size statue of Hiram Walden, one of Carmichael’s pioneer founders whose bronze statue graced the park that bore his name. The park land had once been part of the Walden homestead, but Hiram’s descendants donated it to the town for its present use, sometime early last century.
As I reached the gazebo, however, what greeted me was not the stern but noble-looking visage of old Hiram I’d become used to as a boy. Oh, the statue was still there, and the details were mostly as I remember...except for the face. Or rather, except for the lack of a face. Where Hiram’s narrow eyes, strong jaw, and sharp nose had been, there was just a smooth, egg-like bronze surface, without even the barest suggestion of any facial features. To say it was unsettling would be underselling it by a large degree, it looked creepy as all hell, like something that was going to come to life and casually snap my neck as soon my back was turned.
At the statue's feet, where a large plaque had named the monument and given a two-paragraph summary of Hiram’s humble beginnings and eventual rise to wealth and prosperity on the frontier, there was instead just an unmarked bronze plate, set in a frame of elaborate scrollwork that made its lack of inscription all the more incongruous. It was too surreal.
I took several steps back to take in the bizarre (literal) defacement of the town’s frontier hero in its entirety. Shaking my head in consternation, I raised my phone to my face to take a picture, as if to reassure myself of what I saw with hard evidence.
I drew a pattern on the screen to unlock it, but for some reason it had trouble registering the correct connect-the-dots sequence I was trying to draw with my finger. I had to fiddle with it for several seconds as I stared at the screen furrowed brow, before it finally unlocked and I could open the camera app.
I almost dropped my phone in surprise as the camera view filled the screen.
The statue was gone.
It was just gone. Not there. Vanished, including the base. Not even an imprint on the weathered plank floor of the gazebo where it had been.
I swore and whirled around wildly -- I don’t know why, I mean, what was I looking for?The horrific Faceless Hiram statue hopping up behind me, still attached to his base? Friggin’ Carmen Sandiego silently tip-toeing away through the trees with Carmichael’s founder securely strapped to her back? I took a deep breath, as I wracked my brain for a logical explanation. It was like the nameplate on Max’s bench, but it was just too damn big to ignore or explain away.
The only such theories I could think of in the moment, entailed there being men in white coats and powerful psychiatric medication in my near future. I decided to head back to my car, mentally reciting the common secular mantras people use when they encounter something unexplained. They’re not really explanations, or even fully-formed rational ideas, they’re just semi-relevant words and sentence fragments meant to provide comfort when repeated to yourself, like a “Hail Mary” for the non-religious.
“Just my imagination,” I intoned in my head, as I scurried down the path in a way that belied the statement. “Tired”, “stressed”, “just seeing things.”, “pareidolia”. None of the familiar words and phrases seemed to be having their usual calming effect .
At some point, I realized that I had wandered off the paved trail, but when I turned back to reorient myself, there was no path to be found. I finally resorted to using my phone’s GPS to find the way back to the road. As I emerged from the trees after several minutes to find my car parked off the side of the road where I left it, I sighed in relief.
And yet, there was something wrong. My car was where I had left it, but the park entrance and the sign marking it as such were not. As far as I could see in either direction, an unbroken treeline ran parallel to the road. Glancing down at the online map in my phone’s navigation app, I saw only an unmarked blob of green indicating a forest where Walden Hills Park had been.
I had had enough. I got in my car, turned around, and disregarded the hell out of the speed limit. I decided to grab my stuff from the hotel and GTFO, my nostalgia tank was officially empty, after this.
When I actually got back to town, I quickly decided that I didn’t need my luggage that bad, after all.
Carmichael was...missing. Huge chunks of it were, anyway, and other parts were unrecognizable.
The tall, neo-classical courthouse that dated back to the 19th century had been adorned with a facade of white marble columns and a statue of blind justice. It now looked like a blank stone block with a single set of glass double doors. I slowed as I passed, just in time to see the doors burst open and people flood out, as if fleeing from violence or a conflagration. They seemed insane and unfocused, pushing and shoving at each other, trampling heartlessly over anyone unlucky enough to stumble or fall.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. Seemingly ordinary people, just tearing each other apart right in front of me. A few of them suddenly noticed me and started forward, eyes wild and full of a mixture of rage and fear, and I hit the gas again, speeding away through what was left of the town where I was born. I glanced in the rear view mirror, and saw that the mob of crazies was still there. The courthouse wasn’t.
I sped through town, a short distance to begin with, but even shorter now, as many structures had seemingly vanished. It looked like, rather than leaving gaps, the adjacent buildings had somehow just moved over to fill in the empty space. It was as if whatever was taking everything away from the town was also hiding the fact that there had ever been anything there at all.
More people swarmed out of the remaining buildings and into the street, almost immediately clashing with others doing the same. As I struggled to make sense of the otherworldly devastation, and sudden onset of madness, I thought of the old librarian, who somehow didn’t remember the local hero Max, and his formerly eponymous bench. It wasn’t just things that were being taken away. It was all the knowledge associated with them. What would that do to people, to a community or society, to have history just pulled out from under them? I didn’t want to stick around to find out.
Familiar intersections and side streets had started to disappear, as well, leaving me with few paths to escape whatever doom had suddenly started to consume Carmichael. Seeing only one viable way out, I made a hard right turn without slowing down, causing my tires to screech and filling my nostrils with the scent of burning rubber. I mounted the curb and cut across a small parking lot in front of what had been a burger joint, to break out onto the state highway, where I pinned the accelerator to the floor beneath my shoe as my car roared away from the vanishing ruins of my childhood home.
Speeding away from the destruction, I allowed myself to take a breath as I rolled down the highway leading up and out of Bighorn Valley, where Carmichael nestled between the mountains. As I crested a particularly steep hill, I was forced to slam on the brakes. I got out of the car and walked forward slowly, staring, refusing to believe my eyes.
Beyond the summit of the hill, the highway ended. No barriers, no construction signs, just the state highway inexplicably coming to a full stop before the treeline ahead. It was like the workmen who built it had just gotten bored or distracted, one day, and quit when it was half-finished.
I cursed. I screamed. I tried calling 911, and then my parents, and got a busy signal each time. I tried my car’s radio, and got only static, or a roar of discordant voices and cacophonous music. Walking back along the rode a few hundred yards, I looked down into the valley, as the sun was beginning to sit.
What was left of Carmichael was burning, as people swarmed like crazed ants among the few remaining structures. There was no going back there.
Despite all that, my phone is getting a signal. So I decided to write this out. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a plea for help, or just a warning, or maybe there’s no point to any of it. I don’t understand how any of this works. Maybe if this starts happening where you are, and you see it, you’ll figure out some way to stop it.
And, I guess, if I’m right, there’s probably no point in asking for help. If the knowledge of where I am is vanishing along with the place itself, you won’t be able to find Carmichael. It’ll be like it never even was.
But I could be wrong, and I don’t know how far this thing might have spread, so it’s worth a shot. Even if it doesn’t help, maybe someone out there will at least remember I existed. So, here goes:
My name is David Greene. I am currently parked on State Highway 38, about four miles West of the city of Carmichael, East Dakota, Zip Code 99985, United States of America. I have no food or water, and I cannot go back into town. I don’t know how long my phone will keep working. Please help me if you can, and if not, for God’s sake, figure out how to stop this from happening to you, or anyone else.
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2020.07.27 17:30 pahohi1327JJul Christian and Single Da-ting S-ite

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2020.07.24 17:47 Vaexa Buyers Beware: weeb boats (Azur Lane)

Other articles

Buyers Beware

Old style
Tachibana Diana/Aurora Emden (GNB) Albany (GNB) Katori Campbeltown (Limited) Yūbari Ishizuchi (Limited) Sims Tirpitz Arizona Saipan Krasnyi Krym Omaha/Murmansk/Marblehead
New style
Texas Scharnhorst Gneisenau Leningrad Belfast Perth Mutsu Alabama Massachusetts Prinz Eitel Friedrich Roma Lenin Legion of Honor
Warspite & You
I did, in fact, fat-finger post this right after finishing the Yukikaze bit.
Spoiler warning: long-but-important foreword.
You don't need me to tell you, again, that the way WG sells the cosmetic stuff (commanders, camos) is pretty much targeted towards whales and that asking more for the camo set than what I paid for Death Stranding last weekend is completely ridiculous. Other people on this subreddit have told you about that already and they're completely right. It is ridiculous.
I remember buying the Hood commander (I am a card carrying member of the HMS Hood Association so I sort of had to) for about a tenner during the first collab. This being a gateway drug into AL itself aside, I felt like that was a fair price. Unless you're this invested in AL and also drowning in money, I wouldn't recommend getting the whole set of commanders and/or camos.
THAT SAID, other people have laid out why this monetisation scheme is silly already. WG is selling the ships and new camos separately this time around, and we're here for the ships. The title says weeb ships. Talking about the actual ships here, not the girls.
This is going to be closer to my short form reviews I did with the French destroyer event because I'm still trying to get my head back into the review game a bit. I should've put this into the afterword.
If you're just going to bitch about how much you hate anime, find a different thread. Let people enjoy the stuff they like. I implore you.
Without further ado-


Including the two ships from the last event in this because like... why not, I guess.

Tier VIII - Yukikaze

Full disclosure that I played this thing only a handful of times after the live testing period ended, nanoda. She really confronted me with the fact my torpedo marksmanship fizzled to dust and blew away in the wind in the last year or so, nanoda.
I'm not doing this speech quirk bullshit for much longer. Nanoda.

The good stuff

  • I think I'm traditionally supposed to start with the main battery. That would usually spell rather bad news for an IJN DD, but they got buffed a while ago...
  • Which means that Yukikaze's 6-gun 12.7cm broadside hits pretty hard! 2.1k (and change) HE alpha is more than German 15cm guns get (lol) and if you use these in an ''ambush predator'' sort of way instead of a ''close range knife fighting HE DPM face melt'' sort of way, they can do work.
  • We're long past the days of an IJN DD being able to strip mounts off USN DDs on the first salvo though, unfortunately.
  • Like her shells, her torpedoes also hit really hard. The high torpedo alpha is a crown that IJN destroyers mostly still haven't relinquished, and with the current FOTM destroyer line launching warp speed pool noodles, this is a real niche they still sort of have.
  • Seriously, approximately 21k torpedo damage before saturation/TDS modifiers is nothing to sneer at, and being able to put 8 of these on target gives Yukikaze a wallop that's... matched by essentially the entire IJN torpedo destroyer line from tier 8 and up...
  • I'm trying so hard to find good things to say about Yukikaze nanoda
  • IJN destroyers do keep their concealment crown, and 5.4km surface concealment and 2.5km air concealment (when you turn your AA off, as you really should do) are very respectable even in this day and age. It at the very least gives Yukikaze a good buffer for launching torpedoes when she does actually find a victim.
  • The camouflage looks really, really nice, with a nice set of colours and a cute bow on the... bow. Do you get it?

The bad stuff

  • Boy oh boy.
  • Nanoda.
  • IJN main battery alpha comes with the huge caveat of ''their rof is fucking garbage''. There are more destroyers that don't have 3-4s rof in the game by now, but 6.3 seconds(!) at tier 8 is just really, really slow. You're not going to be winning knife fights with these rather lethargic guns.
  • They also turn really slowly, and with four of your six guns being sat on your ass, getting guns on target can be a somewhat awkward proposal.
  • Her maneuvrability is perfectly middling, with a perfectly middling 35 knot speed (which is in cruiser and some BB realms nowadays) and a perfectly middling 640m turning radius all adding up to something... really average. Average is not a good thing to be for Yukikaze, nanoda.
  • There was a time where having 76 knot-speedy torpedoes would qualify this ship as a cruise missile launcher. With European destroyers showing up with their equally fast (and sometimes even faster) torpedoes, Yukikaze's F3s have lost some of their shine.
  • What really hurts them more than some Swedish dweeb sticking hyperdrives to pool noodles, though, is that setting up torpedo runs within 8km from your target is not something that can be consistently done in current year.
  • This is compounded by Yukikaze having really shitty AA to dislodge planes that latch on to her with (to the point you should really, really, really just keep it turned off unless a plane squad is almost directly over you already, anyway)...
  • ... and her rather paltry HP pool of 15.1k meaning she'll wither away rather quickly under fire.
  • I guess in this sense she is true to her AL counterpart (except her AL counterpart gets some really good skills and evasion to make up for it, which will not save her here).
In conclusion, Yukikaze is basically a Kagero with F3s. That's the tl;dr. Unless you think the girl (and her accompanying camo) are just that cute, I can't recommend getting her, simply because it's furiously difficult to get mileage out of F3s nowadays.

Tier VIII - Montpelier

The worst Cleveland, especially in a world where Biloxi and Birmingham exist. Fight me.

The good stuff

  • There isn't any.
  • What do you mean I can't make this review solely about how much Montpelier sucks?
  • Okay then.
  • Montpelier is a Cleveland, and with this comes all the boons of having a Cleveland's main battery.
  • What I mean by that is the IFHE nerf did very little to stop tier 8+ light cruisers being the absolute DPM monsters they've been for the last few years, and merely made them rather less burny. I still firmly believe in IFHE for cruisers at tier 8 and over, and Montpelier is no exception.
  • 12 USN 6'' guns capable of penning 37mm of HE plating (and thus the all-important 32mm threshold) with a 7s reload time adds up to fairly devastating amounts of HE DPM and will absolutely melt poorly plated battleships and everything else into slag before long.
  • Even if you don't believe in IFHE anymore (which is perfectly valid, given there are a great many ships that have decent plating, too) Montpelier still boasts enough HE pen to melt any lower-tiered battleships and pretty much every cruiser short of Russian supercruisers, with a 12% base fire chance to make angled battleships regret every choice that has led them to this point.
  • All of this compounded to trebuchet arcs that make it childishly easy to sit behind an island and absolutely fucking ruin someone's day. Like Cleveland, Montpelier is nasty (not in that sense though, stop).
  • wowsft and gm3d tell me she has .15 better sigma than Cleveland. Wow!
  • One of the funny bits of USN cruiser protection schemes is that there's a very notable ''step'' in their already fairly low citadels, which puts roughly half their citadel volume firmly below the waterline. While broadsiding stuff isn't quite as legit a strategy as with like, Smolensk (Monty is rather fat for a CL), battleships will sometimes struggle to make damage stick on you.
  • The AA is... alright, I guess...? Same and lower-tier carriers are likely not going to want to stick in your AA for a long time, and if some nerd in a carrier does smack into your flak you can really rip some decent chunks out of squads. You're just not really a no-fly zone.
  • The 660m turning circle radius is nice, I guess?????
  • 11.5km base concealment (you get a free permoflage with this, I'm considering it base) is really, really good for a CL. With all the bells and whistles, Montpelier's concealment drops down to a very, very respectable 9.3km surface concealment and an okay 5.8km air concealment (which actually means you can kind of AA trap planes).
  • Montpelier is a little fatter than her older sister (get fucked), with a 37.5k HP pool. Neat!
  • She also has the usual US CL toolbox at her disposal; 9km half-a-minute radar, hydro, DFAA, the works.
  • As much as I dislike Montpelier, the special camo looks kind of nice. It's flashy (more flashy than the Yukikaze one), but the colour palette is good and the angry vein thing on the bow is a fun touch. Too bad Montpelier still sucks.

The bad stuff

  • It's Montpelier, which we've firmly established is the worst Cleveland.
  • As punchy as the main battery still is in current year, she actually punches a little less hard than Cleveland, with her guns taking half a second longer to reload than her big sister's guns. Poor Monty, forever in the better Clevelands' shadows.
  • The trebuchet arcs are a fantastic boon for firing from the safety of islands, but also make it furiously difficult to nail fast, small ships (like destroyers) at longer ranges.
  • She has a big ol DP secondary battery that is completely useless for doing another other than making pretty fireworks. I figured I should at least discuss the smattering of 5''/38 guns once, but they're really not very useful against ships.
  • Apart from their tendency to let battleship shells right through, Cleveland hulls are super flimsy. The lack of citadel armour coverage means the vast majority of these ships consists of 25mm plating, which gets absolutely fucking melted by most 6'' HE and up, and heavens forbid a battleship gets a good salvo against your angled ship. You will die. Hard.
  • I tried making a Die Hard reference since I love those movies but my brain was not cooperating. Sucks.
  • 32.5 knots base speed is really pretty bleh for a cruiser, especially now that even some battleships can outrun you. Montpelier isn't a particularly good kiting ship as a consequence, and will very likely suffer in open water.
  • Montpelier sucks. I will not budge. If you're a Montpelier fan, fuck you. That's rude but also I don't care. How can you prefer Montpelier when Biloxi exists???
In conclusion, she's a Cleveland with slightly more HP, slightly better accuracy, and slightly less DPM. This doesn't add up to anything particularly flashy, but Cleveland herself isn't a particularly bad ship, and I'd actually recommend Montpelier even to the non-weeb; she's basically a premium Cleveland, which isn't a bad thing to be.

Tier VIII - Littorio

Lord forgive me, for I'm about to thirst.
I'm going to do a bit less bullet point recap here because I already wrote a Roma review that you should really just read instead of a shitty tl;dr. It's old and a bit dated, but most of it still rings true.
Littorio is, rather disappointingly, a Roma clone. There was a version in testing I'm not sure I'm allowed to discuss, but we all know about it and how much more interesting it would've been than a Roma clone.
Thirst time: AL Littorio is hot. I love how they shoved the ''chauvinistic, womanising Italian'' stereotype into her (I get to say this, since half my family is Italian) and I really, really, really like her base design.
The camouflage they put together for her is really good, too, being a lot more lowkey than the Yukikaze and Montpelier camos, with some tasteful touches and references to Littorio herself. The problem is, though, that she's just a Roma clone to the point they didn't fucking bother to model the different bow.
I can't recommend her if you already have Roma, as a consequence. Maybe if she was... different and interesting, but as it stands, no. Just no. What a disappointment.
If you don't have Roma and wanna pick her up, and you like AL, well, why not? The camo is cool and Littorio could break my spine over her knee if she wanted to. Awooga.

Tier IX - Sovetskaya Rossiya

Tall ice mage battleship mommy. Soyuz hull. Mmmmmmmmm.

The good stuff

  • It's a Soyuz with regular battleship accuracy.
  • Alright, alright, since you're twisting my arm here, a more detailed recap of tall ice mage battleship mommy...
  • A well-known feature of Russian ships in general is, well, railguns. This has a whole host of implications for Rossiya.
  • For one, with AP alpha being a function of muzzle velocity (MV) and shell weight, Rossiya has really punchy shells, lagging only slightly behind USN superheavy AP with 13250hp worth of dick punching potential.
  • High muzzle velocity also means higher penetration. USN AP actually outpens Rossiya until about 6km or so (surprisingly), but after that she massively overtakes her American counterpart. Rossiya retains enough pen to smash any battleship's belt out to pretty much her max range.
  • And, finally, high muzzle velocity has the rather natural boon of being quicker to get on target, which makes it substantially easier for tall battleship mommy to push some kiting dweeb's shit in in hopefully spectacular fashion.
  • This is both a plus and a minus, but Rossiya uses regular battleship dispersion and not the good-at-short-range-but-less-good-at-long-range Soviet dispersion curve. She plays more like a traditional battleship as a consequence, with a playstyle that takes after sluggish, large battleships like Izumo as a consequence.
  • The true star attraction with Rossiya (as it kind of is with Soyuz as well) is just how durable she is.
  • This is gonna need some EXTRA BULLET POINTS. Rossiya is drowning in protected volume, with a tall incremental belt more than thick enough to keep out lesser battleship guns at sufficient range, and a 60mm upper hull and midships weather deck... which is just enough to shatter all cruiser HE, except some really specific IFHE builds that nobody runs anymore.
  • There's a 220mm belt extension to make her ends a little tougher to HE spam, too. The Soyuz hull is deviously HE-resistant as a consequence of all this, and overmatching AP only really has the bow and stern to go through.
  • The superstructure would ordinarily be a ripe target for HE spam, but Rossiya's superstructure is a lot narrower than the actual profiel would have you suspect, with a significant chunk of it being taken up by the secondary battery and directors.
  • The TDS backs up all this durability, with 35% damage reduction, which is really funny because Soyuz actual had the Pugliese system (bad) except inserted backwards (worse).
  • Rossiya does get the Soviet flavour damage control, which reloads faster at the expense of being limited in usage.
  • Once again, the camo looks really good. As with Littorio's, it's a lot more lowkey than the second collab's camo colours, dominated by greys and whites, with stark white and light grey turrets and some glowy blue bits on the bow. It's a really snazzy, slick looking scheme and I like it a lot.

The bad stuff

  • You may have noticed the good stuff list was dominated by all the cardinal elements of a battleship; firepower and durability.
  • Yeah that's because that's the main things Rossiya offers.
  • The turrets are sluggish (unlike Soyuz actual's). They're not the slowest in the game by any stretch, but 4deg/s base rotation speed is just... not very good.
  • The dispersion curve means she actually has worse dispersion at short and middling ranges, which... yeah.
  • For all her tankiness, Rossiya does share one (frustratingly uncommon) trait with her line comrades: her citadel rises up above the water. It isn't as tall as her belt suggests, and there's a Bullshit Void of Slightly Less Bullshit behind it, but she is not citadel-proof by any stretch. Any prolonged periods of showing broadside are liable to be followed by some battleship feeding you shit by the spoonful.
  • The ship itself is insanely sluggish. 28 knots is on the low end of battleship speed (she's not one of the battleships that's going to outrun Montpelier) these days, and the turning circle is enormous.
  • Bonus: you get the as-designed hull without the gimped rudder shift. Downside to this bonus: your AA is pretty shocking for the tier, and for some reason Rossiya gets the base hull HP (80.9k).
  • Unlike what the shipgirl suggests (tall majestic ice mage), Sovetskaya Rossiya the ship is a big brute, with little in the way of subtlety, nuance or agility, and some decent firepower and a lotta durability to compensate. Sort of. She tries.
  • She is such a big brute that she has atrocious base concealment, sitting at 16.2km. With all the bells and whistles, this bottoms out at 13.1km, which is not very good for a slow battleship with something of a tendency to fall apart when showing broadside.
In conclusion, Sovetskaya Rossiya is essentially an A-hull Soyuz that loads slower, has regular dispersion, and doesn't have the gimpy rudder shift.
Does this all add up to a worthwhile variant of Soyuz herself? Well... No. The camouflage looks good, but Rossiya feels awkward and clumsy, and while her playstyle is oriented to that, she isn't really going to set the world on fire. She's not bad, but unless you're really invested in the girl (can't blame you), she is not worth the hefty pricetag she carries.
This was a fun little writing exercise. I've been a bit out of it, with... a lot... happening after I wrote the Warspite thing for Horsey's birthday. I didn't feel it was right writing reviews after that, but here we are. I want to move on from all of that and get back to enjoying writing (as I was planning to do with the Warspite review) and trying to enjoy a game I still love dearly. I've had more than enough negativity this year to last me the rest of the decade, and I want to refocus on the things that I enjoy, that make me happy. Writing is still one of them, and it's about time I found a rhythm in it again.
This review may have been a bit of a mess, I realise, but that's all part of the Vaexa Review Experience:tm:; inconsistent messes that I write more-or-less without any sort of plan, totally on a whim. Wouldn't be me if it wasn't a clusterfuck.
If you've read the whole thing, congrats. I hope you enjoyed it. If you don't like anime and still enjoyed it, congrats for having an open mind. If you like Montpelier and didn't enjoy it, good. That's a joke, I shouldn't be too harsh. It's all just friendly ribbing.
As a final footnote, please don't shit up my review with ''anime sucks'' or ''wg's monetisation sucks''. People are allowed to enjoy whatever media they like, even if that's weeb shit like Azur Lane. It's fucking obnoxious to shit up threads with how much you hate weeb shit.
As for the second bit, we know WG's monetisation sucks. I fully agree with that sentiment, and I really wish they'd go back to offering items individually, but alas, just blow me down. Fuck.
As always, thanks for reading! If there's any funny markup, grammar or spelling errors, let me know and I'll fix it. <3
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2020.07.24 08:08 akbrit4959 Scott and Amy Fandel-missing children since 1978 in Stirling Alaska

“STILL MISSING by SHEILA TOOMEY. Anchorage Daily News. September 4, 1988
Touch the Fandel case, then try to let go; try to forget it. Not a chance. Ten years ago two children, Scott and Amy Fandel, disappeared from their cabin home in Sterling, on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage. They just vanished. Both of them Scott, 13 and Amy, 8. At 10:30 p.m. Sept. 5, 1978, they were happy and safe. At 2 the next morning, they were gone. No sign of them has ever been found. Dozens of investigators spent thousands of hours running down hundreds of angles. Nothing. "Quirks and spider web leads," said a former Alaska State Trooper who spent years searching for Scott and Amy. "Leads that don't go anywhere." Ten years have passed since the night the children vanished, years of change for everyone who knew them. Their parents divorced and remarried; their friends grew up; the cabin where they lived burned down and most Alaskans don't know their names. But the years have not changed Scott and Amy. They remain as they were, frozen in time: a brighteyed adolescent and a gaptoothed 8yearold, grinning out from old photographs. Those faces have been smiling at Trooper Sgt. Tom Sumey for a decade. There at the beginning, as an investigator assigned to the Soldotna trooper post, he's back on the case now. And 10 years after it happened, Sumey has a new lead. Not a big lead. Something that's been in the file all these years. "I can't find anyone who followed up on it," he said, and would say no more. No one noticed the kids were missing for 15 hours or more. That was the first bad break in the case. At the Alaska State Trooper station in Soldotna, the missing persons report filed by their mother was logged in at 5:14 p.m. on Sept. 6. Margaret Fandel, then a 31yearold waitress at a restaurant in Kenai, is a small, pretty woman with a friendly disposition and a hearing impairment. In September 1978, Margaret was in a bad place in her life. Roger Fandel, her husband of more than 10 years, had left her in January and then moved out of state. The marriage had been rocky for a long time. Roger had a strong sense of family and dominated the relationship, but he liked other women and Margaret began to drink. A homebody by nature, Margaret found herself working long hours to pay the bills. She was a woman men instinctively wanted to protect, and she was lonely. She looked for company among the party people who hung out at local bars, sometimes leaving the children home alone at night. But Scott was 13 an unusually mature 13 by most accounts and a competent babysitter for his younger sister. A cloudy sky threatened rain on Sept. 5, typical weather for this time of year. At Soldotna Junior High School, Scott handed in an assignment, a journal, written in pencil on lined notebook paper. Ten years later the faded words are hard to read, but the voice is clear: "Dear Journal: Today at 3:30 an aunt of mine is coming up to live with us. She's never been to Alaska. Matter of fact, she's never been out of Illinois, where she lives. She's going to have a birthday tomorrow. She'll be 20. Cathy is her name. She's going to live with us for the rest of her life. What else can I say? She is going to work with my mom at the Italian Gardens restaurant." Aunt Cathy Schonfelder arrived as scheduled Tuesday afternoon and that evening Margaret, Cathy, Scott and Amy had supper at home together, then straightened up the house for a while. The Fandels lived in a twobedroom log cabin off Scout Lake Road, about half a mile in from the Sterling Highway, just south of the cluster of stores and businesses that make up the town of Sterling. Scout Lake Loop is a wide country road that separates a state campground from acres of private woodland dotted with shacks, trailers, cabins, neat farmsteads and some larger, more expensive homes. In 1978, only a few homes intruded on the forest. The Fandels lived in a birch woods, their cabin set on a gravel pad that could barely be seen from the road. The lot had electricity and indoor plumbing, and a bright "street light" mounted high on an outside pole. The closest neighbors were Nancy and Bill Lupton, who lived with their five children in a Quonset hut about 200 yards away. Children from both families wore a path through the trees, visiting each other. Scott and Amy stopped at the Quonset hut each morning to join the Lupton children for the walk to the school bus stop. After dinner, Margaret, Cathy and the children drove down the highway toward Soldotna to Good Time Charlie's, a bar that featured video games, pool, Foosball and maybe a dice game or two. By all reports, nothing unusual happened. The women drank beer and socialized, the kids drank Coke and everyone had a good time. Around 10 p.m., Margaret and Cathy decided to drive to Kenai to see a friend who worked at a hotel there. They gave a bartender Margaret knew a lift to Soldotna, then dropped off Scott and Amy at home. Margaret pulled into the driveway and the kids got out. Aunt Cathy yelled to Scott to be sure to lock the door. Scott laughed. The lock didn't work. The kids went inside. The lights went on. The adults drove away. Margaret never saw her children again. Nancy Lupton no longer lives in the Quonset hut. Her children are grown and she and her husband have split up. Today she lives a few hundred yards south of Scout Lake, on a small farm. At her kitchen table Lupton lit a cigarette, digging for details across the years. Scott and Amy came to her house that night, she said, after Margaret dropped them off. They were full of talk about their aunt. "They were happy. ... This was family. It was a big deal." The kids all played in the back room for a while, but the noise level got too high. "They got to using the beds for trampolines," Lupton said, so she sent the Fandels home. "It was just that path between the houses. They did it all the time. It was no big deal. ... It was just another night. There was no confusion ... no one was tearing up and down the road in cars, the dogs weren't barking." She didn't hear anything. Margaret and Cathy got home at about 2 a.m. They never found their friend in Kenai. Instead, they'd been to Larry's Club and the Rainbow Bar. Margaret wondered about finding the house dark. The kids were afraid of the dark and usually turned every light in the place on. A neighboring family, on their way home at about 11:45, noticed the house all lit up. But at 2 a.m. the cabin was dark and empty. There were no signs of a fight, nothing out of place. Scott's jacket was there, and his motorcycle was still outside. A package of macaroni and an open can of tomatoes sat on the kitchen counter, a pot of warm water on the stove. Scott liked to make a macaroni snack before going to bed, and had evidently begun to do so. Margaret concluded the children stayed next door at the Luptons, and she and Cathy went to bed. The next morning, Margaret called the school from work. "I told them to tell Amy Fandel she was in trouble for not coming home first." The school said Amy hadn't showed up yet. Margaret's boss said she couldn't leave work until after lunch. She was worried, but not yet seriously alarmed. There were so many innocent possibilities. Wednesday afternoon, everyone seemed to discover at the same time that the children were really gone. Cathy became alarmed when they didn't come home on the school bus with the other kids. The Lupton children reported that Scott and Amy hadn't been in school all day. Margaret raced home from work. She began frantically calling the children's friends. "At first it just seemed like she was overreacting," said Danette Hakkinen Boyle, Scott's good friend and contemporary. Now 23, Boyle said she "thought maybe they ran away. That was the safest thing to believe." Margaret tried to call Roger in Arizona. Roger was everyone's first thought. But she couldn't reach him, and his family said he did not have the children. When she finally figured out that no one had seen Scott and Amy since the night before, Margaret called the troopers. At 43, Roger Fandel's beard is graying, but he still wears a HarleyDavidson cap on his head, a knife at his belt and a dropdead tone in his voice. He will tell you himself that he is prone to violence. He radiates aggression, and enjoys the effect it has on others. Six feet tall, burly and bearded, Roger is an imposing presence, by nature and by design, a tough guy. Ask anyone. Ask him. A welder, a biker and a sure shot with a pistol, he's been down a lot of mean streets. These days he lives somewhere in the West, "on 100 acres in the middle of nowhere" and never mind the name of the town. You want to find him? Leave a message with the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. Scott was is Roger's son in every way except by birth. When Roger met Margaret, Scott was 2 years old. His natural father lived in another town and wasn't interested. "He couldn't talk," Roger said. "He would only say "no.' He threw tantrums. He was a problem child. ... By 3 he could count, almost read. He flowered with me. I spent the time with him. I took him everywhere for years." Scott cared about things, said Roger. "He was a kid you could teach. He wanted to learn. "He adored me." The personalities of the children shaped the theories of what happened to them. Scott was savvy, too smart to have gone with a stranger. He was "small and sort of cocky," according to his mother. "He thought he was cool." In school Scott was the class prankster, said his eighthgrade teacher, Jim Brickey. He took dares and would eat flies for $1. He was good looking but hadn't reached the girlcrazy stage yet, a likeable boy who respected authority but wasn't shy about speaking his mind. He got passing but not great grades. He was Amy's devoted protector. As for Amy, "beautiful" is everyone's first adjective. "Beautiful and gentle and kind," said Margaret. "Kind to animals, kind to people. She loved dolls ... she loved pretty clothes and pretty shoes." She was always playing cards rummy and war and was learning to play chess. "A good sport and a fair player," wrote Amy's secondgrade teacher on her 1977 report card. "Well behaved. Gets along well with everyone. Good study habits. Takes pride in neat work. Finishes quickly and to her best ability. She is a joy." "She was real innocent," said Nancy Lupton, "She was just like a walking dollbaby." Motorcycle competition was a family hobby. Roger, Margaret and Scott all rode. Roger gave Scott his first bike at age 6. The Yamaha YZ80 Scott left behind when he disappeared cost more than $3,000 and was just about the most important thing in his life. He never walked when he could ride. In the days after Scott and Amy vanished, dogs were brought in to search the woods for evidence they had walked away on their own. But no one really believed it. For one thing, Scott had passed a wilderness survival course and would never have run away without taking appropriate gear, Brickey, his teacher, said. And he loved his parents. He was unhappy about them splitting up and was known to chide Margaret about her drinking. He was a 13yearold boy and didn't like mom dating men who weren't daddy. "But he loved his mother to death," Lupton said. "He would never have stayed away." Chuck Hagen, formerly with the troopers in Soldotna, was in charge of the case through most of the 1980s. "The absolute most unanswered thing to me is why that night, and why was it done, and why the kids left without a struggle." If not a stranger, then a friend? Did a prank get out of hand? Was there an accident someone couldn't bear owning up to? Did Amy attract some unspeakable depravity? Did Scott die trying to protect her? Who took them and why? And where are they now? From the beginning, the disappearance of the Fandel children was a case with too many leads and no answers to all the questions. Trooper John Tanguy got the case on Thursday, Sept. 7, 1978. He happened to be on duty that day. He had been a trooper for two years. Tanguy found the ages of the missing children odd too young to get very far as runaways and too old to be taken against their will. "To tell you the truth, the first thought I had ... was that the father ... had either come and got the kids or had someone get the kids." Because of the lapse between the time they vanished and the time troopers arrived on the scene, investigators had little physical evidence to work with. "So many people had already come and gone," Tanguy said. "Friends, relatives, neighbors, before we ever got there. People had driven over, people had picked up, moved things. Nothing was as it was." Volunteers searched the woods. Dogs were brought in from Anchorage. The ferries were searched. The Canadian border station was notified and Scout Lake dragged. A tap was put on Margaret's phone. Nothing. Roger Fandel flew to Alaska from Arizona and, by the weekend, Tanguy was working on the assumption that Roger did not have the children, that they had been kidnapped. This opened the door to every weirdo who set foot on the Kenai Peninsula that year. And there were plenty. It was the end of summer at the height of the oil boom transients galore. Trooper Tom Sumey joined the investigation in the first week. "When you get into that bar crowd," he said, "you've got so many hinks that live in the bars. You've got so many people Margaret hung around with." Today a task force would be assigned to a case like this, Sumey said. Back then, he and Tanguy and whoever else had some free time exhausted themselves, running down paths that led nowhere: Roger Fandel: The estranged father was bound to be an early suspect, but investigators looked at Roger for a long time. Much longer than he thinks they should have. As recently as three years ago, Hagen went to California and got a warrant to search Roger's home after some insurance investigators reported a young, blonde woman living there. Roger has been a problem for the troopers since the beginning. They can't figure him out and that's the way he likes it. Roger deals with men by challenging them. He pushes first, just in case anyone is considering pushing him. He baits and antagonizes. He left investigators feeling, as Tanguy did: "You had to keep watching him." A lot of time was wasted following up on Roger's activities, Tanguy said, checking where he lived, how long he stayed there, if there were any children around. Today all three investigators who handled the case say they are convinced Roger had nothing to do with the children's disappearance. Margaret isn't ready to let go of the idea completely. It's her best hope that the children are still alive. Roger said his status as a suspect took him by surprise, but he was willing to accept it at first. He understood the troopers had to check him out. "But they never dropped that to pursue what they did have," he said. "They never let go of me. ... I'm a victim. They have treated me as a bad guy. ... They dwelt on me way too long, too hard. They spent way too much money on me. That money could have been spent maybe on another blind alley, but not on me." The Carnival Workers: Among Margaret's acquaintences were two men from the East Coast, who visited the Kenai Peninsula in late August, crashing at least one night at her house. They drove a black sedan. Early in the investigation, Sumey found a witness who saw a black sedan speed away from the road in front of the Fandel driveway the night the children disappeared. Suspecting a burglar, he followed the sedan and watched the driver pull into another driveway and turn off his headlights. The witness continued down the highway a bit, then turned around, just in time to see the black sedan pull out of the driveway and speed off. This description of the car was all troopers had to go on, that and a nickname for one of the men, which turned out to be wrong, and the description of a third man seen with them. After months of work, the two men were identified and located in Maryland. In the spring of 1979, Tanguy went to Maryland to interview them, with high hopes that the case had finally been solved. One man admitted having driven the black sedan down Scout Lake Road to visit Margaret. But he changed his mind, he said, and drove away. But, he said, all that happened the night after Scott and Amy vanished. He was in Anchorage on Sept. 5, he said, waiting for a paycheck from the Alaska State Fair. Fair records indicated both men had worked at the fair on Sept. 4 and gotten paid on Sept. 6, Sumey said. In 1978 and 1979, the black sedan was a hot lead. It was so easy to imagine the children in the back seat as it sped through the night. It's still a compelling vision. Each investigator assigned to the case over the years has checked and rechecked the story. Five years ago, Sumey went back and asked the witness if he could have been mistaken about the night. He said sure. It seems to be a dead end, Sumey said, but the man from Maryland remains on the short list of suspects. The Dogooders and Satanists: As if she didn't have enough grief to deal with, Margaret Fandel was blamed for the kidnapping by people who disapproved of her lifestyle or thought she shouldn't have left the children alone. Rumors flew that a church group or other alleged dogooders had taken the children to save them. As a counterpoint to this, there was talk that devil worshipers had taken them. In a case with no facts, all things seem possible. The Strip Joint Operator from Anchorage: In an apparent coincidence that produced a major red herring early in the case, a man involved in the Anchorage sex trade was introduced to Margaret by a mutual friend at one of the bars she and Cathy visited the night the kids disappeared. Mr. W. was in the process of expanding his business by moving a "motel" from Anchorage to Soldotna. Three days later, when word of the children's disappearance became public, Mr. W. showed up at Margaret's home, with one of her sisters. They had coincidentally taken the same plane from Anchorage. In a case with no facts, this was too much coincidence. Investigators ran this guy through a small sieve. Mr. W. seemed determined to attract the trooper's attention. He posted an anonymous $5,000 reward for information about the children nothing more than an effort to generate good will for the new business, according to his partner at the time. But the troopers found it strange. There was talk of a pornography ring in Sterling and children being sold into sexual slavery. "It didn't help that (he) buried his car on the property he was putting that motel on," Tanguy added. "They dug (it up) to see if there was a couple of kids in the trunk." When questioned, Mr. W. said he just got tired of the car and had to put it somewhere. "We had this kind of stuff going on all the time." said Tanguy, who had the case for two years. "I kept thinking, "This is not real. The world is not like this."' The Union and Revenge: this theory was and remains an impossible tangle of charges and countercharges involving primarily Roger, his Uncle Herman Fandel, a retired union leader, and family feuds that go back decades. The family started out as dirt poor farmers in Illinois, according to both Herman and Roger 13 brothers and sisters, including Herman and Roger's father. Many Fandels are members of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, which is what brings them in and out of Alaska. Roger likens his family to a clan of warring Elizabethans. "It's the kind of family that should have been around when the world began," he said. "They would have gone off in different directions and colonized the world because we could not be around each other." For reasons too convoluted to unravel here, Herman and Roger hate each other with a blood heat. They call each other evil and each claims to believe the other capable of kidnapping and killing the children. Herman is an affluent and successful member of the Kenai community charter fishing, a small hotel. He wept bitterly about the public humiliation his family endured when a couple of his brothers convinced the troopers to dig up his yard, looking for the missing kids. Over the years, investigators have wasted a lot of time and energy checking out Fandels, mainly at the instigation of other Fandels. But with no facts available, even something as absurd as murdering children for revenge sounds possible. The Hoaxes: One of the strangest and most disheartening aspects of the Fandel investigation has been a series of phony leads. The case attracted five or six psychics and the files contain their statements, dutifully recorded by deadlocked and desperate investigators, who felt they had to listen to anyone. Some of the psychics were no doubt wellintentioned but the result of their interference was pain for Margaret, like driving around Sterling with them while they saw visions of her children or felt vibrations. "It's amazing how many people want to get involved," Margaret said. She says she's sworn off all private investigators, psychic or otherwise. The worst hoax cost Hagen and Sumey months of work. It began with a call from a missing children's organization. They said they had gotten a call from the college roommate of a girl whose parents lived in the Sterling area. This roommate said the girl had terrible nightmares and talked about something dreadful happening at her house the night Scott and Amy disappeared. It sounded so convincing. What motive could anyone have for making up a story like that? Hagen and Sumey thought this was the break everyone had been waiting for. The roommate turned out to not exist. The calls had been made by a local woman who wanted the troopers to investigate her favorite suspects. "A lot of desks were kicked," Hagen said. "You never understood why people would screw with you. ... We should have charged her with something." Everyone who works the Fandel case comes away feeling it had more than its fair share of oddballs. Said former Trooper Joe Hoffbeck, who worked on some of the Anchorage angles. "Every person involved in this seemed to be strange. You'd look at them and say, "There's something here, but does it have to do with this case?"' In the end, none of the leads panned out. A year passed and the children were still missing. On Oct. 21, 1979, shortly before he resigned from the troopers, Tanguy wrote in the file: "All leads and extensive investigation failed to disclose the location of the reported missing persons. ... All the logical leads of investigation have been exhausted. Case closed ... pending further investigative leads or suspect." Touch the Fandel case, then try to let go. It's a tarbaby. It grabs you. A lot of people think not being able to find the children drove Tanguy out of the troopers. Now 48 years old, he is a security official on the North Slope. "I don't know," he said. "I don't even know how to answer that to myself." Margaret calls Tanguy "the most caring" of all the investigators who tackled the case. "He worked on it day and night. He always wanted to find the kids and who was responsible for it." "When you're dealing with kids, I think you get a little more intense." Tanguy said. "I don't think I'm unique in that case. ... Since I didn't come up with the answer, I can find all kinds of things I should have done, or could have done different, or people I could have approached differently. "Somebody knew. The kids weren't snatched up by a UFO. Somebody knew, and as sure as I'm sitting here, it was somebody I talked to. Somewhere along the line, I touched him and didn't know it." Chuck Hagen, 37, retired from the troopers last year. He now runs a commercial fishing and charter business out of Homer. For years he dreamed about the case and talking about it now turns him into an instant chain smoker. "It was probably the most emotionally draining thing I have ever done in my life. ... I lost I don't know how many weeks on end of sleepless nights, thinking how come? Why that night? Why did they disappear? ... So many times I thought I had solved it. "You hate to resolve to yourself that they were taken and killed. "I think everyone who grabs this case thinks they can solve it." About four years ago, Hagen thought he had it solved when someone reported a man had moved from Haines to Arizona with two children who could be Scott and Amy. After checking out the basic details, "I knew I had found the kids," Hagen said. He flew to Flagstaff, Ariz., then to Page, where children fitting the descriptions had attended school for a month at about the right time. He showed their pictures to teachers. "They said absolutely no, it wasn't Scott. But it could be Amy." The quest led to a man living with a blonde girl in a trailer court. "So I'm up on cloud nine," Hagen said. "The kids are alive again. ... I called my boss and told him I found her, I found her. He said good, call me at any time of the day or night." When the man returned to his trailer, "I pounced on him and got the little girl. And it definitely wasn't Amy. He had pictures of her since she was born." Hagen thinks Scott and Amy are dead. "One man did it and is not saying anything to anybody. ... Someone who pegged them at Good Time Charlie's, playing pool. They saw the man there. That man knew where they lived or followed them home. ... Someone heard Margaret say, "Your auntie and I are going to go out and party for a while. I want you to fix dinner and then go right to bed."' In a case with no facts, it's as good a theory as any. The disappearance of Scott and Amy upset the lives of the men who failed to find them, but it nearly destroyed their parents. While Tanguy and Sumey searched for the children, Margaret made the kids Halloween costumes. When October came and went and the children didn't come home, she began buying them Christmas presents. Most of the time she was on heavy medication and 30 seconds from hysteria. "I don't remember a lot about how I felt," she said. When the backhoes were called in because of some psychic's dream, she refused to watch. Christmas came and went. Then another. The finance company eventually took the cabin and, in 1980, she left Alaska. Back in the Midwest, she worked and drank to forget. "I was on a selfdestructive course for five or six years," she said. "I didn't think I had any reason to live. Every job I had I worked from opening to closing." Four years ago she met the man she has since married and walked away from bars for good. She says he saved her life. Margaret lives on a farm now. She raises chickens and runs a small refinishing and upholstery business. "Just what I always wanted," she said. She can't have any more children, but she and her husband take in hardtoplace foster kids and have been approved by the state to adopt a 12yearold girl. She holds tight to the belief that Scott and Amy are coming home. "I'm still waiting," she said. "I watch every talk show where the topic is missing children. ... I'm not going to have any other thought but that my kids are alive. ... If I don't know anything, I'd rather believe they're alive." Roger Fandel looked for his children for years, in bigcity dives and pornographic sinkholes where people who steal children sell them for sex. He lived a reckless, violent life, he said, a danger to himself and others. "I didn't care if I died in this quest, as long as I tried. I knew my chance of success was real slim but it was something I had to put myself through." He won't say the children are dead. "What if my giving up was the last bit of power removed from their survival?" And he won't say they're alive. "From my relationship with my son, I know he would contact me. But I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life. Why can't I be wrong about this?" Roger blames himself for what happened. A man is supposed to protect his children. Instead, because he wanted out of the marriage with Margaret, he left them alone and vulnerable. In his worst nightmares, his children were killed by his enemies. So here he is, 10 years later, sitting in a greasy spoon in Spenard, his eyes filled with tears and his voice breaking. "I carry the guilt that I took the protection from my children. ... I subjected my children to what they went through." Roger's secret hope those are not his words is hard to distinguish from a nightmare: Maybe Scott will see this story and get in touch, he said. Maybe he'll say he didn't call sooner because he didn't think anyone cared. "Maybe he thought because I left that I didn't love him." In the past, Roger has spent Sept. 5 alone. "Everyone that knows me knows that September 5th is a holy day with me." But this year he's going to spend the day with his new daughter, 4yearold Tamson Lee. The aloneness doesn't work, he said. "Grief has to be shared or it will kill you." Ten years Monday. Scott would be 23 now, Amy, 18. Who took them, and why? Are they alive somewhere? What kind of person could murder two children and live with it all these years? The investigation has come full circle. Sumey, who was there at the beginning, inherited the case when Hagen retired in December. The big green files, thick with old efforts, sit on his desk now. He has other duties and works on the case in fits and spurts. But that's all right. He has time. "This case can be solved," he said. Surely this feeling of mystery is just imagination, but it's September again and the children are still missing.”
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2020.07.22 13:14 boostedturb0 Understanding the Three Gorges Dam flow rate...

The Three Gorges Dam is discharging at 61,000 cubic meters per second or 24.4 Olympic Swimming pools per second. This number is very arbitrary considering as Tom Scott says, our brains do not work in volume...So this post is to explain how massive this water amount is.
For this post m3ps stands for cubic meters per second (I am using this shorthand due to how much I have to type it).An Olympic Swimming pool is 2,500 Cubic meters, I will explain in terms of big flows of water being X number of Olympic swimming pools per second as well.
  1. North America Niagara Falls, the largest water fall in North America is 2,400 m3ps, which is roughly 1 Olympic swimming pool per second. The Mississippi River has a average flow rate of 16,800 m3ps, roughly 7 Olympic Swimming Pools per second. (The Mississippi is technically the second largest river by discharge North America)
  2. South America Para Falls, largest waterfall in South America is 3,540 m3ps, roughly 1 and a half olympic swimming pools. Amazon River, largest river in the world, is 209,000 m3ps, roughly 83 Olympic Swimming pools per second... While this number seems big right now, even compared to 61,000 of the Three Gorges Dam, just wait...
  3. Europe Rheinfall, largest waterfall in Europe is 595 m3ps, roughly 1/4 (one quarter) of an Olympic Swimming pool per second. Volga River, largest river in Europe is 8,060 m3ps, roughly 3 olympic swimming pools per second.
  4. Africa Boyoma Falls, arguably the largest waterfall in the world is 16,990 m3ps, just shy of 7 Olympic Swimming Pools per second. Congo River, Largest river in Africa is 41,200 m3ps, roughly 16 Olympic swimming pools per second.
  5. Asia Khone Phapheng Falls, largest waterfall in Asia has an average of 11,000 m3ps, roughly 4.4 Olympic swimming pools per second. Ganges/Padma River, largest river in Asia has an average of 38,129 m3ps, roughly 15 Olympic swimming pools.
So now we have established how big the largest rivers are on each continent (excluding Australia and Antarctica (sorry but those two continents don't have rivers or falls that make the required chart criteria).
The Yangtze river is the 6th largest river in the world, with the Three Gorges Dam being on that river.The river has an average flow rate of 30,146 m3ps. The maximum flow the Yangtze has ever seen is 110,000 m3ps. The Three Gorges Dam is currently discharging 61,000 m3ps. To put this into perspective... The river still has major tributaries after the Three Gorges...The current discharge rate makes it the worlds biggest waterfall right now... And just the discharge itself would be the worlds 2nd biggest river, replacing the Congo.
The total storage capacity of the Three Gorges Reservoir is 39.3 billion cubic meters... 15.7 million Olympic swimming pools... Or 39.3 cubic kilometers or 9.4 cubic miles.While this number does not set any records, it is a massive amount of water. If we decided to fill the Empire State Building with this water... It would take 37,510 Empire State Buildings to contain all that water.
During it's first day of inspection after being filled with water, the Three Gorges Dam was found to have 80 fractures in it... But still managed to pass China's standards. Yesterday Chinese officials reported the Dam is moving, leaking, and shifting with no details on how much these qualities are by.Only speculation can assume what this means. But the CCP has assured everyone that these are within standards.The issue here is the massive amount of water for extended periods of time being discharged. The fractures in the dam cause cavitation. Cavitation can best be explained by thinking of a mini jackhammer constantly attacking a certain area. The water's shock waves and pressure changes eat away at small imperfections in the structure compounding the structures flaws until failure.Video below best explains cavitation. Absolutely a must watch to understand the concept.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v98omCq1kRA
As we saw earlier in the year with Michigan, it is not just the first dam, but every dam and body of water under that dam which compounds the flooding.
**This is why this post is in conspiracy:**Maybe China blowing dams lower than the Three Gorges is to prevent the domino effect if the Three Gorges fails. If this is the case, I expect to see more small dams being blown or bypassed in the coming days...A similar thing happened to Glen Canyon dam in Arizona where cavitation caused them to stop the discharge of the dam.However, Three Gorges is not in the luxury of stopping discharge for repairs... If they stop discharging for repairs, the dam would have spillover, causing a catastrophic failure.All of the Yangtze previous floods lasted until September... Meaning they are 1 month into a 3 month flood period. And already near surpassing the largest discharge rate the dam has ever done...Collapse of the Three Gorges Dam would collapse other dams such as the Gezhouba.
IMO: I believe China's "CCP" are destroying dams under the Three Gorges to prevent something like we saw happen in Michigan... They are trying to prepare for the collapse imo.
This would be one of the worlds most catastrophic disasters to date....
Edit: I compiled my edits into a post below, one thing I must say that I forgot to mention and
Keef-Herban brought up was the gigantic amount of lives that are at risk... Hundreds of millions of people at risk.
Prometheus_84 showed me that China has at least 3 Nuclear power plants that would be effected if the Three Gorges Dam would to break.... This is staggering, I never thought a country would put Nuclear Power on fresh water due to it's potential hazards and Fresh Water Sources unreliable water levels.... This is mind blowing news to me...
Edit:2 Found through further research the Three Gorges Dam has a maximum discharge rate of 116,000 cubic meters per second... That is mind-blowingly fast... That is more discharge than the peak output the entire river has ever done...If my cavitation theory is correct, the peak output would not play a roll in the collapse except to speed it up due to no rotation of spillways...
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2020.07.22 05:18 aaronjusmith PC FOR HEAVY VIDEO EDITING NO MORE THAN $1000

  1. ⁠⁠What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Heavy video editing w/ Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, etc.
  1. ⁠What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
  1. ⁠When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within the next month.
  1. ⁠What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Have chosen the Montech Fighter 600 ATX Mid-Tower, and need the rest of the components including Windows 10 unless I can somehow transfer the Windows 10 on my current PC? No monitor, keyboard or mouse.
  1. ⁠Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Arizona, no access to Microcenter.
  1. ⁠If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
No reusing.
  1. ⁠Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Just looked up the definition of that and I decided only if needed? Just need a really smooth workflow and solid rendering speeds.
  1. ⁠Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
At least a TB of space, preferably 2 TB. Not sure if relevant but have also been told that 32GB of ram is definitely recommended for video editing.
  1. ⁠Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
https://www.newegg.com/black-montech-fighter-atx-mid-towep/2AM-00CN-00008 Really like this one, if there are any similar that won’t unnecessarily kill my budget, hit me.
  1. ⁠Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Windows 10 unless possible to transfer my current one.
  1. ⁠Extra info or particulars:
No need for wifi or bluetooth
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2020.07.19 05:32 asapsim First Build for Fortnite, Minecraft, and GTA (I literally know nothing plzplzplz helpplz help)

for my bro bro that doesn’t have reddit
I literally don’t know shit and don’t have anything lol
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Gaming PC only mainly Fortnite so FPS is critical, then GTA and Craft too but outside of that I won’t be streaming or anything so that’s it. If COD is good this winter I’ll play that too.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
I’d like to be around $1,500 but max max all in $2,000.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
I’d like to buy the first week of August ideally. Girlfriend is getting a puppy so I get this lol
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Literally everything except a mouse lmao. I’d like a 240hz monitor as well and I know those are not cheap lol. I have a router modem combo that is right by my desk so idk if I need WiFi but if I do then fuck it I need that too
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I live in Arizona, USA near Scottsdale so not sure what a micro center is??
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Literally nothing. I mean I have a 144 hz monitor I use for my PS4 that I could use but I’d prefer 240 to match the power of the PC.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Not a damn clue what overclocking is lmao
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Nahhhh just want the max frames I can get for Fort and I don’t really need speed for Craft or GTA so that’s really it.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Nothing specific but my desk is like a black glass so I mean as long as it looks dope with that lol and my chair is like black and white. Big fan of purple
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Not sure... I guess fuck it why not just the basic will do I won’t be doing any crazy editing or anything but might mess around with it
Extra info or particulars:
I’d like to connect directly to the router modem combo for faster connection. I’d also like to get a consistent 240 FPS on fort. I really don’t know what I need so I’d say that I need literally everything lol
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2020.07.18 16:54 Army_Bot Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (6/1 to 6/7)

Hello, after weeks of waiting for a spot to open I finally reserved a spot for a 12D Army Diver!
I go to meps in a week for medical, I’ve already completed the ASVAB. I would love to hear all tips and thoughts and stuff you wished you knew when going through meps. Stuff you didn’t expect and anything help help make it go smooth. Thank you very much!
Link to Comment Chain
Should I be concerned about shin splints/ stress fractures at BCT? I can run the 2 mile fine without being gassed at A 17 minute pace. But as I keep running more leading up to my ship date I keep getting pretty bad shin splints and have to take 4-5 days off to let them heal so I can run again. I am also doing sprint work/HIIT to up my speed. Should I be worried?
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Going to MEPS tomorrow as an 18xray. Any advice?
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Hey everyone really quick question. I’m trying to enlist as a 68W Since late April and I’ve told my recruiter from the beginning that’s what I wanted and was interested in. I’m ready to go to meps waiting on him to tell me the date to go, and he tells me today we should look at other career options. He said he called and that they are shipping out all the W’s tomorrow (Tuesday) so I wouldn’t be able to join until after December when another round of W’s ship. He did say that someone dropped out so a spot may be open but that I probably wouldn’t have time to get everything done before they ship tomorrow. He said instead I can join infantry now and then transfer in two years (24months) to 68w. I really don’t want to wait until after December so is going infantry and later transferring really the only option? Do I have any other better options? Thanks.
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When do you get your bonus ? Got a pretty big bonus for signing up as airborne infantry. Just finished airborne school and waiting to get to my unit. Will it just be one of things where you have to wait until you get to your unit?
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Is there value to training on the jump rope to toughen the legs, feet, hips, back, etc.? Would it pay off in anyway in regards to running, and especially rucksack marching? Is it a waste of time for someone preparing for RASP or SFAS? Thanks!
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Once I put my spouse in DEERS (got the ID card and 1172-2) is there anything else I need to do to get pay/BAH adjusted or is everything automatically updated? Thanks!
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Does time spent in BCT and AIT count as TIS?
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Current serving with a martial arts background, how did you feel about combatives training at BCT? Have you stuck with it after going to your unit?
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What does the eye exam consist of at 30th ag? I heard they just scan your eyes for your prescription nothing more?
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11Bs at their units, how often are you firing at the range? (Before COVID)
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Fresh rervist 2LT here. Any way to transfer from reserves to guard + change MOS at the same time? More interested in changing components though.
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Any idea if reception at BCT in the upcoming months will require a quarantine? Also how long is reception taking for new intakes recently?
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Why don't the police have something like UCMJ that holds them more accountable?
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Any tips and tricks for being a new armorer particularly on the admin side of things?
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I ship out on the 20th for basic, my MOS is 12m, is there any chance of going to EMT school on the army's dime at any point?
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I am curious how badly is the army hurting for people right now because I want to join but I will need a medical waiver for a kidney stone incident I had over a year ago and Ive been turned down at the air force and navy after spending 7 months trying to get into the air force. Ive been told by former military personnel at my job that I can try and contact my state representatives to help me out if I get turned down. Also should I mention that to the army recruiter I plan to talk to one in the coming weeks I will contact every state representative in my state if i have to if it will allow me to join.
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So I spoke with a recruiter last week about wanting to eventually fly helicopters in the Army. He recommended enlisting to be an aircraft mechanic, which he felt I would most likely qualify for based on my previous education (engineering program in high school with some engineering college courses [didn't graduated]). Looking into it further, if I did follow his recommendation then I would probably be going for 15T, then submitting a warrant officer packet after a couple of years to hopefully become a Black Hawk pilot.

Is this a good recommendation to follow? And if not, what would be a better alternative.

I've already looked into the 'Street to Seat' application and don't think I would have very good odds pursuing that due to my not-so competitive academic record (not shit, but not great) and having no good connections for letters of recommendation.

Thanks for your time.
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Current Air Force engineer looking into putting in a package to be an 120A, any information on day to day mission? Currently an E-5 with four years service, not looking forward to making E-6, because it’s just a desk job at that point, would much rather be training troops and be in the field with my guys.
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Is there any programs that exist that will give E4 out of BCT for someone that is prior service? Thanks.
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Does basic in summer suck ass? Im going to enlist in a few weeks and I assume I’ll be going to basic around the middle of summer. Im a little nervous that the heat will get to me.
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Being instructed to buy black PT gloves for FT Jackson CHBOLC this summer. Any suggestions? Fort Jackson sounds like a terrible place to wear gloves in the summer.
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What’s something you wish you knew before going into basic (If you could go back in time and tell your old self)?
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Question about meps. I'm currently set to ship july 20th but I ran my first marathon yesterday and got a bad case of runners toes. Both my big toes are black and more than likely set to fall off. Do you think they will push my ship date back because of either missing big toe toenails or black big toenails? They don't hurt and I can still run and do everything like normal.
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I have a question regarding enlistment option 19 on my contract and wanted to make sure that the duty station is guaranteed and cannot be arbitrarily taken away due to things like delayed AIT, recycling during BCT, etc. So basically my question is: with option 19, is my duty station guaranteed even if my time table for reaching it gets pushed back for any reason?
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Which times height matter ?
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Are warrant officer ranks automatic and based on time in service and time and grade?
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What reg to counsel under for lack of motivation, pt specifically, when not in a school? AR 350-1 only really covers schools. Is there another one I could use?
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My platoon is going to the field on Sunday and Monday, I have Soldier For Life appointments all day starting from 0830 to 1630. My LT’s solution is to make me go Sunday and come back at 0600 on Monday. Y’all think this worth a call to my counselor or should I just deal with it?
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How hard is it to reclass to an MOS like 35l (Counterintelligence). I want to join the army as soon as I can. And my top MOS choice is 35l but it has an age limit set to 20 (I think it's technically 21 by the time you finish your schooling for it). So I thought maybe I'd join as my second choice 15t (UH-60 repaimaintainer) since it allows 17 and 18 year olds to join. Do a 3 or 4 year contract and reclass once reeinlistment comes.
Good idea or bad idea? Should I just wait until the required age to enlist as 35l or is reclassing not that hard to do?
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Could someone enlighten me on how the environment is in the Army? I hear people love it and some wish they went Air Force but I just met with an AF recruiter and I stand no chance for that right now (not hiring any of the jobs I applied for). Met with Army too and they sound more guaranteed and certain with most things. I haven’t researched Army lifestyle like I have with Air Force though. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Question for 11B 22 week OSUT What were the training that took place during BLACK and GOLD phase (after turning green)? More importantly, what was the final FTX like? I heard there was a 40 mile ruck march?
Link to Comment Chain
So my question is, hypothetically you were forced to extend your Army contract a year to graduate AIT and your new ETS date is pushed a year but you wanted to re-enlist at your original 4 year mark for your original contract, to not fuck up times (ie re-enlisting perfectly to hit 12) is there any waiver or anything to re-enlist at your original ets date or the army just fucked you and your getting the big green weenie , I’ll take a number 4 with a slushee
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That’s fair I was only asking because I would be up for re enlistment if I had my original ets date before extension no worries just taking the big green weenie getting a free year basically my bonuses are through the roof
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What's the difference between the recruitment standards and training intensity between peace time and wartime?
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So about the security clearance, it says on the wiki: "Keep in mind if you have a friend in a foreign country on Facebook whom you have not spoken with in 3 years, they still consider that a foreign contact."
How thorough is that? Is that just people on social media? Because if that includes any friends you play video games with, that'd end up being somewhere around 100 people lol. And what does it mean by they get investigated? I went to another country to hang out with someone I had a huge falling out with and we now hate each other and are not in contact. Does it only count people that I have a current line of contact with? If I actually don't have a way to contact them anymore do they count? Do the investigators actually contact these people?
The job I'm interested in requires at least SECRET clearance. It says I need to have that in order to apply, but also meet Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information requirements in order to get the MOS. I think this is referring to if I was already enlisted and wanted to retrain, but I'm trying to enlist as this job.
Also how confidential is info I give them? I'm assuming it all goes on a record, but how accessible is that record? Honestly I'm just concerned because I've got embarrassing shit in my past that I wanted to take to my grave. It's nothing the government would give a shit about, just socially embarrassing stuff...
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So, Im interested in 25b (IT), Right know I’m on the Navy DEP as CTR, wanted to go as an IT but was 7 points (waivable up to according navy standards) but I’m also color deficient (didn’t know until meps) G but for me thats BS cus I can clearly see those color on anything but yeah. An Army recruiter said to me that he was 99% sure that he could get me a waiver for that and go as an IT. How true is that? I qualify for the job in terms of points. How is the 25B life on the army and deployments. Thanks for the insight!
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I've been thinking of joining the army and switching to reserves at the 2-3 year mark so I can get my gi bill benefits. I know its possible to switch from active duty to reserves, but have no idea how long the process takes or if it's likely to even happen. I would appreciate anybody that's transferred from active duty to reserves or has seen this happen helping me out.
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Hi. Prior service Navy with 10 year break in service and 4 years of federal service in between. Want my life to be exciting again so thinking about joining Army. DD-214 shows honorable discharge with RE-1. Currently 34 years old. Do I have a chance? Will I have to do Army basic or would I qualify for IST?
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Hey so I'm trying to apply to the Army's Health professions scholarship program for vet med now that I have been accepted to vet school and am eligible to apply. I'm getting ghosted by the AMEDD recuiter that I spoke to 6 months ago and no answer to calls or messages from that recuiting office (the office is in Bloomington MN so the riots may have had an effect on that). Should I attempt to contact a different recuiter or try harder to connect with this one?
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How's Benning doing? I'm headed to OSUT on the 15th and I hear things are getting buckwild with the rona.
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What are the chances of renegotiating my contract for Option 40? I recently signed for 37F but Ranger Regt is looking more enticing. Will they let me reno even if its to another MOS
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Hi all, I am looking into joining via the OCS and have a question about the deployment of officers. I've read online that the chances of being deployed as an officer varies from slim to guaranteed based upon your job. I have a buddy currently in the Army who swears up and down that ALL officers regardless of jobs WILL be deployed and will be deployed on a somewhat regular basis.
Really, I'm just looking for some clarification for what the truth is so I (re: my wife) can be prepared.
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Is there any point in running in OCPs instead of PT gear?
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My recruiter told me not to mention anything about having used marijuana as there is no record of it. I feel like I hear mixed things about this all the time.
Do I listen to my recruiter and "don't ask don't tell" or should I push back on him and disclose all.
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I’m curious how realistic it is for me to become a Civil Affairs Officer (38A). Any information is appreciated. Here is my background:
•In 2019 I earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University. My degree is split between classes from the English discipline (e.g., literature, creative writing) and from the Technical Communication discipline (e.g., grant writing, online writing).
•In 2020—this month—I will earn an M.Ed in Secondary Education in order to teach English language arts at the middle and high school levels. (I do have a two-year teaching commitment with the state of Arizona as part of a scholarship.)
•I worked with a non-profit organization in South America for two years right out of high school, and my Spanish—as a second language—is still pretty good.
•I’m in my mid-twenties, healthy, in fair shape, and married, with one kid.
•I know very little about the military, but I’m trying to learn more—especially about civil affairs (i.e., connecting different peoples through an understanding of language, history, and culture).
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Hello so I recently became a dep drop from the navy due to personal reasons but now switching to the army and the recruiter stated that if I wanted a 13f spot good chance I’ll get it. Can anyone maybe give me a detailed updated what life’s like for a 13f the whole 9 yards and I eventually want to go airborne then 18 series in a few years (I’m only 18) and wanted to get some experience over time thank you!
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Hello and thank you for answering my question. I'm 26 and interested in joining one of the military branches but I was wondering if I would be accepted knowing I have lyme disease?
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Is there a way for civilians to lookup what MOSs qualify for SLRP?
I’m thinking of it in order to payoff some student loans but the Navy recruiter told me they’ve ended SLRP b/c they have more applicants than they need and don’t need need as many incentives.
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Im gonna leave soon for basic and and ait. All together I would be away for almost a year. Would it be smart to sell my vehicle? Its 2018 new and has less than 9k miles on it. I still have $5k left to pay it off and my duty station could be almost anywhere in the world. What are some pros and cons to selling or keeping my car?
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Considering joining the army, aiming for 68W (Combat Medic Specialist). Any 68Ws can give me some insights on the experience of being one and the financial benefits and pitfalls?
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I’m curious if anyone has any experience with the specific types of content in a tattoo that would disqualify a new recruit. I have a tattoo on my arm, below the shoulder, of devilish looking woman with horns. Her body is not really exposed, but she is wearing fishnets and shorts. It is questionable, but it is also faded and doesnt stand out nearly as much as the other tattoos surrounding it, none of which contain any questionable content whatsoever. Has anyone had or heard stories of what specific kinds of images could be deemed as lustful or offensive? If I had to give it a rating id put it as PG-13, its not super sexy or crazy but its not one to show off to grandma. I’ve tried finding photos online of service members with similar tattoos, but I’ve only found a photo of a woman who had a somewhat similar pin-up girl style tattoo that was more revealing but also smaller.
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I had an ALC slot before the COVID-19 outbreak but due to the stop-movement orders the reservation was cancelled. Now that PMEs for my MOS are resuming I’m wondering if those soldiers who previously had a reservation will have priority? I understand I’m “Priority 5” because I don’t meet the TIS/TIG requirements and also there have been a few ETP promotions since then but I anticipate since I earned a slot before, I shouldn’t have trouble receiving one now. A buddy of mine who was slotted in the same class received confirmation that he has a reservation and I haven’t heard anything yet so I’m kind of anxious to find out. I can’t access ATRRS from home. Is there anyway to find out other than ATRRS or is it just a waiting game until I get the confirmation email from the school house?
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So what are the protestors options if Trump decides to fire Milley and employ someone who has no problem deploying the Army against protestors?
Because at this point I think it’s obvious these protests have no intention of ending anytime soon, and if anything are only growing bigger and more prominent day by day.
I can easily imagine the longEd this goes on the more agitated Trump will become, and thus more impulsive.
I just wish I could have absolute faith that the US military would absolutely not harm any of these peaceful protestors, but I can’t help but fear the worst, and if worst comes to worst, how could we come back from it? It’d be the perfect excuse for Trump to declare martial law and have it last for who knows how long.
Someone tell me I’m just being paranoid and letting my imagination run wild.
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What will happen at MEPS?
I know we'll go aver my medical history but do I have to bring anything? Like I don't go to doctors often, only time I've had regular medical care, was for like 6 months a few years ago during pregnancy so should I get my records from that hospital?
Other that that, I can't remember anything like general check ups in childhood, a ER visit like 7 years ago for a burn on my hands etc.
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Is it possible to go to school work full time and go reserves all at once ? Or is it too much
Link to Comment Chain
I haven’t completed my enlistment package, including my previous addresses and references. However my recruiter has all medical information on file. I’m due for MEPS physical only on Tuesday. Will it be delayed?
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Is there the possibility of obtaining waivers for TIS and TIG to be able to enlist in a non-entry level MOS? My hope is to get into the 12P Prime Power School. I already have a STEM degree and will enter as an E4 SPC. The latest MILPER message I have read affords attendance prior to BLC, so the last two prerequisites not met are TIS and TIG.
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Anyone else shipping out to Sill on July 6/7th? Would be great to get to know some people asap
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So I just signed up for Psyops when I wanted MP and I want to try my best. What can I expect from OSUT, Airborne School, Selections, and Psyops itself?
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Hi All,
My daughter was injured during army basic training boot camp for 2 hip stress fractures. She just returned back to boot camp in fort Leonard Wood from con leave. She may be discharged due to her injuries.
Does anyone know if she is able to receive medical benefits and college tuition assistance if they discharge her? Any insight and recommendations would be appreciated!
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Which branch if the army is best to join if you want to stay in the country or state? I have some personal reasons why I want to, but I don't know which is the best option. Also, what documentation would I need before enlisting? I dont have any right now, no birth certificate, no driver's license, nothing, so I'd like to know exactly what I need to get enlisted. Thanks for the advice if you can help!
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So I got my high school transcripts. Turns out I didn't actually graduate. Just needed 2 more credits too. Might be the dumbest question ever asked but do you think they'll look over my transcripts and see that? Should I just start studying to take my GED?
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Does anyone know of a good free/cheap ruck progression program? Currently training for a 12-18 mile ruck and have 3 months to prepare.
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Joining the Army During my Professional Career:
I went right into college after high school, got a bachelors degree in construction and then went to work as a Project Manager for a electrical contractor. After three years I am not the biggest fan of working a 9-5 office desk job. I found a job posting on Indeed to be a Army Electrician that includes training. I have always been interested in learning a trade. The ad says that going through 10 week basic and 7 week job specific training is required. A few questions I have is: How long do I need to commit to being in the army? I am not interested in deploying over seas, is this possible? Are there opportunities to advance into a management role at some point?
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Any last minute tips for making reception not suck ass? I pray I can get out within a week, but with quarantine god help me.
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I’ve got a Psych Eval on the 7th at meps for a wavier about self harm scars. My story is I got cut from a barbed wire fence, both me and my grandma wrote letters and signed them. I just feel bad about lying when the military is about honor. When it happened I was in a completely different state of mind and much younger, since then I’ve been through worse and understand that life isn’t easy but there are better ways to deal with stress. Could this effect my chances of being an 18x?
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This is just a general question about Robin Sage 2020. To my knowledge the exercise usually starts around this time frame (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s a rather unique course to say the least. Is it still being conducted / planned to be conducted right now? Considering the current state of affairs (Rona & Civil Unrest). Obviously the premise of the course is to recreate such conditions but you get my point.
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2020.07.16 18:26 stannsmash Offseason Review Series: Day 2 - The Washington Football Team

Washington is dead, long live Washington!

Division: NFC East

2019 Record: 3-13, 4th in NFC East

Coaching Changes

As the marketing says, this is a new RivERA. Almost the entire coaching staff has been replaced, except for the running back and special teams coaches, so let's all give a hand to Randy Jordan and Nate Kaczor for being survivors of the Rivera purge. Here are the highlights:

Head Coach: Ron Rivera replaces interim Bill Callahan

After an 0-5 start last season, and multiple season of mediocrity, Dan Snyder finally decided to pull the plug on Jay Gruden. Interim coach Bill Callahan did a...job. The question quickly turned to who would be the newest coach of the Washington Football Franchise. Would it be current OC and potential wünderkid Kevin O'Connell? Would they somehow steal away Mike Tomlin (remember this theory?) No. Enter in: Riverboat Ron.
Ironically, the only way that Washington was able to hire him was by defeating him: in week 13 of the 2019 season, Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice stomped through Rivera's defense to the tune of 248 yards on the ground. That was enough to seal his fate with owner David Tepper, who was vocal through the season about the panthers status of mediocrity.
While one can reflect on Rivera's tenure as mediocrity, I'd argue it is anything but. As 2-time Head Coach of the Year, Rivera lead the Panthers to 3 1st place finishes in the NFC South, including a historic 15-1 2015 season where the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl behind MVP Cam Newton. Rivera is the winningest coach in Panthers history, with an overall record of 76-63-1. However, he was not Tepper's choice, and for that as a fan I owe Tepper one.
While I would not fault Jay Gruden for all of the Redskins issues the past 5 1/2 years, he seemed destined to stay at most mediocre, never even reaching the highs Rivera has seen. Key Gruden personnel such as Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson, Josh Norman, Josh Doctson, and more are long gone. Rivera has a brand new cast to work with, and I am excited to see it.
Rivera is a proven head coach with a long and public track record. He is known for being a big believer in a strong player-oriented team culture, and god knows this team needs some major culture help, especially in the front office. Looking at you, Mr. Snyder. GRADE: A

Offensive Coordinator: Scott Turner replaces Kevin O'Connell

Losing Kevin O'Connell to the Rams is disappointing, no way around it in my mind. Could the Rams get bitten in the rear and throw a green coordinator into the wind? Maybe. But out of all personnel we didn't keep, this one stung the most.
However, one must not dwell on the past too much. Enter in Scott Turner, son of Norv Turner. Turner comes over from Carolina where he was first the QB coach under his father, and then suddenly replaced his father once Rivera was fired. Some highlights of Turner include:
  • Being the Brown's receiver coach during Josh Gordon's monstrous 2013 season
  • Vikings QB coach during Teddy Bridgewater's best years
Yeah that's about it. He is young and hungry, and honestly, I am pretty happy with this choice as well. I have faith in him to develop Haskins, who is the future of the franchise as of now. Hopefully he does not fall out of favor as his father did with our favorite owner. GRADE: B+

Defensive Coordinator: Jack Del Rio replaces Greg Manusky

The Redskins defense in my opinion has been underwhelming in recent times, and in large part I blame Greg Manusky for this result. The Redskins defense last year ranked 27th overall, which any Washington fan will tell you is at best a slight shame and at worst a goddamn tragedy. Sure, our secondary was nowhere to be seen. Sure, we we're extremely injured a lot of the time.
But here's the worst part: our front 7 is actually really good. I mean come on: Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Matt Ioannidis, Ryan Kerrigan, Montez Sweat, and more should amount to one of the most potent QB rushing attacks of the year. However, the stats show that this is just not true. PFF listed us outside the top ten and in a more general sense the defense overall just seems too ooze mediocrity.
Enter in Jack Del Rio. This man has over 30 years of NFL experience, having multiple positions as both Head Coach and Defensive Coordinators in the past. While his head coaching career has not always been consistent, his defensive strengths are quite apparent. While Wade Phillips was responsible for the Super Bowl winning Broncos of 2015, we cannot forget that Del Rio groomed that defense for years prior, bringing them to the big game as well the year before. His earlier success in Baltimore and Carolina must also be mentioned, but my main point is this: Jack Del Rio is tiers above Manusky.
Del Rio and Rivera are on the same page, and switching to a 4-3 base defense with Del Rio should pay dividends to our defense, particularly our front seven. Look for a strong pass rush with Del Rio under control. GRADE: A

Quarterbacks Coach: Ken Zampese replaces Tim Rattay

Zampese formerly worked for the Greatest Show on Turf helping Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt achieve offensive supremacy over the league. He worked for 12 years in Cincinnati, developing both Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton. In addition, he helped to develop Baker his rookie year under literal the dumpster fire of a head coaching regime Hue Jackson had in 2018. After seeing many of Haskins sexy throws to McLaurin, Gandy-Golden and Co. on Instagram, I feel some safety in the QB department for once. GRADE: A-

Head Athletic Trainer: Ryan Vermillion replaces Larry Hess

If there's one thing that reminds me of a Washington Football season, its injuries. While Washington was not the only injured team, it definitely felt like one of the worst last year. At the end of the day, the blame falls on random injury luck, proper practice, and the athletic training staff. Larry Hess had been employed by Washington for 17 years, so this move may be seen as a long time coming, especially concerning some of the particularly bad injuries of recent years.
Vermillion has rep with Rivera, as he is the former head trainer for the Panthers. While the Panthers have had some injury troubles of there own as of recently, I am still hopeful that Vermillion and his staff can help the situation over here. GRADE: B

Free Agency

Players lost/cut
Player Position New team
Chris Thompson RB Jaguars
Colt McCoy QB Giants
Case Keenum QB Browns
Ereck Flowers OG Dolphins
Josh Norman CB Bills
Trent Williams OT 49ers
Montae Nicholson CB UFA
Jordan Reed TE UFA
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB UFA
Wendell Smallwood RB UFA
Tony Bergstrom OL UFA
Donald Penn OT UFA
Vernon Davis TE Retired
Key Losses:
  • Ereck Flowers: Flowers had been written off as a bust. His tenure in New York and Jacksonville were both at best mediocre, and at worst disgusting. He gave up tons of pressures, and questions about his devotion to the team were at play. However, Washington was able to reignite Flowers by transitioning him from a tackle to a guard. In this new role, he only allowed two sacks while starting all 16 games. In the end, he was able to get the best pay-day back home in Miami, and for that I cannot hold any ill-will.
  • Josh Norman: 5 years. $51.1 million guaranteed. $75 million total. Honestly, I believed in Josh Norman when we first signed him. Coming off an All-Pro year on a stacked 2015 Panthers roster, Norman was proud to declare himself the best corner in the whole league. If you'd ask Norman today, he may still very well agree with that assessment. However, both the film and numbers point to Norman as a one year wonder. He was never able to replicate his 2015 success here, and was barely able to follow receivers like Revis or play the zone like Sherman. I would consider this the worst Redskins free agent signing of the Jay Gruden regime, hands down bar none. At least Matt Jones gave us some 100 yard games. His best games for us were against Cody Kessler and Matt Barkley. I am glad this is over with.
  • Trent Williams: Oh Trent-y boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. I am truly sad to see Mr. Williams suit up for another organization this fall, assuming there will be a football season. Trent has been one of, if not the best offensive lineman in the entire NFL since being drafted 4th overall in 2010. Even as poor football and asinine front office moves surrounded him, Trent remained grounded and supportive of Mr. Snyder's hope to win football games. However, this relationship quickly turned for the worse. I could write this whole page about the Trent Williams saga, so instead I shall link this.
Goodbye Silverback.
  • Jordan Reed: If you thought the Trent Williams saga hurt me, oh boy you are not ready for this. Jordan Reed was probably my favorite Washington player up until last season. I was at his first big game in 2013, and boy was it a sight to see. A 3rd round TE from Florida, Reed was a bright spot on a more distant 3-13 Washington Squad still hoping for RG3's knees to spring back to life. When Reed was on fire, he was on. In his heyday of 2015 and 2016, Reed was a top tier Pro-Bowl talent TE possessing the quickness of a WR with the strength and build of a TE. However, we all know how this story ends. In 2013, he only played 9 games due to concussions. In 2014, he hurt his hamstring twice throughout the season yet still played in 11 games. As stated earlier, 15' and 16' were the golden years, but his hamstring came back to derail almost his entire 2017 season. By last year, he had over 9 known concussions, and one can only assume his hamstring is not in good shape. This is a classic example of injuries destroying a once promising career. If you are ever in need of watching some electrifying tight end plays, check this out, I promise you will not regret it. Thank you Jordan!
Players signed
Player Position Old team Length Salary
Wes Schweitzer OG Falcons 3 years $13.5 mil, $4 mil guaranteed
Kendall Fuller CB Chiefs 4 years $40 mil, $23.5 mil guaranteed
Logan Thomas TE Lions 2 years $6.145 mil, $2.25 mil guaranteed
Sean Davis S Steelers 1 year $4 mil, $2 mil guaranteed
Kyle Allen QB Panthers 1 year $675k
Thomas Davis LB Chargers 1 year $3.5 mil, $1.75 mil guaranteed
J.D. McKissic RB Seahawks 2 year $3.27 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Peyton Barber RB Buccaneers 2 year $3 mil, $600k guaranteed
Cornelius Lucas OT Bears 2 year $3.8 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Richard Rogers TE Eagles 1 year $1 mil
Cody Latimer WR Giants 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Kevin Pierre-Louis LB Bears 1 year $3 mil, $1.5 mil guaranteed
Jeremy Vujnovich OG Cardinals 1 year $825k
Ronald Darby CB Eagles 1 year $3 mil, $1 mil guaranteed
Mike Liedtke OG Buccaneers 1 year $750k
Key Additions:
  • Kendall Fuller: We are proud to welcome our 2016 3rd rounder and new Super Bowl Champion back to DC. Fuller has proven himself as a formidable slot cornerback, and should be a day 1 starter immediately. In fact, I could see us playing him on the outside if need be, as our secondary will become stretched dry rather quickly. If we can trade for Malik Jefferson, we could finally have all pieces of the Alex Smith trade back on the roster, including Alex Smith himself (hang in there buddy :( ).
  • Thomas Davis: A 3x Pro Bowler and bonafide former team leader of the Carolina Panthers, Thomas Davis is a welcome addition to our locker room. While at age 37 he may not start or play the most downs, his presence and familiarity with Rivera lends kindly to helping younger defensive players adjust and learn the new system.
  • Ronald Darby: Darby has never played a full 16 game season, and the past two seasons in particular seem to be injury ridden. However, our secondary is in need of a #2 to step up behind Fuller and if Moreau cannot make a leap then Darby better be a frog. This one year, prove-it deal will show whether or not Darby is ready to play with the big boys now.
Players resigned
Player Position Length Salary
Jon Bostic LB 2 year $5.1 mil, $2.25 mil guaranteed
Caleb Brantley DT 1 year $750k
Nate Orchard LB/DE 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Aaron Colvin CB 1 year $1 mil, $137.5k guaranteed
Brandon Scherff OG 1 year $15.03 mil guaranteed (franchise tag)
Important Resigns:
  • Jon Bostic: The former 2nd rounder has bounced around the league since 2013, but with Reuben Foster tearing his ACL in training camp last year, Bostic was thrust into the starting LB slot. While far from perfect, Bostic played surprisingly well last year, recording 105 tackles, a sack, and a pick. It is unclear whether Bostic's ceiling is much higher then this going into year 8 of his career. The signing of Thomas Davis and an even better D-Line could help Bostic shine more as there is less pressure on him. Overall, a good team friendly extension on a starte1st off the bench quality player.
  • Brandon Scherff: Except for some penalty troubles, Scherff has been the most consistent offensive lineman this team has had in the past five years who is not upset at our current front office. While I am unsure if he was worthy of the Pro Bowl this past year, he is a stud OG and I am glad we have kept him his whole rookie deal. Hopefully a long-term can be worked out soon (though the deadline may have just past for franchise tagees), but keeping him on the franchise tag is far down the list of personnel issues.


Round Number Player Position School
1 2 Chase Young DE Ohio State
3 66 Antonio Gibson WRB Memphis
4 108 Saahdiq Charles OT LSU
4 142 Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty
5 156 Keith Ismael C San Diego State
5 162 Khaleke Hudson LB Michigan
7 216 Kamren Curl S Arkansas
7 229 James Smith-Williams DE N.C. State
UDFA N/A Thaddeus Moss TE LSU
UDFA N/A Steven Montez QB Colorado
UDFA N/A Isaiah Wright WR Temple
UDFA N/A Johnathon Johnson WR Missouri
Grades and Thoughts:
  • Chase Young: How much more can be said about this guy? Young was known for months to be the consensus number one talent of the draft, and that has not changed in the past months. He is a forced to be reckoned with, and putting him alongside our other D-Lineman is a scary sight. The often made comparison is that of the Bosa brothers, who both came into the league and wrecked havoc upon entry. I see Young doing the same thing, having a minimum 10+ sack season. Fear the predator y'all. GRADE: A+
  • Antonio Gibson: Almost every analysis I have read about Gibson describes him in one of two ways: 1) A swiss-army knife 2) A football player. While I can't disagree with either, these both seem to be big buzzwords that cable football analysis loves to float around to tons and tons of players. No matter how you describe him, Gibson's highlight real speaks for itself. Most project him into a RB role in our system, and with Chris Thompson setting sail with Jay Gruden Gibson can not pick up the slack here. If he can provide support to Peterson and Guice, great! If he could improve our dismal receiving unit, even better! I like this pick, but can also see it failing if Rivera and Turner cannot utilize him correctly. GRADE: B+
  • Saahdiq Charles: Using a picks here on the O-Line was a smart move, as our bench before the draft was extremely thin. Charles has been a part of one of the best O-line's in the nation at LSU, helping Clyde Edwards-Helaire run over the entire goddamn SEC. While there was a distraction of off-field issues, i.e. his six game suspension in his junior year. My understanding is that this stemmed from maturity issues and possible failed drug tests. Without these concerns, Charles would not have fallen to this round. Even with the character issue, his on the field product is fantastic, and if there was any coach to help Charles stay the right path it would be Ron Rivera. GRADE: B
  • Antonio Gandy-Golden: My information on Gandy-Golden and Liberty football in general is extremely limited, but the little I have seen is fantastic. At 6'4, 223 lbs Gandy-Golden is prototypical size and his highlights at Liberty reflect that. He is able to utilize is wingspan to have a large catch radius and contend for aired out balls. In addition, while his 4.6 40 yard dash may be slightly underwhelming, his speed on tape is evident and can work. As the receiver competition is wide open, Gandy-Golden can easily become the number two receiver on this squad if he puts in the work. And according to social media, it appears he is trying. GRADE: A
  • Keith Ismael: Another offensive linemen, but I struggle to see Ismael in any role besides backup this year. Ismael was solid player for his three year college career, and learning behind our O-line can do him well to bring him up to NFL speed. I can see him sitting behind Rouiller most of the year, but there's always the potential for something more if he is a diamond in the rough. However, I would have liked for a TE selection here. GRADE: B
  • Kamren Curl: Curl seemed to be an intrenched starter for Arkansas, but it is hard to see what is exactly unique with his skill set. At 6'1, 206 lbs he has the body of a safety or even cornerback, which tracks as he played both positions in school. The most known information about him is that he was suspended for flirting with a cheerleader his sophomore season, but if that is his biggest character concern then I don't really care. In addition, he later cleared the confusion, noting that the cheerleader just wanted a photo with him. GRADE: C
  • James Smith-Williams: A depth signing for our defensive front, which is all good in my book. However, this deep dive into the man shows that Smith-Williams has the potential to be more then a name in DC. His injury history is very troubling, but if he can put that Big Bang Theory Sheldon brain of his to our team then I am all for it. 7th rounders are the time for risks, and Smith-Williams case is a unique one where the injuries are not as much a concern for me. GRADE: C+
If the only player we keep out of this draft in the next 5 years is Chase Young, it will still have been a success. However, I have a feeling that other players will make an impact here, particularly with Gibson or Gandy-Golden breaking out in a rushing or receiving competition. For Kyle Smith and Rivera's first draft, it could have gone a lot worse. The amount of BS spewed about us drafting Tua or trading down was EVERYWHERE online before the draft, so I am jus glad we didn't mess it up as bad as we could have. Overall, I'd rate this draft a B+, with the rating going higher if any of these other players break out as well.

Name Controversy

Look, both you and I know that this subject has been beaten to death, especially on this subreddit. So let us just establish the facts:
  • There has been ample push to change the name since the 1990s.
  • Dan Snyder said in 2013 that he would never change the name. "It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps."
  • This month, Fedex, along with other major sponsors such as Nike and PepsiCo called on Snyder to change their name or face financial doom.
  • July 13, 2020 Snyder issues a press release stating the name and logo are both officially retired.
There are many more specifics and points of contention on this issue, and I think this WaPo graphic does a good job illustrating other key times that the name has been discussed or been a point of contention.
My thought? About damn time. Look, I understand that the name is offensive and have been all for changing it, but more importantly I just want us to focus on what ideally should be more pressing for this writeup: the players and the game. The politics of the name has been a distraction and disgrace to the proud men who have worn this city on their back for decades. Do not get me wrong: the actual name itself holds little meaning to me personally. However, I am younger than many fans of the team and understand the attachment some have had for their entire lives. Yet, I do not think we need to forget about Theismann, Baugh, Jurgensen, Doug Williams, Rypien, Riggins, the Hogs, and more just by retiring the name. I say, let this begin a new era in Washington football history where we can be remembered for playing a game we enjoy and love, not hurting others if we do not need to.
My personal preference for a new name as of now is Red Wolves. Maintaining the colors and HttR (Howl to the Red Wolves!) sounds nice, and the animal is theoretically indigenous to DC and the southeast US even as we may not see it commonly. If trademarks issues can settle, I believe we will hear the new name before the next season.

Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Issues

After finishing the Washington Post article today, I was left with a feeling of disgust and sadness, but not shock. Football has always been known as a "boy's club," and seeing women in positions of power in any NFL organization is not common. This is the reason why. While I do not know the situation of every front office, I would not be shocked if this is more common then one would suspect.
Now, do not get me wrong: this is disgusting and Snyder should be ashamed of himself. Letting this persist for over 20 years and clearly not giving any shits is despicable. I do not want to defend these actions in any manner. These men have done disgusting things, and the fact that Snyder has let them slide and persist for all this time is plain gross. This is a question about human decency and respect: do you respect your fellow person enough that you control what you say around them? That you think before you act? Clearly the Washington Football team has not cared about its female employees nearly enough. This is hurtful for everyone, male, female, non-binary, whatever. Please, just consider your fellow person when you are living your life. This is not hard.

Projected Lineup and Position Groups

QB1: Dwayne Haskins
QB2: Kyle Allen
This should be Dwayne Haskins year to fully realize himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL. While I love watching his sexy instagram workouts, I can only get so worked up before needing to see the real deal. Since being thrown into the fray last year, we saw Dwayne progress in his decision making, but keep improvements in accuracy, particularly throwing mechanics, should be a focus this year. Even with a...subpar supporting cast (more on that later), this should be Simba's year to break out, or at least show that he is worthy of his first round draft selection.
I don't expect Allen or even Alex Smith (if he has recovered enough, which I am doubtful of) to give Haskins a run for his money. While Rivera has never stated he is sold on Haskins, do not think any other QB will start this season (barring injury.) Washington is committed, at least for this year, to Dwayne Haskins.
RB1: Adrian Peterson/Derrius Guice
RB3: Antonio Gibson
It is really a toss-up here whether or not AD or Guice starts, but if history is cyclical then Peterson will get the nod soon enough. I really want Guice to do well, and when he has not been injured he has done fairly well. However, I have little hope that his knees keep holding up, especially considering how much we may need to rely on our run game this year.
Peterson is old, but has shown to be consistent enough when we have a semblance of an offensive line. Our run game is decent, definitely not the worst in the league, but could be close to it. I imagine Gibson may fulfill the role of a receiver back, catching out of the backfield or taking hand-offs. He is bigger than Chris Thompson, but elusive enough that I could see some similarity in usage, especially as a rookie.
TE1: Jeremy Sprinkle
TE2: Richard Rogers, Logan Thomas
TE3: Thaddeus Moss
Sprinkle gets the nod here as the number one due to his experience in DC, but as the new regime is in town this is really anyone's game. Stat-wise Rogers and Thomas are relatively consistent, and while Moss has the obvious name recognition he is not even a lock to make the current roster. Sprinkle has always been subpar as a pass catcher, decent as blocker and not much else. Hopefully someone here breaks out or a trade swings through, otherwise this is one of our worst position groups on the roster.
WR1: Terry McLaurin
WR2: Steven Sims Jr.
WR3: Antonio Gandy-Golden/Cody Latimer
WR4: Trey Quinn
"McLaurin and then everybody else" is the best way to sum up our receiving unit. Scary Terry is once again our biggest threat and should have just as good if not a better year than 2019 as Haskins' accuracy issues (hopefully) clear up. I Like Sims Jr. as a returner, but his results as a receiver have been inconsistent. Perhaps he could be used similarly to Antonio Gibson, as I see him getting end around hand offs having big success. Gandy-Golden looks promising, but small school talent can be hard to adapt to the NFL. Latimer is a solid depth signing, and I am very unsure if Trey Quinn is worth his roster spot. While I mentioned the Tight End group being poor, this group is equal in that regard. Hopefully our run game can carry once again.
LT: Geron Christian Sr.
LG: Wes Schweitzer
C: Chase Roullier
RG: Brandon Scherff
RT: Morgan Moses
Scherff is a bright spot on this mediocre group, but he has had some penalty troubles and the contract situation for him is still unclear as for the future. Geron Christian should hopefully start and have improved since last year, and Schweitzer seems to be a decent signing. I like Rouiller under center for now. Saahdiq Charles and Keith Ismael could both become starters, but I have a feeling Rivera will not want to throw them into the fire early on. Overall I'd categorize this group as "eh?" and hope that our RBs can find enough holes. Haskins has also been improving his mobile game so escapability could be a needed factor with this line.
4-3 Defense:
LDE1: Chase Young
LDT: Matt Ioannidis
RDT: Daron Payne
RDE: Montez Sweat
This is by far the best position group on the entire roster. Calling these four the only starters is somewhat a misnomer, as Rivera and Del Rio will be frequently subbing in and out many linemen. Kerrigan and Jon Allen should still have large roles, but these are my choices based on durability and past success. Chase Young should be a stud, and I have heard him having between 10-15 sacks this year. Ioannidis has been a 5th round gem for us, leading the team in sacks last year. Payne and Sweat are both young and have shown some success, and I am hopeful they can both remain at worst starter level linemen. If our line is not getting after QBs like crazy this year, some big questions will need to be raised.
WLB: Cole Holcomb, Josh Harvey-Clemons
MLB: Jon Bostic, Thomas Davis
SLB: Ryan Anderson
While not as impressive as the linemen, our LB core is still a solid group. Thomas Davis brings in some leadership to an otherwise young group. Ryan Anderson will finally be playing in his natural position as a 4-3 LB. Both Bostic and Holcomb were impressive last year, though I am hoping their coverage (particularly Holcomb's) could improve. Harvey-Clemons is good for our depth, and solid rotation player. Overall not a flashy group, but should get the job done with the pressure all being up front.
CB1: Kendall Fuller
CB2: Ronald Darby, Greg Stroman
CB3: Fabian Moreau, Jimmy Moreland
FS: Sean Davis
SS: Landon Collins
The only unquestionable starters here are Fuller and Collins, and even Collins has been looking down as of recent. My dark-horse candidate is Jimmy Moreland, who impressed in last years preseason before being hidden or unnoticeable during the regular season. Moreau is decent, and Sean Davis is as good as Montae Nicholson ever was (especially considering his legal issues.) The loss of Quinton Dunbar is not sad whatsoever, and while his play was above-average, his robbery skills are very poor. This is the biggest whole in the defense by far, and my guess is that our team will ride or die by this secondary. If the front 7 is doing what it can to apply pressure, there will be some slack here. However, do not be surprised if next years writeup has many different players here.
Special Teams:
K: Dustin Hopkins
P: Tress Way
KR: Steven Sims Jr.
PR: Steven Sims Jr.
I want Tress Way to have my children so that they will be blessed with his punting genes. After a couple years of flying under the radar, Way was finally recognized in 2019 with a Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro nod. I am upset that Brett Kern got the nod over him for First-team, but the recognition is still appreciated. Hopkins is decent, though he does have a tendency to miss some close kicks (cough vs. Bengals in London cough), but he has provided stability to kicking for years now. Sims emerged last year as our return man, and with him bringing us our first return touchdown since 2015, I'll let him stay. Perhaps Gibson will try returning as well, who knows.

Schedule Prediction

Home against the Eagles: Loss
3 out of the past 4 years Washington has lost its openers, with two of those loses being against the Eagles themselves. Be ready for growing pains with a new name, coaching staff, and supporting cast. This season is not gonna get any easier.
Away against the Cardinals: Loss
This game could be a close one, but the Cardinals seem to be on the up with Kyler and Kingsbury. There air raid will be too much for the DC secondary, especially playing in Arizona.
Away against the Browns: Win
It's the Browns for god sake. Josh Norman had a game winning pick a couple years back for us against them. Sure, their QB was Cody Kessler, but different year same stories. No more Freddie Kitchens, still the same Browns.
Home against the Ravens: Loss
It's the Ravens. Enough said.
Home against the Rams: Loss
McVay and Co. should have our number here. Even without Gurley the Rams passing attack should be enough to take us down. The real downfall of our team is the secondary, that should be a pattern to notice. I'd like to believe in a Haskins comeback win here, but who knows.
Away against the Giants: Loss
Going into the Meadowlands, I expect a game similar to the late OT thriller of last season, with the Daniel Jones reigning supreme again. Saquon will distract our defense enough that number one receiver... Sterling Shepard will bust us up. Clap man Garett gets us again.
Home against the Cowboys: Win
Come on now, it's the Cowboys. Dak is overpaid, blah blah blah. Coming back home and wanting to prove ourselves after a crippling loss last week, I think Simba can pull off a nice home win here.
Home against the Giants: Win
Revenge game of the 2019 QBs, and this time Haskins will stay on top. Expect a nice performance from McLaurin, and Chase Young destroying Mr. Jones.
Away against the Lions: Win
I'm praying that Chase Young is able to get after Stafford enough that he does not pull a come back against us here, but I expect this game to be close as well. Perhaps Okudah has a pick six, why not.
Home against the Bengals: Win
Haskins vs. Burrow. Burrow vs. Young. A bonafide 2019 tank-bowl matchup. I feel we have the upper hand here, but really this game should be a shit show. Should be juicy though.
Away against the Cowboys: Loss
Playing in Jerry World is ass, though I'll never forget Colt McCoy leading us to victory on Monday night. No way in hell we go 2-0 against the Cowboys, so mark this down as a loss.
Away against the Steelers: Loss
Big Ben is back and can run around in the pocket, meaning even with ample pressure his offense will do better than ours.
Away against the 49ers: Loss
It's the Niners, and they mean business. Last year's game was a 9-0 snoozefest for some reason, so I'm guessing this one will be 30-27 shootout. Should be fun to see a potential Trent Williams vs. Chase Young matchup.
Home against the Seahawks: Loss
Russell Wilson.
Home against the Panthers: Win
Rivera fights his old team and...wins?? Yep, even with Teddy B I feel our defense will keep us afloat. Shaq Thompson is scary, but I am not particularly afraid of Donte Jackson and Eli Apple... Haskins will now probably throw three picks.
Away against the Eagles: Win
Ending the season on a positive note, what?? Yes, this one may be a stretch. However, if the Eagles are in the number one spot, my guess is that they would rest their starters against ours. Then again, I have no clue who will win the East so your guess is as best as mine. At any rate, I am ready to 100 percent lockdown Wentz this game, maybe.
Final record: 7-9, miss the playoffs, 3rd in NFC East
In my book, this would be an OK first year for Rivera. Coming in with so many green players and an entirely new system can lend itself to mediocrity, but building off of this year is crucial in my book to finally escaping out of the limbo which Washington has played in since Snyder bought the team in 1999.
Draft wise, this should set us up for a pick between...12-15? A solid early/mid-first, probably drafting a receiver, tight end, or secondary player depending on who pans out this year.

Training Camp Battles to watch

  • Wide Receivers:
Like previously mentioned, it is unclear who will be receivers 2 and 3 behind McLaurin. Kelvin Harmon and Steven Sims Jr. emerged as early contenders, but as noted earlier Harmon tore his ACL. Latimer was ok last year on the Giants, but can he beat out Gandy-Golden or Sims Jr. at the top of the chart. I believe players such as Trey Quinn, Cam Sims, Johnathon Johnson and Isaiah Wright are all fighting for a roster space, so seeing them as starters is extremely unlikely. Predicted Winners: Antonio Gandy-Golden and Steven Sims Jr.
  • Tight Ends:
This whole roster spot is a toss up. I truly am hoping that Sprinkle gets a kick in the rear to elevate or somebody else steps up, as he was far from a special talent last year. His name makes sense, as he was only able to Sprinkle in a few catches from Haskins and Keenum throughout 2019. Both Richard Rogers and Logan Thomas aren't impressive, so the hope for fans is that Thad Moss or an unknown player such as Marcus Baugh is able to claim the spot. No matter who wins here, the position will be weak. Predicted Winner: Jeremy Sprinkle
  • Cornerback:
The battle here lies between all players not named Fuller or Darby. Known Redskins names such as Fabian Moreau, Greg Stroman, Jimmy Moreland, and Danny Johnson are all fighting to be the number 3 corner or remain on the roster in a bench role. I feel at most one of these players will be cut, but overall secondary job security should remain steady for 95 percent of Washington players. Predicted Winner: Fabian Moreau

Offensive and Defensive Schemes

One of the points I've read stressed about Scott Turner is his ability to fit the offense for the QB. As this will be his first full time OC job, it is unclear exactly what schemes he plans to run, but I assume it will be up to date with the fast and mobile trends of stat and data driven offenses today. Perhaps we shall see some similarities to his father, who utilized both Air Coryell and spread techniques in Carolina.
Defense: Base 4-3, 4-3 Under
As mentioned before, Del Rio and Rivera are shifting our defense from a 3-4 of the past to a 4-3. This should help our rush game significantly, with players such as Ryan Anderson and Chase Young being able to fit in the scheme quite naturally, For more in depth coverage, be sure to read this Hog's Haven post which will explain it more in depth.  
Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down below. Agree, disagree? This was my first year writing, so I hope it was bearable to read!
Offseason Review Hub
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2020.07.15 14:57 ChrisGrovesCM18 DIRT 5 Features Trailer - New Cars and Features Revealed, Gymkhana Returns

DIRT 5 Features Trailer - New Cars and Features Revealed, Gymkhana Returns
Brand new, stunning global locations. An incredible variety of off-road machines. More ways to play than ever before. This is DIRT 5. Get ready to Let Loose.
We’re incredibly excited to reveal the official features trailer for DIRT 5, taking you on a breathless tour of our amplified racing world. Brand new locations, modes and event types are all featured – keep reading this blog for full details on all of them.
More big news coming with our latest trailer is the confirmation of a FREE upgrade option for PlayStation 4 players of DIRT 5, if and when you make the switch to PlayStation 5. As with the Smart Delivery system for Xbox Series X, if you have DIRT 5 on PlayStation 4, either in digital or physical form, you get the game on PlayStation 5, free of charge! All live pre-orders and more are at dirtgame.com/dirt5.


The trailer kicks off with a new look at a handful of DIRT 5’s locations. All brand new, built from the ground up and featuring multiple events, these environments are spectacular in not just how they look, but also how they play. Here’s a full breakdown of all 10 of DIRT 5’s locations:

High-altitude driving, treacherous ice racing, and some seriously fun twisty routes – Nepal is a truly unique location for off-road racing that we’re bringing to the DIRT series for the very first time. We’ve carved out some unforgettable events in this idyllic setting for a fresh racing experience.
Ready to take on the harsh desert and awe-inspiring canyons of Arizona? One of our two American locations features a wide variety of events covering dirt and sand, including a purpose-built oval track for Sprint races.
Roosevelt Island
Our second American location delivers an iconic area of New York like you’ve never experienced it before. Whether you’re racing on ice over the frozen East River, or blazing a trail through an urban jungle, Roosevelt Island hosts a slate of unforgettable events, all set between iconic landmarks.
The wintry tundra conditions of a Scandinavian paradise await you in DIRT 5’s Norway events. Race under the Northern Lights in Ultra Cross routes through a coastal town, turn steep snow routes into unique races and more in this region, rich in racing heritage.
Add some noise and action to this beautiful environment, weaving through paddy fields and under the shadow of the amazing Guilin mountains. Get air over ornate bridges and get to grips with muddy surfaces in these events that mix beauty and power.
The rocky, dusty routes of Morocco await you in these incredible events, which will require some supreme driving skill and heavy machinery to succeed in. Wind through villages and vibrant oases, carving your own path through miles of natural beauty.
Mountain passes, rocky trails, steep tracks. The calling cards of off-road racing in Greece are certainly here in DIRT 5, but amplified to a new level. Take in incredible vistas as you find your flow and race up and down some seriously spicy routes and circuits – perfect for rally and rallycross cars.

Ever wondered what it would be like to tear around a huge marble mine in all manner of off-road cars? Welcome to Italy, combining picturesque settings with unique, jagged terrain for unforgettable races. Look out for some of our most extreme events here, where success is less about speed and more about survival.
South Africa
Come with us to the incredible Cape Town for a wide range of settings, conditions and event types in this incredible location. From racing at the base of Table Mountain, to twisty urban routes, to powering through familiar landmarks, prepare for South Africa to take your breath away in DIRT 5.
All taking place under the gaze of Christ the Redeemer, buckle up for Brazil’s classic mixture of beauty, hustle and bustle. Barrel through Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, find a path through lush vegetation, and race over mud, sand, tarmac and more in a huge variety of scenarios.

Every location comes equipped with dynamic extreme weather, which has the power to transform the look and feel of every race at any point. Brace yourself for blizzards, lightning strikes, sandstorms, thunderstorms and more to roll in as you’re racing, totally changing your experience.


DIRT 5’s features trailer shows off an array of off-road cars that you’ll take the wheel of – from iconic rally and modern rallycross machines, to an awe-inspiring rock bouncer, to a frankly bonkers 900bhp sprint car! Earlier this month we gave full details on every car class in DIRT 5 – head here for our extreme showroom tour.



That covers where you’ll be going and what you’ll be driving, but what kind of amplified racing is waiting for you in DIRT 5? Here’s a full breakdown of each event type available in offline play:
Ultra Cross — Mixing multiple terrains, unpredictable circuit design and challenging bends, Ultra Cross is your classic rallycross-style event, turned up to 11. Expect close pack racing, crossovers and incredible environments for these action-packed, circuit-based races.
Rally Raid —These point-to-point events are classic DIRT – thrilling routes through natural landscapes, where bravery and precision are key, as you’re behind the wheel of machines built for extreme off-road racing. High-speed sections, jumps, route splits and more keep you on your toes from start to finish in every Rally Raid event.
Landrush — Circuit-based events that are not for the faint of heart! Rough terrain, jolting jumps and technical sections are the order of the day for Landrush, taking place on either dirt or snow. Expect extreme weather and changing track conditions to mix things up big time in these pack racing events.
Ice Breaker – Minimal grip, maximum fun. Ice Breaker challenges you to master short circuits that take place entirely on ice, with flowing turns and idyllic environments. Throttle control, precise drifting and momentum are key to mastering this brand-new experience for the DIRT series. Better get your skates on!
Stampede — Hard, unforgiving natural landscapes, built for rough-and-ready machines with suspension and shock absorbers galore, Stampede circuits are tough, to say the least. Unmarked routes with major undulation over mud, sand and plenty more, buckle up for some serious pack racing fun with Stampede
Path Finder —You’ve never seen this kind of event before in a DIRT game. Path Finder lays down the gauntlet with some seriously hardcore off-road terrain, steep jumps and rock-strewn paths. Here, it’s not just about speed – it’s about strategy and survival. Use your rock bouncer to overcome these incredible single-car events against the clock.
Sprint — Here’s our event type built specifically for DIRT 5’s bonkers sprint car – 900bhp, huge wings, different sizes for all four wheels. Learn to tame this beast on our oval and circular tracks, with constant drift control required as you tear up the track in these unique multi-car races.
Gymkhana — It’s back! Jump, drift and donut your way to success in these high-octane stunt arenas, purpose-built for your automotive antics. Get sideways and airborne, and string together your moves to trigger multipliers and hit the target score within the time limit. Need we say more?
Time Trial — Feeling extra competitive? Time Trial lets you take any circuit or point-to-point event and make it just you against the track – oh, and everyone else who’s ever raced the same scenario. Lay down your best times in the single-car mode, and rise up that scenario’s global leaderboard.

We haven’t even talked about other features in the trailer, such as the livery editor and photo mode, which we’ll dive into more before launch. Then there’s the split-screen action, with local play for up to four players in offline modes, including Career! Make sure you’re caught up on all the details of DIRT 5’s star-studded, story-driven Career with our deep dive.
Finally, we have the official DIRT 5 box art to reveal, for both the Standard Edition and Amplified Edition, featuring the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4, modified for off-road antics and featuring a gorgeous unique livery...

Whilst we’ve jam-packed the DIRT 5 features trailer with content and details, don’t think for a second that we haven’t got more to reveal between now and October. Stand by for more news in September on multiplayer, showing off online game types and the return of fan-favourite modes.
Before that, there’s August, where we’re getting ready to reveal something huge, and completely fresh for the franchise. You’ve never seen this before from DIRT, and we can’t wait to show you.

DIRT 5 launches on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Steam, followed shortly by racing onto next-gen with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders on Xbox, Steam and selected retailers are live, with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 pre-orders coming very soon. Check out our website to stay up to date on all news and pre-orders.
Join the official DIRT 5 Discord to exclusive first looks at news and content, and chat with fellow fans and the Codemasters team. Follow DIRT on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the big news between now and October.
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2020.07.10 17:59 JArdez Salvaging r/victoryatsea

This sub-reddit was created for the computer game Victory At Sea, but was abandoned. It has been salvaged and is being re-founded for the purpose of supporting the future Victory at Sea game being released by Warlord Games. If you have questions about the game please ask!

Victory at Sea is a tabletop miniature naval combat wargame based on World War 2. It is not released, but will release sometime in 2020. No precise date has been provided, although demo kits may already be available if your FLGS supports other Warlord Games products. The demo contains a small Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Navy force subsisting of cruisers and destroyers. The game will also include battleships and carriers.

Available for pre-order are four navies:
The demo rulebook includes references to two additional navies:

Pre-order the core set will give you the pre-order bonus of:

The game consists of four primary phases.
  1. Initiative - Determines who will go first in Movement and Gunnery. The player with initiative goes 2nd in Movement and 1st in Gunnery. Scouting can improve your initiative.
  2. Movement - Movement takes place before combat or aircraft. At this time you can also issue special orders to your ships. Ships are limited on how quickly they can turn and have a minimum speed to be able to turn.
  3. Gunnery - Gunnery is determined with a chance to hit and a chance to damage, with more damage being dealt the higher you roll on your damage rolls when compared to your targets armor. Critical damage can weaken, cripple or destroy a ship outright.
  4. End Phase - During the end phase your damage control can attempt to repair critical damage to your vessels.

To play Victory at Sea you will need a special movement template, ships and their profile cards, D6s, and one D10. Each ship, as well as refits for those ships, include point values to use for building your forces. Some missions allow for smallelarger forces than your opponent, although usually only by 10% of their points.

The rulebook for the demo game appears simplified and may certainly continue to be modified before release. At the moment it is a very small rulebook at around 30 pages. Diagrams and example images take up quite a bit of space in the book.
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Speed Dating with Zoom - YouTube Speed Dating  Award-Winning Comedy Short  Isaac Feder ... Now - Big Beautiful Women Singles Dating Arizona Speed Dating: Teaching Strategy for the Classroom - YouTube Phoenix/Scottsdale Speed Dating Singles Events

Phoenix/Scottsdale Singles Speed Dating (Scottsdale, AZ ...

  1. Speed Dating with Zoom - YouTube
  2. Speed Dating Award-Winning Comedy Short Isaac Feder ...
  3. Now - Big Beautiful Women Singles Dating Arizona
  4. Speed Dating: Teaching Strategy for the Classroom - YouTube
  5. Phoenix/Scottsdale Speed Dating Singles Events

Speed dating is historically 80% men. Those odds aren’t great if you’re a man showing up. Phoenix Singles solves that issue by having more even ratios. After all, you came to meet your match ... Learn how you can use Zoom to support teaching and learning practices. A speed-dating newbie encounters a series of comically incompatible women before making a connection. Stay on this channel to watch more great short films or... Looking to mix things up in the classroom? Try Speed Dating! It's a simple strategy to use, and I'll walk you through it here in about one minute. For more i... Now - Big Beautiful Women Singles Dating Arizona Our website http://tinyurl.com/oq4j3bf Discover how any male can attract women through their subconscious. L...