Mies ja dating

Jos olet mies ja etsit miestä, sillä ei ole väliä! Urheiluseurat ovat erinomainen paikka tavata uusi kumppani, sillä teillä on jo muutamia yhteisiä asioita: rakkaus urheilua kohtaan, terve kilpailuhenkisyys, urheilullisuus sekä sama joukkueaikataulu. ... on dating websites. Let’s face it: not everyone has time to get out an about. And ... Ruling Planet: Miles Szanto has a ruling planet of Venus and has a ruling planet of Venus and by astrological associations Friday is ruled by Venus.Venus is the planet of love, harmony, money and possessions. Venus is graceful, charming, sensual and social. People who are born with Mars as the ruling planet have beauty, charm and sensuality. Löydä HD-arkistokuvia ja miljoonia muita rojaltivapaita arkistovalokuvia, -kuvituskuvia ja -vektoreita Shutterstockin kokoelmasta hakusanalla Mies ja nainen dating kahvilassa. Tuhansia uusia ja laadukkaita kuvia joka päivä. SPEED DATING - MIES - TEERENPELI TAMPERE 24.2.2018. SPEED DATING - MIES - TEERENPELI TAMPERE 24.2.2018. La 24.2.2018 kello 19.00-21.00. LUE KOKO TEKSTI SIVUN ALAOSASTA. Tapaat pikadeiteillä monta mukavaa sinkkua hauskasti ja tyylikkäästi. ... Deittisirkuksen säännöt ja ehdot/Speed Dating Jotta tilaisuutemme olisivat mahdollisimman mukavia ... Keskustele verkossa Vaasa, Suomi. Yli 485 miljoonan Badoo käyttäjän kanssa, löydät jonkun Vaasa. Tutustu uusiin kavereihin Vaasa Badoossa tänään! Selaa profiilit yksi Venäjän naisille, jotka etsivät elämän kumppani jakamaan rakkauden ja luoda onnellinen perhe. Koska puutteesta miehiä, monet venäläiset naiset käyttävät dating sites löytää sopiva mies ulkopuolelta. Sex Ilmainen Hyvännäköinen Mies Aikuiskoulutus Kuopio Hyvännäköinen Mies. Ja epäilyttäisi, miksi sille miehelle ei kelpaa tavallinen hieroja. Video thai hierontaa turku punainen lyhty jyväskylä seksiä. Mukana ovat miltein kaikki suomalaiset FM-radiokanavat. Seksiä turku siwa aukioloajat helsinki. Lataukset Ilmaisia Kuvia : mies, ihmiset, tyttö, nainen, auringonlasku, auringonvalo, aamu, kukka, rakkaus, syksy, pari, romanssi, romanttinen, yhdessä, naimisissa ... Denverin mies etsii Supermodel Libertarian tyttöystävää kautta itsetuntematon dating site. ... Valitettavasti yksi itsestään kuvattu “6’4” intohimoinen liikemies “haluaa, että sinä poistut dating-sovelluksista ja lähetät hänet kolmen päivän matkalle mihin tahansa maailmaan, jonka haluat mennä. ... dating naimisissa syopa mies dating neuvontaa naisille yhden yon dating musta miehet saannot dating USA osavaltiot dating online-peleja pelata ilmaiseksi ... Tallainen lahestymistapa ei ole vahapatoinen, tytto heti kiinnostunut, ja olen varma, kirjoittaa vastauksen! Sama voidaan tehda pad, jos se on kasilla. ...

How to get my mother to accept my significant other

2020.09.22 00:11 jasmeen- How to get my mother to accept my significant other

I have been dating this wonderful man for the past month. We are getting along better than expected and he wants me to move in him with him.
I love him dearly, but my mother does not. I tried to tell her that we are going out, but she does not want to hear anything about it. She does it even know him, yet she has been badgering me about how he is wrong for me and has found fault in everything about him.
I am 40 years old. I had a serious accident a few years back and have not been able to gain successful employment and have had no choice but to live with her.
My mother has destroyed my relationships in the past. So, what is the best way of telling her and of convincing her that this the man that I want to be with?
Thanks in advance for your help,
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2020.09.18 01:59 LydiaFleur Is this narcissistic abuse? (Sorry for long post)

(All initials are fake) TW: Sex, guilt tripping
So me and my ex (NEX) were friends and she was in a bad relationship with someone and I helped get them out of that relationship. Then she got very attached to me and basically moved in with me. We started dating in summer 2017 when she visited me in my home country. A couple of months later she had a big breakdown because her "dependent" wasn't in her home country with her. So I moved there to be with her.
Our first time having sex (and my first time ever) she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Took off all my clothes while she stayed fully clothed and tied me to the bed. Then she left the room, leaving me there, for about 20 minutes. I didn't want to do anything but I was tied up and I wanted to please her because she made me feel so guilty any time I would say no (which I had done in the past until I finally caved this time --I was a sex-repulsed asexual. After all the guilt-trips it caused me to become hypersexual). When she came back she tried spanking me with a crop, but it was just ticklish to me, so her friend, CB, from the other room came in to find out why I was laughing and NEX got them to hit me with the cane. Both of them fully clothed and me still naked and tied to the bed. CB proceeded to hit me as hard as they could with the crop, which still tickled to me, until they hit to high and started hitting the bottom of my back, where my kidneys were. That hurt a lot. NEX then announces that I'm too much effort and decided to stop and buy takeaway instead. I get dressed. That was my first time. (For unrelated reasons NEX cut off CB not long after that.)
After that NEX gave up doing anything to me, and instead asked me to do stuff to her. Sometimes I obliged, but whenever I said no she would guilt me until I did what she asked. When I eventually told her what she was doing she yelled at me and told me not to do that to her again. She still continued to guilt me whenever I said no though.
She was always in the overdraft, even when receiving university loan. She wanted to drop out of uni, so I asked her to look into a disability like I was on (I'm disabled) before doing that so we could still pay rent. She didn't and just dropped out of uni and then had a breakdown about not having enough money to pay rent. Our friend, JT, finally got her to the disability payments centre to sign up and I called my parents and borrowed money-1000 from them for rent and food. NEX immediately wanted to get a takeaway when she learnt we had money.
We catsit for JT's friend, so I ask NEX to clean under the bed so it's safe and clean for the cats because I was in pain from cleaning the rest of the flat. She says she does and then when looking for the kitten I find him under there and it is NOT clean (literally 0 effort was made). He comes out covered in dust, so I lock the room and clean it myself. Under the bed I find NEX's ex-friend CB's (remember them from earlier?) birth certificate (kind of important you know), NEX wants to throw it away, but I convince her to let me message CB to give it back to them (sidenote: They used to sleep together. One time they fucked while drunk and instead of calling it "drunken sex" NEX said they raped each other). When they arrive NEX invites them in; CB tells them about how JA (our upstairs neighbour who lives with NEX's ex and NEX described as an abusive friend) was sorry, so NEX decided to get back in contact with them. They hang out for a couple of weeks while I take care of the cats (a male kitten with attachment issues and female adult in heat and with a bad leg which required me to give them meds. So it wasn't easy, they had to be kept separate but both needed attention). Then NEX gets sick of JA and CB and decides to cut them both off completely. No explanation, no warning. Just blocks them both on everything. They obviously get confused and start messaging me and coming to our door. NEX makes me block them too, even though I begged her to let me just say a simple "sorry, NEX doesn't want to be friends anymore".
After the cats go back to their owner, me and NEX get a kitten of our own. Let's call him CAT. I teach CAT how to sit, wait, lie down, give his paw, and speak, all in sign language. I cleaned his litter tray because NEX didn't like going near poop. And I fed him and cleaned the food bowl because she didn't like the look of cat food. And I got on the floor and played with him. She had a lot of breakdowns about how he preferred me. JT paid for CAT using his savings (because NEX had spent all our money) and I told him I was going to start up a monthly plan to pay him back. NEX yelled at me because she didn't want to pay him back, and gave him her old tablet instead which was worth less than the cat and she was also planning on giving him anyway.
I signed up for extra disability payments. Had a terrible time in the review and was denied it. JT came with me and spooned me to sleep afterwards because I was so depressed and anxious. NEX then started yelling at him and everyone fell out while I was sleeping off my depression. I literally woke up to screaming and a slamming door as JT stormed out.
I got everyone together to talk to help them forgive each other. Turns out JT was just defending me because NEX was yelling about how I was going to "milk" being sad because of the disability payment rejection and that he was just trying to steal her away from me. They all made up and NEX said she had only said that about me because it's something her Nana says about her.
All of the bills were in my name, but when me and NEX went to get our disability payments combined she made sure all of the income went into her account. Because she was always money-250 in the overdraft that had to be covered before she sent me the money for the bills. She then took the remaining money and split it 50/50, despite me getting a higher disability payment than her and the fact that I did our part of the grocery shopping for the flat. She'd still end up in the overdraft by the next months payment, I still have no idea where all that money went. Everytime I got birthday or Christmas money from my Grandparents it went straight into her bank account to cover the overdraft.
NEX kept having breakdowns about how little money we had, so I got a job as a stripper to bring in extra income. All the money went to NEX.
Flash forward a couple of months, me and NEX are collecting prescriptions and she points to a random girl she knew from uni and said that "she's worse than your sister" (you know, the one who gave me PTSD, BPD, and DID). I went to spend the night at JT's because I was so upset. Next morning I came back and she wrote a list comparing me to her abusive ex because I stayed the night at JT's and then called people in to the bedroom one by one to talk to them and forgive them for upsetting her. After all that she was most concerned about JT being mad at her. Not that she upset me so much I had to leave my own flat.
Another couple of months later she has a breakdown because I haven't proposed. So next thing I know we're engaged.
Then we started dating SK (we're polyamourous). NEX insisted that we take things super slow, like not even allowed to kiss him. Then she goes over to see BX (SK's partner who lives with him and NEX's friend) and comes back gushing about how they had sex (NEX and SK, not BC). Which was completely against the rules we had set. She continued to sleep with him, and wouldn't let me see him alone even though I was dating him too and she constantly went to see him alone. Everytime I asked to have some alone time with him she'd have a breakdown. She also asked out JT on behalf of both of us even though I didn't want to date him. This was after me driving him all the way to another city about 8 hours away for an appointment and back in the same day so I was exhausted.
A couple of months later again: Me, her and SK had sex together, as you do when you're in a relationship together. But it was before I could actually DO (I used to not be able to have penetrative sex due to my disability) anything. So I got majorly triggered and wanted to stop, but they continued to have sex next to me while I was frozen. After that I said I wanted to go for a drive to clear my head, SK tried to stop me, but NEX said I did that all the time (I had never done that, she just wanted time with him alone) when I got back I explained what happened to NEX and they promised not to do it in front of me again, or have sex in the flat while I was about. About a month later they fucked in the shower, loudly. Triggering me again. I just wanted to be depressed and talk myself through it but NEX wouldn't leave me alone, saying that it was ridiculous and I couldn't be mad at her. So I said I forgave her and moved on.
At one point our bed broke, so we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor, all the getting up and down caused me to tear a lesion (and have an endo flare up), which left me bedbound. Instead of caring for me like I did full-time for her (I cooked, cleaned, did the shopping, comforted her through her breakdowns, etc), NEX went to stay with SK, leaving JT with me to help care for CAT (despite the fact he was a full-time carer for his sister and she needed him). I couldn't even stand to get to the toilet, I had to literally drag myself on all fours to get there. After about a week of this I called her crying and begged her to come back because I loved her and wanted her there with me. It took a while, but eventually I recovered and we got a new bed, and I went back to being her full-time carer again.
Later on I started dating my current partner (let's just call him Partner) and she starts dating FQ (a kind-of friend of mine too, I helped them out when their parents nearly disowned them and got them a job at the club I worked at) and I don't dedicate 100% of my time caring for her because I travel to Partner's home to take him to appointments and see him. I accidentally upset our roommate by having sex while she's in the flat (I'd had only just begun to be able to have sex because of my endo, and Partner was really gentle with me). I apologise, but then get a call from NEX saying that Roommate called her to complain. Before the sex happened I told Roommate that we'd try to keep it down when we joked about having sex later. When I heard her complain I immediately stopped and went to apologise and make her a cup of tea. She said she wanted me to go and she wanted to be alone. So I locked up and left the flat and left her a message saying so, apologising again, and saying we'd be back later.
Get another call from NEX saying how mad she is because Roommate said I'd left. I tried explaining but she wouldn't listen. Panic set in so I went home and just stayed in my room. I texted Rommate first to warn her I was coming home. Still got shit. This time from SK too. I couldn't take anymore, so I went to Partner's home because he was panicking too.
A week later I come home and the "intervention" happens. I understand I fucked up. But I apologised and tried my best to make it right. I got messages from SK and BC as I was driving home saying horrible things and demanding that Partner be left out of it and not come with me.
When I arrived back they locked me out. I had to beg to be let in, and eventually they unchained the door. I walked into the lounge and there was 6 (NEX, SK, BC, FQ, Roommate, and NEX's mother) of them sitting on every chair. I was made to sit on the floor with all of them looking down at me, and then they yell at me simultaneously about how I've been abusing NEX for 2 years (since we were friends, and before we had met any of them). I sit there and take it because I went into survival mode, and then they said it was good I wasn't making things worse by trying to defend myself. NEX even said that I had been neglecting CAT and that I didn't care about him anymore, despite the fact that I was the one who cleaned his litter box and fed him and cleaned his food bowls. She also kept saying about how she was "fine" with me going to see SK by myself, and that I was just lying to make her look bad. FQ told me the the only reason they hadn't "beaten me to a pulp" was the fact that NEX was a self-proclaimed pacifist. Later that evening when me and NEX were alone together NEX started telling me about all the people they beat up in high school.
JT and SK break up with me, and BC stays overnight to make sure I don't "do anything" to NEX. I try to sleep on the couch because I went instantly into survival mode when I arrived back. I was told to sleep in the bed with NEX, she told me she wanted everything to go back to normal and that it was all "Water under the bridge".
I say at about 1am that I'm going to stay with my cousin and check myself into a mental health place, but stop and see Partner first because their mental health was bad and it was too late to see my cousin right away. Went to stay with Partner instead because he was begging me to leave (and my cousin cut contact with me when they learned I was LGBT+, which I had told NEX previously). I leave the flat to find that my tyres have been slashed. Partner calls his friend and she picks me up.
The next week I finally get the courage to break up with NEX. She goes to the disability payment centre and changes our things to separate accounts again, but keeps her bank details on both (SK messaged me telling me that she had done this, but not that she kept her bank details on both). So next time I was due to be paid she got the money (over money-500) and kept it for herself; the bills were still in my name so I had to fight with her to pay her share, seeing as I still paid mine despite not living there anymore, eventually she sent the money, but not all of it (I had been paying for Spotify for her, so I cancelled it to make up some of the difference, and messaged her saying so). She also ordered a lot of takeaway using my number as the contact so I had to let them all know that their takeaway had arrived in the middle of the night.
Also her and JT gathered up all the photos they had with me in them and burned them. And posted this publicly over social media.
Roommate blackmailed me with the car, and stole my private documentation from me. She was refusing to give me the car details so I could transfer the car to her name (which we had agreed to do), until I sent her money-3000 (despite the fact I had already paid her over my share of the total car payment, and I had been giving her free driving lessons). I had to get my parents to call her parents to get it sorted.
My father (who's in his 70's) came to help me move my stuff out of the apartment, and FQ came running over to his car screaming about how he was going to beat him up and how Parter shouldn't even be there because it was "none of his business". Eventually he went inside to be with NEX, luckily my dad wasn't harmed.
Sorry it's so long, this is everything I remember happening in the relationship. I just think their reaction to my fuck up was very OTT. Like I know I fucked up, and I tried my best to make it better, but they were having none of it.
Sorry if their are typos, I'm dyslexic and initials are really hard for me to use.
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2020.09.09 10:00 sianiam Let's Rewind: Couple Or Trouble (2006) - Episodes 9 - 16

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Drama: Couple Or Trouble / 환상의 커플
Network: MBC
Aired: October 14th 2006 - December 3rd 2006
Episodes: 16 x 65 minute
Streaming Sources:
Original On-Air discussion threads: none - aired before KDRAMA existed!
Synopsis: This series is based on the 1987 American movie Overboard. Anna Jo is a rude, feisty, and audacious American-bred heiress who can never be satisfied. She returns to Korea only to continue being a controlling wife to her already cowardly husband, Billy Park. When her yacht gets stuck for repairs, she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo to fix her shower, but when they have a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and dunks his tools into the ocean right along with him. Later, after a quarrel with Billy that threatens to end their marriage, she herself gets drunkenly pitched overboard and falls victim to a bad case of amnesia.
Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran
Director: Kim Sang Ho
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2020.09.02 15:43 sianiam Let's Rewind: Couple Or Trouble (2006) - Episodes 1 - 8

Let’s Rewind is a trial series of discussions on KDRAMA in which viewers may watch a drama at their own pace over the period of a month.

The individual episode discussions are broken up over a number of posts in which watchers join in once they have watched - they can join at any period of the series.
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Drama: Couple Or Trouble / 환상의 커플
Network: MBC
Aired: October 14th 2006 - December 3rd 2006
Episodes: 16 x 65 minute
Streaming Sources:
Original On-Air discussion threads: none - aired before KDRAMA existed!
Synopsis: This series is based on the 1987 American movie Overboard. Anna Jo is a rude, feisty, and audacious American-bred heiress who can never be satisfied. She returns to Korea only to continue being a controlling wife to her already cowardly husband, Billy Park. When her yacht gets stuck for repairs, she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo to fix her shower, but when they have a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and dunks his tools into the ocean right along with him. Later, after a quarrel with Billy that threatens to end their marriage, she herself gets drunkenly pitched overboard and falls victim to a bad case of amnesia.
Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran
Director: Kim Sang Ho
Web Resources: MDL, Wikipedia

Spoiler Reminder: Upon entering these threads you can expect to see discussion of the drama up to the point of the series that has passed. If you are sensitive to spoilers we advise you to not enter the discussion section prior to watching the episodes. We ask our users to be considerate and cover any major spoilers which if read accidentally before viewing may detract from one's enjoyment of the series in block spoiler tags. You can create a spoiler tag by writing > ! this! < without the spaces in between to get this block spoiler tag.
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2020.08.28 07:23 ritavitz The murder of Anderson Souza - and how his celebrity wife, several of his 55 kids and an alleged sex cult play into it

The murder of Anderson Souza - and how his celebrity wife, several of his 55 kids and an alleged sex cult play into it
Okay, first of all, this is a lot to unpack here, so it may be a long one. The case is all over the brazilian media as shit hit the fan quite recently and the family was a HUGE deal among the evangelical community. There is a lot of speculation and things are still unfolding but I'll try and make sure to link the sauces and give a general perspective of it all. English ain't my first language either so bear with me.

Who were Anderson and his wife, Flordelis?

Flordelis was born in a favela in Rio, in 1961. After losing her brother and father on a car crash at 14, she began visiting the evangelical church regularly and basically dedicating her life to social work - often helping kids involved with drug trafficking, prostitution or victims of domestic violence. She began to build a reputation for herself, as her humble home now turned into a sort of daycare that housed over 100 children, according to her own bio.
In 1993, she met a young preacher, Anderson Souza, in the church she used to visit. From there on, Anderson started frequenting her household, and shortly after he became one of her fostered kids - along with 3 biological ones and 4 non-biological. He then became her son-in-law, after dating Simone, one of the bio kids, and after splitting up with her, married Flordelis in 1994.
The couple proceeded to care for 55 kids, 51 non-bio and 4 bio. Their reputation only grew stronger, and in 2009 a movie about her life was made with a cast filled to the brim with top brazilian actors and actresses - 'Flordelis - Basta uma palavra para mudar', in which all of the money made was donated back to her organization. This blew up her gospel singer career, ongoing since 1998, landing her a deal with a record label. She became a congresswoman in 2018, with over 200k votes.

The crime

In the night of June 16, 2019, Anderson was shot over 30 times in the garage of the family house, right after arriving home. The official statement made by Flordelis and other family members claims that they were being followed by two suspicious looking motorcycles for some time, and as the couple got home Anderson went back at the garage to pick up something they forgot, the family heard the shots. Hours later, in her official statement, the widow claim it was a break in gone wrong, resulting in Anderson 'shot to death trying to protect his family'. This hypothesis was quickly thrown away by investigators, stating that the M.O. was more consistent with that of an execution - a not unusual death for politicians in Brazil. Anderson's phone, an important piece of evidence, was nowhere to be found.

The arrests and the confession

On the day after the killing, Flordelis's son (and Anderson's stepson) Flávio was arrested in the funeral for his connections to the murder and a previous arrest warrant for domestic violence. The police claimed that the families two guard dogs weren't disturbed by the presence of an intruder, and ordered tests for tranquilizers in their boodstream. When those came back negative, this combined with the sheer number of shots was enough to suspect an inside job.
A day later, the murder weapon was found inside the house, and Flávio confessed to firing 6 times - but not before implicating his younger brother Lucas in the killing, stating that he was in on it and bought the weapon.
What followed was a domino effect that is still being investigated by the police and seems to point at Flordelis being the mastermind behind the murder and, allegedly, exposing the couple's dark side.

The family involvement

A few days later, one of the 55 brothers stepped forward, and through an annonynous statement, blew the case wide open. He was in the house the night the crime happened, and told the police that not only there were no motorcycle noises, he came down to the garage to see Flávio covered in blood next to Anderson's body. Flávio then took Anderson phone and gave it to Flordelis. He also stated at least 3 of his sisters seemed to be involved in it, that one of them even offered his brother, Lucas, money to execute the killing, that he saw Flordelis saying, in one occasion 'Your father time is coming' after he was repeatedly hospitalized. Even more bizarre, he claimed that he suspected his sisters and mother to be causing the hospitalization, by putting 'some medicine in his food'.
2 months later, Lucas and Flávio are indicted for muder. In their statements, Lucas says Flordelis ordered the hit on her husband, and confirms that his sister also tried to hire him to do the hit. The investigators then decide that there was more to this story, and launch a second part of the operation, trying to find out the family involvement as a whole.

Possibe motives and the unfolding

In November 2019, Flordelis, still working as a congresswoman, suposedly got a letter from an inmate's wife, in which his son, Lucas, pointed Mizael, another one of his brothers, as the mastermind. Mizael on the other hand claims that Flordelis planned the whole thing - and the police quickly rules the letter as a forgery. On some of the sources I researched, the motive was firstly pointed as being jealousy from an alleged affair on Anderson's part, but it seems that the main consensus is that since the couple's fortune was large and Anderson was the one in charge of it, that lead to the wife and some of the sons to question Anderson's priorities. With a hit, they could regain control of it and split however they liked it.
The details of the case from this point on up untill June 2020 are murky, as they are still under investigation. But some of the highlights are:
  • The poisoning was real - Flordelis and two of the daughters were gradually lacing Anderson's food with arsenic, since as early as May 2018. This is backed up by several trips to the emergency unit, with vomiting, diarrhea, profuse sweating and other symptoms, according to the DA.
  • Simone, one of Flordelis's bio daughters, admitted to murder for hire and poisoning charges, being caught making several google searches in her phone. For those of you that aren't Portuguese speakers, they say, quite literally: 'Copper cyanide where to buy', 'Murderer online where to find', 'Poison to kill people legal and easy to...', 'someone criminal where to find online', etc. You can't make that up.
  • After the second police operation, 11 people were arrested. 8 of the couple's sons, 1 of their granddaughters and 2 of the couple's close friends. They either planned the hit, faked the letter, poisoned him or tried to hire someone to murder him.
  • Since law is backwards round here, Flordelis can't be arrested - as a congresswoman, they can only go to jail if the crime is violent and they're caught red handed. Thus, she's still preaching and working for the govt, and as soon as her term ends she's expected to be tried for every one of those crimes, plus conspiracy to murder as she was the mastermind. She was formally charged 4 days ago.
  • Since she was formally charged, A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE that used to believe her are stepping up to tell on the couple weird behaviours. And I mean A LOT of people. The couple was said to treat their first 8 sons wildly different from the other 47, calling them 'the first generation', and giving them better rooms and food. The other 47 ate every day, for their entire lives just bread, rice, beans, macaronni and hot dogs. They kept the refrigerator with the 'good food' upstairs where the first 8 sons slept.
  • She was also said to be a frequent visitor of a swing house, as early as 2007, having a private room there. Her bio daughter and Anderson, who was said bio daughter's ex, were also seen several times on the same place. Curiously, that might have been the last place Anderson went - he was spotted 500m from there the night of the murder, and to this day the place they went was 'never remembered' by Flordelis.
  • Another one of Flordelis's non-bio sons accused her of going to his room to have sex with him, as well as offering her daughters to have sex with him, as a 'welcome gift' to the house.
  • Another statement from an annonymous source told the police she saw the couple and the bio daughter, Simone, walking out of a room with only a towel covering them.
  • Another perhaps even more bizarre statement comes from a witness that wasn't Flordelis's adopted kid, but lived in the house for some time. He told the police that they starved him in a room for 7 days, wearing nothing but white clothes, and he could only pray. Then Flordelis allegedly had sex with him. In another instance, Anderson asked Flordelis if he could have relations with another one of her daughters. She then agreed and he proceeded to do so, against the daughters will. We should take this with a grain of salt, as the witness says he has been treated for schizophrenia for 6 months now, altough the claims were suposedly reported to the higher ups at Flordelis's church in the early 2000s.
And that's it :) I hope you guys enjoyed it, there's a lot to cover here so feel free to add anything I might've gotten wrong or forgot about. Links below but all the articles are in portuguese :(

  1. Who are Flordelis and Anderson
  2. The crime
  3. The arrests and the confession, also this, also this, also this.
  4. The family involvement
  5. The allegations, motive, and a comprehensive timeline, also this, also this,also this, also this, also this, also this,also this,also this, also this, also this, also this.

Flordelis and Anderson
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2020.08.18 22:30 fifalad777 Job seekers allowance backdated while working ?

Hi I finished college in May and didn't apply for JA until August as I thought I had to wait 3 months after college which wasn't the case.. I've since found a job last week while my back dating application was being reviewed.. If it is approved just wondering will I get that money from the back dating? Or do I lose out since I now have a job? Cheers
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2020.08.11 02:55 Rexyggor Unappreciated Twisted lyrics

AS I was at work (painting houses) Dream a Little Harder got stuck in my head, but apparently only the lyrics that resonated with me strongly.
First off, the lyrics stating how Ja'far should die. Cause it's so many disney villain deaths.
BUt also
"If you're good and you're attractive, no need to be proactive, Good things will just happen to you!"
"I don't rely on looks to get me by.... Pretty people never have to try"
And as someone who isn't considering himself on the upper tier levels of attractiveness, I... just... Agree.
And I don't look at it in a self-doubt problem. I look at it more.. statistically and analytically.
Those lyrics are fairly true, just inherently as a society.
People will generally gravitate to those that are attractive, and people who are conventionally attractive will have more gravitations. More traction on dating apps. People will be happier dealing with the "attractive" salesperson. More roles in theater.
Even on TV. the "conventionally attractive" characters are all the main ones. The ones that aren't conventionally attractive are side characters that are generally there for laughs or one-off stints.
Just need to get it out
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2020.08.05 03:27 myweithisway Introduction on Multi-Season Kdramas

One notable characteristic of kdramas is their single season format. The majority of kdramas are only a single season long and most have between 10 to 50 episodes. However, as with all things there are exceptions to the rule. Multi-season kdramas, while not prevalent, have been around though some of them may not be the same "multi-season" concept as Western/American/Netflix shows. It is a misconception that Netflix has introduced the multi-season format into kdramas.
Below are overviews of multi-season kdramas categorized by type.
Note: I have covered the ones I know of, there may be series that I have not covered. I did not cover any Netflix dramas.

Popular Procedurals

Several popular crime/legal/forensics/medical dramas have gotten subsequent seasons based on popularity. These are similar to Western seasons in that you get the exact same premise and retain largely the original cast, though there are some cast changes.

God's Quiz

OCN S1 (2010) S2 (2011) S3 (2012) S4 (2014) S5/Reboot (2018)
Forensics focused procedural series, has been lead by the same ML through all seasons.

Vampire Prosecutor

OCN S1 (2011) S2 (2012)
Male lead (ML) is a vampire and a prosecutor. Through his vampire abilities, he's able to solve crimes a way others cannot. S1 was very well received for its slick action and cinematography, resulting in the addition of S2.

Special Affairs Team TEN

OCN S1 (2011) S2 (2013)
Criminal investigation focused drama that retained its core cast over both seasons.

Doctor Romantic

SBS S1 (2016) S2 (2020)
A medical drama focused. This drama is notable for the length of time between the two seasons while retaining certain core cast members. The writer and director are also the same across seasons.


OCN S1 (2017) S2 (2018) S3 (2019)
This crime/thriller series underwent a cast change between S1 and S2 where the ML changed from Jang Hyuk to Lee Jin Wook, however the key premise of the drama is based on the female lead's superior hearing abilities and has been acted by Lee Ha Na in all three seasons.

Queen of Mystery

KBS S1 (2017) S2 (2018)
A comedy/mystery/investigative drama of a housewife solving crime, S1 was well received and resulted in a S2. Despite retaining the same writer and core cast members, S2's reception did not live up to S1.

StrangeSecret Forest

tvN S1 (2017) S2 (2020)
As of the writing of this post, S2 has yet to air but it is highly anticipated. The core cast and writer has been retained but a new director has been added, it will be interesting to see how S2 is received by viewers.

Partners For Justice/Investigation Couple

MBC S1 (2018) S2 (2019)
S1 of this forensics focused procedural was well-received and a S2 was added, retaining the same cast.
Note: The series above were arranged by premiere date of the first season. Worth noting is that this type of multi-season procedural has largely been pioneered by the cable channels, which are often noted as emulating Western cable channels.

Theme Based Series

The other type of multi-season kdrama series are those where multiple dramas on a similar theme or topic are united into one series. Oftentimes, the different seasons will share the same production team, such as the same writer or director. In this case, there's often near complete cast changes between the different seasons. Additionally, often times the storylines are independently contained within each season, thus the common denominator between the different seasons is primarily thematic/topical.

Nonstop Series

MBC sitcom series that first aired in 2000, it went on to air five additional seasons with the last season Nonstop 6 - Rainbow Romance airing in 2005/2006. This series is famous for launching the careers of many young actors and actresses and bringing them mainstream popularity. Some notable names that have acted in one of the Nonstop series include Yeon Jun Hoon 연정훈 (Vampire Prosecutor, Mask), Go Soo 고수 (Will It Snow for Christmas?, Golden Empire), Jo In Sung 조인성 (That Winter, The Wind Blows; It's Okay, That's Love), Jang Na Ra 장나라 (The Last Empress, Fated To Love You), Jeon Hye Bin 전혜빈 (Gunman In Joseon, Another Miss Oh), Son Dam Bi 손담비 (What Happens to My Family?, When The Camellia Blooms), Hyun Bin 현빈 (Crash Landing On You, Secret Garden), Han Ye Seul 한예슬 (Birth of a Beauty, 20th Century Boy and Girl), Lee Yoon Ji 이윤지 (Dream High, King2Hearts), Han Hyo Joo 한효주 (Dong Yi, W), and Lee Min Ki 이민기 (The Beauty Inside, Because This Life Is My First).

High Kick Series

MBC sitcom series that first aired in 2006 with Unstoppable High Kick followed by High Kick Through The Roof! in 2009 and ending with High Kick! The Revenge of the Short-legged in 2011. This series has also helped launch some young actors to stardom such as Jung Il Woo 정일우 (Cinderella and the Four Knights, Haechi), Shin Se Kyung 신세경 (Six Flying Dragons, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung), Choi Daniel 최다니엘 (School 2013, Jugglers), Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤 (Your Honor, Psychopath Diary), and Kim Ji Won 김지원 (Descendants of the Sun, Fight For My Way).

School Series

KBS drama series that portrayed realistic issues South Korean teenagers faced in high school. School 1 and School 2 aired in 1999, while School 3 aired in 2000 and School 4 aired in 2001. This series is also famous for launching careers. Some notable names that appeared in one of the School series include Jang Hyuk 장혁 (Money Flower, Tree With Deep Roots), Choi Kang Hee 최강희 (Queen of Mystery, Protect The Boss), Yang Dong Geun 양동근 (Ruler of Your Own World, 365: Repeat the Year), Kim Min Hee 김민희 (movie The Handmaiden), Kim Rae Won 김래원 (Doctors, Attic Cat), Lee Dong Wook 이동욱 (Goblin, Strangers From Hell), Im Soo Jung 임수정 (Chicago Typewriter, Search: WWW), Lee Yoo Ri 이유리 (Come! Jang Bo Ri, Father Is Strange), and Gong Yoo 공유 (Goblin, Coffee Prince).

Reply/Answer Me Series

tvN drama series that focuses on nostalgia of times gone by, featuring lots of references to historical events and pop culture. The core of this series is families, those bound by blood and those made by choice.
Reply 1997 aired in 2012 and set record viewership ratings for cable television. It's finale broke 6% on tvN but that's not all, the final episode was actually aired on four different cable channels to capitalize on its popularity. See this Dramabeans Ep 16 Recap to see the hype back then for that final episode.
Reply 1994 aired in 2013 while Reply 1988 aired in 2015.
This series has managed to launch nearly all of its entire cast in all seasons into stardom or a new level of stardom. For those that have not watched the series but are interested in watching and wondering in which order to watch the series, see this post for good insight without any major spoilers.

Let's Eat Series

tvN drama series that focuses on food and is filled with copious amounts of food porn. This series is an excellent introduction to the variety of Korean food available. There is also a spinoff in the series about drinking called Drinking Solo.

I Need Romance Series

tvN drama series about love and dating in the modern world. S1 aired in 2011, S2 aired in 2012, and S3 aired in 2014. While the cast and the stories changed between the series, the topic of romance remained at the heart of each drama.

Oh! Boy series (tvN: Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band)

tvN launched the Oh! Boy series as a line of youth-targeted programming in 2011. It included an audition show in addition to several dramas. The common themes for these dramas is its flower boys.
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop was the first in the series and aired in 2011, followed by Shut Up! Flower Boy Band in 2012 and Flower Boy Next Door in 2013.

Most Number of Seasons

Ugly Miss Young Ae

tvN S1 (2007) to latest S17 (2019)
A comedy drama focusing on the growing pains and life of a woman and lead by the same FL, actress Kim Hyun Sook for all 17 seasons. The Korean wikipedia entry has tables of reappearing cast members organized by season and also production crew members, making it an interesting example to see cast and crew changes over seasons and years.
This drama perhaps is the most "typical"/"traditional" multi-season kdrama, with its retained core cast through its many seasons in addition to a rotation of production crews, including writing teams.

History Highlight

Do you know which drama is the longest running Korean drama of all time?
Hint: It starred Kim Hye Ja (김혜자) and Choi Bool Am (최불암)!


MBC Drama Country Diaries 전원일기 (Hanja: 田園日記)
It began airing in Oct 21, 1980 and aired its last episode on Dec 29, 2002. There are a total of 1088 episodes. It is a rural drama (농촌 드라마), a drama that portrayed rural life as it was. Kim Hye Ja and Choi Bool Am played the main couple and the drama portrayed their daily life as they grew old together.
For a glimpse of the drama, see the photo gallery on its official profile page on MBC (in Korean).
ETA: Note on Terminology Used
The Korean language has lots of loan words, words borrowed from other languages such as English. In my post I'm using the English term corresponding to the load word used in Korean as opposed to the English translation of the term.
Example: Korean term is 드라마 so I used the English term drama but there may be a more distinct/appropriate corresponding term in English, such as TV shows. (See this comment below.)
Additional Examples
Using the below excerpt from a JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보) news article on Let's Eat 3 to illustrate the use of terms. Relevant terms are bolded below:
tvN 월화드라마 '식샤를합시다3 : 비긴즈'(이하 식샤를합시다3)에 시청자들의 원망이 쏟아지고 있다. 지난 17일 방송에서 전 시즌시즌2 주인공 백수지(서현진 분)의 갑작스러운 죽음이 그려졌기 때문이다. 특히 '식샤를 합시다' 시리즈는 여주인공 이수경(시즌1)과 서현진(시즌2)의 캐릭터가 사랑받았던 터라 시즌을 거듭하며 쭉 지켜봐 왔던 시청자들의 충격은 더욱 큰 것으로 보인다.
Bolded terms and corresponding English term:
  • 드라마 drama
  • 시즌 season
  • 시리즈 series
I've personally just always used the English version of the Korean loan word because it's easy to remember and makes the most sense to me when talking about kdramas. Sorry if this is not best practice or caused confusion.
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2020.08.01 21:51 gnac_assir My boyfriends mom is abusive & unstable and I don’t know what to do

I (22f) have been dating my bf (21m) for nearly 3 years, our relationship is solid and we’ve lived together for over a year now. Long story short, his mom is not mentally well; we discovered she has BPD, narcissism, and is a master manipulator. She has never had a successful relationship with a man; me & my bf have outlasted her last 3 relationships. She even has her own mother scared of her. 4 months ago, my bf and his mom (I’ll refer to them as Stan and Jas) got into a small argument that spiraled into this huge disgusting mess due to her inability to take responsibility for her actions and be a good mother to her son. Everything she’s done has made the situation worse. 1. Jas claims Stan is abandoning her when he isn’t, it’s actually the reverse. She has several times threatened to cut Stan out of her life, even tried making him choose between me and her (I have never done anything bad to either of them, she blames me for her problems claiming I’m “stealing her son away from her” but the reality is her son has grown up and she can’t accept that.) 2. She has made horrible comments to and about me (and even my mom!) but since then I’ve stuck up to her and currently I haven’t heard anything so I’m not worried about that atm. 3. Stans birthday just passed and she didn’t get him anything, not even a card, and only sent a text saying “Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day.” 4. One of the last times she reached out to Stan, he didn’t get back to her right away as it was late when he saw her text and by 7 am Jas sent him an email saying how she will no longer pay our electric bill (although she’s the one who insisted on paying it in the first place.) Stan has repeatedly told her he wants a relationship with her, but she refuses to cooperate. Stans grandmother has even acknowledged the abuse (financial, emotional, & psychological-theres a lot more than what I’m writing here, I’m trying to keep it as short as I can) Jas has done to both of us, and advised Stan to set boundaries with Jas but also remind her he isn’t abandoning her. Stan did just that. He sent her a text (bc he doesn’t want to see her out of fear she’ll lash out again) and she never responded. A week later, Stan got a call from his grandmother saying how “low” Jas has gotten and that she’s worried. This obv has upset Stan even further, bc now he’s worried she might do something irreversible. All three of us (me, Stan and his gma) agreed Jas needs to seek psychological help, but Stans gma is afraid to be stern with Jas, and Stan doesn’t want to “push her too far.” It seems like this can only end in disaster, and I hate seeing Stan so hurt. He often cries to me, and it breaks my heart. I feel so powerless. Jas knows he cries to me too, but rather than fix her wrongs she plays the victim. The few times I’ve reached out to her (sternly but not aggressively) letting her know the damage she’s doing, she verbally attacked me. So I don’t know what to do.
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2020.07.28 18:06 throwaway-0410 A Comprehensive Timeline of EvaX

I've been seeing a lot of posts asking for this. To the best of my ability I'll list what I've found with evidence. I'm addressing Alex Mahan as "EvaX" instead of "YanDev" because I don't think it's very accurate to call him a developer.
Important note: I don't condone the harassment of Alex Mahan. While it is fine to be outraged over his behavior, harassment of any kind is not encouraged. The purpose of this post is to bring to light the morally inept behaviors that have been expressed throughout the years, not to create reasons to harass Mahan.
About CannotGoogleMe: There is now proof beyond reasonable doubt (99%) that confirms CannotGoogleMe is EvaX. Subject is under 2015.
Lastly, if I'm missing any information or if someone would like to make a better timeline, feel free to take from this post or build off of it- you can copy-paste! The goal is to make a comprehensive list to get the facts straight so that everyone is better informed.
The notes about his age is to prevent any arguments about his age ("he was only a teen when he wrote that!"), and to give a better example of... is this a good reflection of how an ___ aged man should behave? Also provided as a DEFENSE for EvaX himself (as seen in "ideation of killing his parents) as he is speculated to only be 16.
(Please comment any info/evidence I'm missing instead of messaging me)
Under Construction /Ambiguous dates / Misc.
Ideation of killing his parents (2000's- unknown date)
EvaX has been known to be a frequenter of sites like Gaia and 4chan. He posted about wanting to kill his parents; someone advised him to move out but he didn't want to as he was a dependent. While this is worrisome behavior, the speculated time of the post places EvaX to be in his late teens (most likely 16?), so it's not quite relevant to his behavior now besides building a background of repeated behavior and an unstable/ dangerous mindset.
Abusing Stream Watchers
Called a person an a*tistic little b*tch in a stream. Unfortunately it was deleted and I cannot find any evidence of it (if found I'll put it here), but this was also part of the stream that was captured by a kiwi before being deleted (speculated to have occurred on 2009 or 2015, based on the dates, making EvaX ~21 or 27).
Master Post of stolen assets
Unprofessional Interactions Compilation
YanSim's main artist has some allegations against her for tracing art. Not a callout for her, just that it means there are stolen images/ traced art in the game, and I'm not sure if people want to support that.
Spaghetti Code
A very long video that does a good job in covering the code. The video is segmented if you wish to look for a specific subject, and is also in the description.
Loserz Message Board
2006-2007 (~18-19 y/o)
EvaX was part of the Loserz Message Board (Loserz webcomic forum) and has made some questionable posts and comments about women and general incel thoughts. Most of his activity were in 2006-2007 (18-19 y/o), so hold these against him with consideration of his age.
Playing a Porn Game with an Underaged Character
2006 (~18 y/o)
EvaX frequented a forum to guide him on a game called Rapelay, a pornographic game centered around sexually assaulting a mother and her two daughters, one of whom is underaged. While the forum has no pictures, click at your own risk due to the nature of the game.
Alleged Pastebin of EvaX addressing Streaming Abuse
EvaX has/had a private website where he streamed and interacted with people, and this is apparently a response to EvaX abusing mod powers (banning, censorship, etc.)

Volunteer Mistreatment
Many volunteers have stopped working with EvaX after harsh treatment or problematic behavior. Will be updated with more information

2005-2012 (17- 24 y/o; "Life of a Sex Slave" was written in 2009, making him ~21 y/o).
Disturbing Fanfictions
EvaX wrote many stories, some about rape and human trafficking (sex slaves). Read at your own risk. In one of the stories, a character was 10 years old when she first experienced rape (and it goes on until her late teens).
2006 (~18 y/o; site lists as 20 but it's either wrong or EvaX forgot to update copyright)-
Name Origin / Confirmation
EvaXephon's name is a combination of Alex Mahan's favorite animes, NGE ("Eva" coming from Evangelion) and RahXephon (Xephon). EvaX has a fanmade site to compare these two animes and confirms that they are the origin of his username.
Rage tendencies
In a conversation in a forum post, EvaX mentions "rage" tendencies and that he has been forbidden from screaming to relieve stress. He mentions hitting objects and more screaming. There are more incel posts at this time.
2008 (~20 y/o)-
Incel / misogynistic Gaia Posts
EvaX confirms he is NotDepressedAnymore (the UN for most of these posts).
EvaX posts an "incel" post on Gaia where he blames his physical appearance for the lack of attention from girls ("I'm a nice friendly guy and I just want people to give me a chance [...] I guess my face makes me look like a creepy, weird guy, so no one wants to know me or be around me"). Here's a similar post. And another one. Aand another one. Aaaaaaaaand another one.
Branching off of this, EvaX has sexualized women and "creep'd" on them. In one post, he mentions staring at a girl's breasts and wonders if his creepy behavior made her cover up.
2009 (~21 y/o)
Sisefs- soliciting nudes and engaging in online sex with a minor
In a post from the victim herself, she confirms that she was in a relationship with EvaX, with EvaX KNOWING she was 14. He justified this relationship by saying that since he was homeschooled, he missed out on dating in high school. She was in MIDDLE SCHOOL.
He asked her for nudes, sexted over skype, and masturbated to her on webcam.
Here's a chatlog with a different girl; use control-f to find "sex". It's predatory. Sisefs is mentioned in the chatlog, but EvaX lies about his experience with her and her character (most importantly, that she was a minor):
" She did a bunch of bad stuff, like...she lied about her age, and she started a website to give people a place to say bad things about me, and her parents took away her Internet privileges because she was taking nude pictures of herself and sending them out to people. She sent me her nude pictures (and she sent them to like 100 other people too) and somehow, this means "EvaXephon requests child porn from minors". I deleted all of her photos as soon as I discovered that she had been lying about her age the whole time. She was not a good person at all, and I am very glad that I don't know her anymore.""
He also wrote this in context of his experience with Sisefs in 2015 (~27 y/o).
He later makes an tumblr post addressing Sisefs in 2015 (~27 y/o) and general pedophilia/ sisefs situation in 2017 (~29 y/o).
Tumblr user Wunkolo talked to EvaX about this and this was part of his response in an email.

2011-2014 (~23-26 y/o)-
"VideoGameBabes" Twitter
EvaX is confirmed to be the owner of the twitter account "VideoGameBabes". The account is centered around writing about... hot video game "babes", and while that in itself is kinda problematic, he goes beyond that by making a pedophilic comment- "Japan has produced yet another game about fondling underage anime girls. All praise to glorious Japan!"

2014 (~26 y/o)-
Luna Scythe / Skullgirl Programmer Rant
EvaX worked on a hack-and-slash called Lunar Scythe, and he posted it to a skullgirls forum. There has been criticisms from people, as the main character looks like a generic edgy girl (and bears similarity to Ruby?) and has an overly "sexy" vibe. The description of the game literally says
" At the beginning of the game, Luna dies. As Luna’s spirit looks down at her own body, she feels nothing but apathy. She didn’t want to live in a world filled with human filth*, anyway.* "
EvaX showed his game to Mike Z., the lead programmer of Skullgirls. Here's the pastebin transcript of when Eva X and Mike Z had a conversation about the game. He gave EvaX criticism and EvaX blew up in a later post.This is why some people have called Yandere Simulator a "Spite Game" in response to YS fans calling Love Letter the same.
Senpai's Little Sister Controversy
EvaX originally wrote Senpai's sister to be cute and innocent, but wanted to make her "lewd/ jailbaity". This is problematic because Hanako is underage. His defense was that it would make people feel less guilty about killing her.
He later states that Hanako and Senpai are only 3 months apart (same parents) when that is biologically impossible. Also controversial due to incest implications- however, this is a common trope in anime.
Unfortunately, a lot of the posts/ evidence are in yandere_simulator and that is currently in lockdown (and most likely deleted). I'll update if given pictures.

2015 (~27 y/o)-
Addressing suggestions to remove panty shots
I think the post speaks for itself. EvaX thinks people are too sensitive when they tell him to remove a feature in the game that is literally creeping on underage girls, and he wants to implement rape into a game about murdering minors?
Admits he has no formal training
The reason why his code is spaghetti is because he learned while messing around in free programs and from his experience at a company.
Existence of Sex Doll ( "Mai Waifu" character namesake )
CannotGoogleMe is confirmed to be EvaX. Controversial as it is heavily implied that EvaX has bought the doll using Patreon money, as well as naming a class 1-1 (freshman) underage character after his sex doll, placing her at around age 14-15. They have similarities, such as pink hair (which was inspired by a Momoka cosplayer EvaX saw). Forum posts start at 2012, but doll posts begin at 2015.
Click links with caution. First is the "Mai Waifu" and gets close to nudity but has spoiler tags, while the "Samus" one is less risque.

2016 (~28 y/o)-
Censorship on Yandere Simulator Wiki
While EvaX is the "dev", he doesn't have the right to remove posts on a fan-run wikia. He barged into the wiki and started removing posts and comments and got banned, then started a flame war with another user. They told him "you aren't above the rules" and EvaX starts attacking his personality and credibility (ad hominem fallacy).
Ayano in Crush Crush (A Porn Version exists)
Crush Crush is an idle dating sim, and EvaX agreed to let Ayano be made into a dateable character. It is partnered with Nutaku (a well-known adult company) and has a NSFW version (link to twitter, not the game. Safe to click). The 18+ version has a still image of the main character (a white blob) doing it with any of the dateable characters, Ayano included.
Ayano is 18* (Ayano previously was listed to be around 17, but has since been boosted to be 18). There is a classic tactic for people who draw/make/etc. porn to say that all characters depicted are 18+, even if specified otherwise. This seems like a similar case.
Sex License
In a conversation with someone EvaX addresses as "N", he talks about an idea to bypass the age of consent. EvaX did not condone "N" demonizing pedophiles, and defended his idea for a sex license- a test to see if an underage individual is ready for sex (his argument being that people have different maturities regardless of age).
" Intent on forcing me to answer a question that would allow her to brand me as a pedophile, she demanded to know if I would permit a 14-year-old to have sex with a grown man if the 14-year-old had passed the “sex license test” that I had proposed.
Well, obviously, if there’s a test that objectively proves that a person is ready for sex, and a person passes that test, then that person is objectively ready for sex. This is simple logic, but “N” lacked the mental capacity to figure this out for herself."

2016-2017 (~28-29 y/o)-
Nemesis Origin / Stolen concept
Nemesis was based off this art as stated by EvaX himself. To EvaX's credit, he did change Nemesis's hairstyle with the artist's approval, albeit the character design is still very, very similar. (In Mission Mode, it is revealed that Nemesis is Hanako from the Mission Mode alternate timeline, meaning she is underage).

2017 (~29 y/o)-
Stolen Art Used in a Video
EvaX stole multiple fanart from teenagers across some art platforms (Deviantart, tumblr, etc.), blacked them out, and used them to tease new characters. A user has made a very descriptive post about this on the wikia.
Some of these characters are from licensed video games and anime (Elsword and Durarara), so I'm concerned about the legality of using a different company's character to promote your own, even if it's through STOLEN fanart.

2018 (~30 y/o)-
Calls Patreon his Tip Jar
EvaX says the patreon is his tip jar, not the budget for the game. He SOMETIMES compensates volunteers with money from it, however. This is noteworthy as most people assume that the money they're giving him are to support the game, not buy an extra switch or a sex doll (allegedly).

2019 (~31 y/o)-
Announces crossover with Project QT (Porn Game)
Ayano is in the crossover, and EvaX defends this choice by saying "YanSim was never intended for children; my audience is mostly adults". Click the first link at your own risk. This is problematic because Ayano is underaged* (even if EvaX says "ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18 EVEN IF SPECIFIED OTHERWISE HURR DURR").

2020 (~32 y/o)-
Discord Speedrun Ban Arc
EvaX made a post addressing what happened to him in 2020, with the "Discord Speedrun Ban Arc" being the first. He states that this started on Jan 20, 2020, and on the same day he posts a tweet about suicidal ideation. Not so much as a demerit to him, but just a reflection of how he handles stressful situations and his poor state of mind. (Important note: even if you think EvaX is a terrible person, harassment is not okay).
Announces crossover with BITC (Porn Game)
Ayano and Nemesis are in the crossover. EvaX just makes a simple post announcing it. Same underage problem applies (as aforementioned, Nemesis is Hanako from another timeline, making her underaged, while Ayano had her age changed to "18").
Intimidating rival games and threatening suicide to the Dev of Love Letter
To the developer of WMN (telling him to take down the game and lie to the fanbase)
and to the developer of Love Letter (suicide threat)
Puts discord server and subreddit on lockdown; censorship
No description needed.

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2020.07.24 21:45 k2900 An unsent letter

I just need a place to write.
I felt relatively ok a couple of days this week. I've been busy. But here I am on a Friday evening feeling lost and alone. I miss you.
I often said and felt like a relationship is always worth it in the end because the good times. They can never be taken away. And yet they mean nothing, now, in the present. Because all the good times together have culminated in this feeling of loss and worry about the future.
I chatted to some people on these online dating apps. It feels so impossible to connect with anyone. You were one of a kind. You are one of a kind. Or maybe you were just the kind that works for me.
You were non-judgemental and open-minded. That worked for me. The overly religious types or militant atheists don't work for me.
Although we had some hard times, we communicated. You talked. I remember the time you drove all the way to my place at night just to make sure we could talk something out. I remember getting upset with you because you weren't problem solving and finding solutions. And that brings me to the next point.
You took things to heart. You improved yourself and how you approach things. That works for me. It amazed me that you would write out your goals list, or read a book to try to solve the problem. The way you tried so hard towards the end was inspiring. Because I saw a part of me in that. That undying will to keep going. To solve the problem. To try what it takes even if it scared you. Courage.
Your empathy is unique. The times I got mad was so brief because you were so in-tune to other people's emotions. You immediately got so sorry and apologetic and I hated to see that, but that is what makes you a great person.
You were the first person I was truly myself with. I mean truly. The "helicopter". My childhood room. Things I would have taken to my grave. You were the first person I fully trusted. I never thought I would open up to that extent. You were the first person I went on holiday with. I really thought we could spent a life together.
There have been a few times I've been angry in the past... few weeks? I don't know how long it's been. Because I felt kind of swindled. I really didn't see this coming. We entered the relationship without dealbreakers. And so that's why I feel blindsided. But here I am. Tonight. After many weeks of thinking I'm healing, I'm here feeling the pain of the love I have for you aching with no place to direct it.
I wonder how you're doing. What you think of me. If you actually sent my book back. That fucking book. I will probably be wondering for a few more months if it will ever arrive in the mail. I've finally learned the lesson from my mom. The memory is vague. So vague I can't remember if it is actually a memory or some kind of made up de ja vous. But I feel like somehow she taught me that people rarely return books or take forever to return them. Never again am I lending someone a book. It seems so silly. I've devoted a whole paragraph to this. But you saw how teriffied I was of leaving stuff at each others place. Joking that you must take your hair clips home. Maybe not so much of a joke.
And this has proven it. No matter what there is always the opportunity to be blindsided. And my OCD kicks in when the breakup happens and things are not in order. My last relationship I let her keep the damn book. This one I wanted it back. I felt like I lost a part of me, but the least I could do is try to get my book back. Two paragraphs now on the damn book. Either way. I'll give it another month and then buy myself another copy. I'll feel less annoyed then.
These last two paragraphs have ruined my heartfelt letter. Now it feels stupid.
I also wanted you to know that although I've been struggling a bit with alcohol, I never got drunk. Just a bit too frequent. But the ban has helped. I'll get through it. I've also been learning about stoicism. I'm not sure if I'm on board with it but their idea is to embrace pain and suffering. Sounds good in theory but can it be done? I'll need to learn more. There are stoic meditations as well I think.
Well this was kind of nice. Although I'm talking to myself here its almost the same as having a great conversation with someone else. Even an imaginary conversation with you is better than most other ones.
If we were still together right now we would probably be having coffee on your stoep tomorrow morning.
That reminds me. I managed to get my money back for the present I got you. It was a notepad that I designed myself. It was just black and white. The font was elegant. It had your name at the top. And 3 words separated by fullstops underneath. Gorgeous. Intelligent. Elegant. Or something like that. That wasn't it. Mickey in the top right corner. Something else in the top left. I can't remember now. And then the pooches at the bottom. It would have been nice to have seen how it turned out.
Anyway I am done for the evening.
I was going to end this with xoxo GossipGirl and then I realised I'm not actually talking to you, this is reddit and then they'll think I'm a chick. And so this paragraph kind of broke the 4th wall in text format. Interesting. Breaking the 4th wall is when in a play or movie the actors talk to the audience.
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2020.07.21 10:08 swarla A masterpost on Togashi’s gay subtext and why it’s intentional.

To preface this, I did not write this amazing analysis. All credit goes to telehxhtrash. I just transferred it to reddit format. Now to the actual post:
I usually see a lot of people trying to say that HxH isn’t about romance and that Togashi isn’t interested in writing romance into the manga, but when you analyze all the subtext that’s been going on the further Gon and Killua’s relationship progresses, I think it’s incorrect to say that Togashi has never hinted at the possibility of romance in HxH.
This is going to be a long post, enjoy your read!
Also, please note that I will only base this analysis on the manga, so there can be no mistake that “maybe this is just something the anime made gayer” : i want to prove that the subtext is 100% intentional on Togashi’s part.
I’d also like to mention, although I will analyze it further after listing the subtext, that Togashi is a VERY smart man. There’s always little details in the story and/or foreshadowing that are easily missed at first but when you notice them, it truly makes you understand how much attention and care Togashi puts into his work. The examples that talk to me the most, are the fact that Kite, having been killed by Pitou (a cat-liked chimera ant) was reborn with a mouse-like tail (Togashi is such a troll), and also the fact that Kurapika’s ties to the DC were hinted as far as in Yorknew Arc, where you can see him rocking his Kurta outfit with a Mobius stripe on it. Ofc, there are more examples, but I won’t dwell on it. In short, Togashi loves to foreshadow and plant little details into his work, so when Togashi plants subtext, I’m sure he 100% knows that he’s writing it, and it can’t be seen as unintentional.
I’ll also link all my references for this post at the end of it, so feel free to read all the additional textposts and content if you want to know more.
Well, let’s get into it!
Greed Island is to me, the arc that lays down the nature of Killua and Gon’s relationship. It’s during this arc that we get to see a bit more of what Killua thinks, how he’s lucky to have met Gon and that he feels really grateful. While the scene where Killua thinks “You’ve got it backwards, Gon, I’m the one that’s glad I met you.” can’t be considered as subtext, I think it’s something that lets the reader know a bit more about how Killua feels towards Gon.
But other than this scene, which can clearly be dismissed as platonic, there are 2 more moments in the Greed Island arc that are layered in subtext.
• The Rainbow Diamond (chapter 151)
During their time in Dorias (i think, please correct me if I’m wrong), Killua uses (and becomes addicted to) Risky Dice to gain cards from the slot machines. The first card that Killua gains is called “Rainbow Diamond”, the description of the card being “A diamond that shines in a rainbow of colors. Propose with this diamond and she is guaranteed to say "yes”“.
There are 3 different things we can take from this panel. First, the card is a marriage proposal card, so it’s obviously romantic in nature. Second, the object is a RAINBOW (hint hint) diamond. And third, Killua, wanting to keep the card safe, gifts it to Gon.
In short, Togashi sat down at his desk, decided to draw Killua winning a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL CARD (it could’ve been any card but nope, it had to be marriage proposal) that has a RAINBOW diamond on it and made Killua gift it to Gon. Yup, 100% unintentional subtext right there. No way Togashi could’ve EVER possibly known how this could be interpreted. He couldn’t have made Killua win another random card, nope. While I personally don’t think that subtext can be used to 100% ascert that Killua has romantic feelings for Gon, I think it’s a funny little touch from Togashi, and I’m even gonna say a sort of hint towards how Killua’s feelings for Gon are going to evolve in this arc and the next.
• “It has to be Killua” (chapter 166)
Now this is a scene that I’ve never seen anyone talk about, at least on Tumblr, but when I read a bit of analysis on it I was 100% convinced this was intentional subtext. I’m basically quoting here what this article explains, so if you want more detail, I recommend reading it.
As you probably recall, during their deadly dodgeball game against Razor, Killua decides to sacrifice his hands to insure that Gon could use all his strength. When confronted about it, Killua insists that it’s nothing, and Gon shocks him by saying that he knew all along that he was hurting himself for his sake.
Gon then says that it can only be Killua holding the ball, and that it has to be Killua, resulting in Killua being absolutely awestruck and embarassed. I’m also going to talk about the anime adaptation for this one, because it’s perfectly executed and translates extremely well the nuance that the second sentence bears. If you want to rewatch it, this scene happens in episode 70. It’s worth noting that in the anime, we see Killua not reacting to Gon’s first sentence, but losing his composure entirely when Gon says the second sentence. But why ? The reason was lost in translation. His exact words are ”Booru wa Killua ga motte-kurenai to. Killua ja nakya dame nan da.“. Both sentences basically say the same thing : It has to be Killua holding the ball. That second sentence can be translated literally as "If it’s not Killua, that won’t do.” However, the second sentence, in a different context, can also be used to say a totally different thing.
While it’s certain that Gon used this sentence in the context of the dodgeball match, the sentence “~ja nakya dame nan da” also serves as a confession of one’s feelings in japanese. It’s basically the equivalent to “you’re the one for me”. When you google the sentence, it turns up romantic songs, forum posts asking what it would translate to in English and posts on how to confess to someone.
The sentence basically drowns in romantic subtext.
As mentioned before, Killua has no reaction to the first sentence “Booru wa Killua ga motte-kurenai to.”, but loses his composure at the second one, and I think that was a very deliberate thing Togashi wanted to convey : this sentence has an additional layer, and clearly Killua is taking it to heart.
I will come back to this specific subtext in a bit, because we can parallel it with another subtext-y situation, so please keep it in mind for now.
Now onto the sad gay arc! This arc is so RIDDLED in subtext and parallels that it’s making me lose my mind. I’ll only analyze the subtext for this post, but I’m thinking about writing a meta post on the different parallels that the arc draws later on.
• Gon, you are light. (chapter 199)
There’s literally no hetero explanation for this scene. There’s just none. I don’t know what kind of gay juice Togashi was sipping when he wrote this panel but I want some too, please. So many people dismiss it as platonic, so I’m gonna add my take on it, because to me, this is the exact moment that Killua realized he had a bit more feelings towards Gon than normal bro feelings. It’s extremely important to take the context of this scene into account. What happened is that Killua, who has been struggling mentally for the entire series with the fact that he’s always running away, ran away once more, leaving Kite to die with Pitou. This ENTIRE chapter is literally adults absolutely DESTROYING Killua, first Kite’s troupe bashing him for leaving Kite behind, and then Netero, Morel and Knov coming in like icing on the cake telling Killua that “After all, he’s just a kid”, and that he should hurry up to his mommy.
So let’s recap : Killua is beating himself up for running away again, got destroyed by Kite’s team and 3 extremely strong pro hunters. His morale is down in the drains right now. He expects Gon to be mad at him for betraying Kite, for running away once again, for leaving Kite to die alone and ripping Gon away from Kite : in short, he expects that he’ll lose Gon for his cowardice.
HOWEVER, the first thing that Gon says to Killua after having been passed out for god knows how many hours is “Thank you”. Gon woke up and instantly eased up all of Killua’s fears : he wasn’t a loser for running away, and Gon was actually thankful for him. Gon, at this moment, was the only one that showed kindness, understanding and gratefulness towards Killua. Gon even goes so far as saying that he knows that Kite isn’t dead, and that they have to help him. At this instant, Gon is truly Killua’s saving grace. He’s the one that trusts him with his entire heart, and believes in his choices when even he can’t believe in himself. At this moment, Gon is truly Killua’s light, because he supported him in this awful situation.
This whole scene is drowning in gay subtext (comparing ur bro to light itself? no homo), but people dismiss it as normal bro behavior, so with that in mind I’m going to pair it with the next subtext to prove that Togashi INTENDED on telling the audience that this moment was crucial to understand Killua’s feelings.
• Introduction to Palm’s character (chapter 200)
This one is very very easy to miss but it’s one of the most important subtext-y scene, because it’s basically Togashi telling you “Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, but last chapter was gay. very gay. no heteros allowed in my manga.”.
Basically, this chapter introduces Palm’s character (which, imo, is a character introduced for the sole intent of being a catalyst to Killua’s feelings towards Gon, but I’ll talk about it in my post talking about the CAA parallels).
So, Killua having looked into Gon’s eyes for like 10min straight and concluded that Gon was the light of his life a chapter ago, is now chilling with Gon as they meet Palm.
Palm takes them to a café and STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT harasses them about how much she’s in love with Knov. Like when I say harassing, it’s literally a whole page of her explaining her feelings towards Knov.
There are two interesting things that can be drawn from this interaction.
First, it’s extremely easy to draw parallels between Palm’s situation towards Knov and Killua’s situation towards Gon. Palm starts by saying how amazing her master is, that she probably has special feelings for him but the most important thing is to respect the other person. She then goes on to say that she hasn’t said anything to Knov, and never will (reminds you of a special someone with white hair?). All of this adds nothing to the story, it’s empty dialogue, Togashi could’ve introduced Palm in any other way possible, but he chose to drag her and the gay duo to a café and make her have a monologue about love after the extremely emotional panel of Killua declaring that Gon is his light just a chapter ago. But there’s more. Not only does Palm monologue for a while about love, but after finishing her monologue, this happens :
This panel features ONLY Palm and Killua, her looking at him like the psycho she is, and straight up telling him that “love can suddenly spark out of nowhere, don’t you think so?”.
What’s so interesting about this is the fact that Togashi made the deliberate choice to have Palm say this to Killua and Killua ONLY, which after the gay existential crisis he had last chapter, can very much be applied to his situation. Love DID spark out of nowhere, and Togashi wants you to notice. Togashi could’ve made Palm say this to herself, with no distinct listener like the last panel, but he made the conscious choice to draw this panel with Palm adressing herself to Killua SPECIFICALLY. At this point he could’ve just dressed up killua in a “I am gay” shirt and made him dye his hair in rainbow colors and it would’ve been the same thing.
Those two subtexts, who fit perfectly together, make me believe 100% that Togashi knows what he’s doing and he’s not unintentionally planting homoerotic situations in his work. The fact that Togashi sat at his desk, drew Killua calling Gon his light, and then followed this scene with the introduction to a character who picks Killua apart to tell him that “love is something that just happens, don’t you think?” is 100% proof that Togashi knows what he’s doing.
• Date with Palm (chapters 217 and 218)
I think this situation has many layers, but many people still dismiss it as bro behavior so I’m gonna try my best to counter argue. First of all, and although that’s not proof of anything, Killua looks EXTREMELY distressed by the prospect of Gon going on a date with Palm, but that can be counter-argued by saying that Killua is just worried because Palm is completely crazy.
What I want to talk about is the scene that happens right after, when Gon and Killua go to the gym (because theyre DUDES YEAH WE WORK OUT NO HOMO), and the conversation casually drifts to Killua asking Gon if he’s ever been on a date before, valid question considering what just happened previously. There are multiple things here :
1) Killua seems distressed that Gon has been on dates before. While it can be argued that it’s a normal reaction because Gon has and he hasn’t, I believe that Killua - who is in no way a normal person who would get flustered about “not having been on dates before a certain age” - would not feel uncomfortable that his friend is more experienced than him.
2) Gon then proceeds to ask Killua if he’s ever been on a date, to which Killua responds:
What I want to highlight is the panel where Killua says “And the truth is, I want to stay by your side… Always…”. Basically, what Killua is saying, is that he doesn’t care about dates, all he wants to do is be with Gon.
I don’t think this can be counter-argued as bro behavior, but with all the subtext I’ve explained before, this right here is a big pile of homo. Togashi put this panel deliberately to show that Killua doesn’t give a crap about dates when he can stay with Gon, and with the “gon you are light” scene and everything in mind I think this is another intentional subtext.
There’s also the fact that Killua stalks the date like a jealous girlfriend - but I’m not gonna count that as subtext because it can be argued that he’s just worried about Gon because Palm is insane.
• Gon is my best friend ! (chapter 219)
Remember how I told you to keep the “It has to be Killua” subtext in mind because I was gonna come back to it later ? Well, let’s go ! During Palm’s date with Gon, Killua runs into Rammot, who would definitely have ran into Palm and nenless Gon. Killua is forced to confront his worst fear : this is the moment where he knows that if he runs away again, Gon WILL die. Killua is literally overcoming his “programming” out of love and care for Gon, he’s ripping out the needle from his forehead out of pure, genuine care for Gon, because if he doesn’t, then he’ll lose him forever.
Now, what I actually wanna talk about is this panel.
What we see is Killua thinking happy thoughts about all his adventures with Gon because he can’t - won’t - doesn’t want to run away anymore, and all this for his sake. But what I wanna draw attention to is the dodgeball panel that’s bigger than all the others, and the only one where you can actually clearly make out what’s written : “Killua ja nakya dame nan da”.
Now, isn’t that interesting that the panel that takes a bigger place in the whole panel is the one with this particular sentence? Remember what I talked about a bit earlier, about how “~ ja nakya dame nan da” is a sentence with a lot of romantic connotations (would pretty much equal to “you’re the one for me” in English). Clearly this particular sentence stuck with Killua.
I’m not completely objective on this matter since I firmly believe that at this point, Killua has romantic feelings for Gon, but I interpret this as another deliberate thing Togashi did : putting the panel bigger so we can see that it has a particularly significant importance to Killua, and Killua’s state of mind right now (not wanting to lose Gon).
In my opinion, two things happened here: One, Killua remembers this specific interaction because he knows how much Gon trusts him and he doesn’t want to betray his trust. But I also firmly believe that Killua remembered this specific interaction because of the romantic connotation the sentence “Killua ja nakya dame nan da” has.
Those words clearly shocked him, and I think he remembers them in this life-threatening situation, after the “gon you are light” scene, Palm talking about “love just happens”, the “i want to stay with you, always” because he realizes that he wishes Gon would say that sentence in a romantic context, and not in the context of the dodgeball match, thus leading him to surpass himself to prove his love and perhaps live to see the day where Gon could say those words in that context.
Now, of course, all of this is my interpretation, so it’s really up to debate, but I really wanna highlight the fact that Togashi deliberately CHOSE to highlight this particular interaction between Gon and Killua, this sentence with romantic subtext, to lead Killua to finally break his chains and be able to be protect Gon fully. Also let’s quickly mention the irony in the situation here : while Gon is on a romantic date, Killua fights to protect him, overcoming his weakness to prove his love. I definitely think this is a subtle but intentional parallel from Togashi.
• A lover’s suicide (chapter 286)
Now, onto the most important piece of subtext, that can not be counterargued as platonic in any way, shape or form. During the palace invasion, Killua leaves Gon’s side, proceeds to go kick Youpi’s butt only to have to fall back because he used up all his electricity nen. When Killua is charging up, he meets with Meleoron, and tells him that once he’s done charging, he’ll go back to Gon’s side.
They briefly exchange information about the battle, and then Meleoron proceeds to ask Killua what’s the plan for him and Gon. That’s when Killua explains that “Once Gon is like this, he won’t budge an inch. Worst case scenario, it’ll be a double suicide.”. Ok, at worst they both die, cool. But nope, that’s not only it.
The specific word that Killua uses for double suicide is “心中” (shinjuu), which is a heavily romantically connotated word in japanese. Shinjuu, also translated as “lover’s suicide”, is when two people die out of love, by the same method, because there’s a belief that this’ll allow those two people to spend eternity together. Shinjuu is a major theme of Japanese literature, and it is always used romantically. It’s a very uncommon word to use to refer to two people dying together, because of its heavy romantic connotation, and because it always refers to double suicide committed by people bound by love. If you want to read more on shinjuu, i suggest this and this, those articles explain its historic roots and the definition, also emphasizing the feeling of “oneness” that characterizes shinjuu.
So basically, what Killua is saying is that he wants to go back to Gon’s side to die with him, committing a “lover’s suicide” because he doesn’t want to leave Gon to die alone. I also want to emphasize how special this word is to Killua, and that he and everyone around him know the special meaning of this word - In chapter 300, Ikalgo literally says “We were… No, KILLUA was ready to commit shinjuu with Gon”. Ikalgo is really highlighting the fact that this word holds special meaning, especially to Killua, and that it was HIM who was willing to commit shinjuu by staying with Gon. Ikalgo and company dying with Gon wouldn’t be shinjuu, but Killua dying with Gon would be, and Togashi emphasizes this through Ikalgo’s thoughts.
This is pretty much the gist of it, but I suggest reading the wonderful post I linked in the references below if you want to know more about this specific subtext.
• “The one that Gon needs the most is you” (chapter 294)
I will go into this subtext more in details when I write the post about parallels in CAA, but I still want to talk about it briefly here.
Like I said before, to me, Palm was introduced as a catalyst for Killua’s feelings towards Gon. Togashi purposefully wrote Palm as having romantic feelings for Gon to foil Killua’s feelings for Gon and make him show jealousy towards Palm.
To Killua, Palm is someone who stole Gon from him, he sees her as a threat because maybe she’ll make Gon happier than he does ? (ofc we all know thats not true but Killua is baby) - Basically, Killua thinks Palm might be more important to Gon than Killua is, because he believes they are romantically involved. That’s why when he sees her again later on, after Gon rejected his help, leaving Killua helpess as to how to save his dear friend, Killua sees Palm as a saving grace.
He knows that if Gon sees Palm as a chimera ant, he will spiral down even more, so he tries to reason with her to get her to be gentle to Gon, because if not her, then who could? Palm would clearly be able to comfort Gon, with whom Killua believes is romantically involved with, better than him, right ? If Gon rejected Killua, then clearly Palm could help, since she seems closer to Gon (BECAUSE HE BELIEVES THEYRE DATING), right?
This confrontation between Palm and Killua closely ressembles a situation like an ex confronting a new girlfriend - and I think this is exactly why Togashi wrote Palm this way. He wanted Killua to confront who he thought was a threat to their relationship, making him believe that this person who’s “”“"dating”“"” Gon is more important to him than himself, only to have her openly admit that she means nothing to Gon. The only one Gon needs is Killua.
And that, my friends, coming from someone you believe is romantically involved with your best friend (who you probably have a crush on), someone you’re jealous of, the one you thought was the person most important to him, that’s a pretty meaningful statement.
Basically, what’s happening, is that Palm reaffirms that Gon holds Killua closer than a potential romantic partner. And that’s why Killua is so, so happy to hear that. He was questioning his entire relationship, questioning if Gon even cared about him, because he rejected him a few minutes before, but then his "rival” comes in and reaffirms that even she knows that no one comes close to Killua to Gon.
I also want to mention that this act of pure love (Killua only thinking of saving Gon when in a life threatening situation) is what made Palm come back to her human senses. d'awwwwww
• Illumi and Hisoka’s parallel on lovers who die of Alluka’s requests. (chapter 323)
Now onto the final significant subtext - while I don’t particularly think of it as subtext-y, I know a lot of people have so I still want to include it here.
When Illumi explains Alluka’s powers to Hisoka, he explains that there are two different types of linked deaths when a request is failed : 1) the person who failed + the person they love the most 2) the person who failed + the people they spent most of their time with.
When applied to Killua, Hisoka naturally comes to the conclusion that no matter the outcome, Gon would always be the one dying with Killua, because he’s spent so much time with him, and because he’s the one that Killua loves the most. In the panel where Illumi explains this, we see a romantic, heterosexual couple demonstrating the effects of not completing one of Alluka’s requests, and thus the “most important person dying”.
While not making any true parallels, the fact that Hisoka, and the readers, are drawn to compare a heterosexual, romantic pairing to Killua dying with Gon because he’s his “most important person” is an interesting piece of subtext.
I want to finish by talking about Killua’s birthday and how significant it is in my opinion. All the main 4 characters have birthdays that fall on specific dates, related to Japanese tradition, and often with events that can be associated to their character. Gon’s is 5/5, which is Children’s Day. Kurapika’s is 4/4, the number 4 being considered an unlucky number, and this being an unlucky day to have a child. Leorio’s is 3/3, Hinamatsuri (not really any main parallels here but still). But Killua’s birthday is 7/7, and is the Japanese day to celebrate Tanabata.
If you are not familiar with Tanabata, the story is as follows : Orihime is a princess who works for her father, working hard and well, but she laments the fact that because of her hard work she can’t meet someone and fall in love. Her father arranges for her to meet Hikoboshi, allowing Orihime to leave because he expects her to come back to work for him, but the two immediately fall in love and get married, and she never returns.
I won’t get into the rest of the story as it’s this part that interests me the most, but if you want to read more about Killua and Tanabata I suggest reading the post I referenced below.
Does the story of Orihime remind you of anyone ? Killua also works for his father, but laments the fact that he can’t go outside and meet someone. His father then lets him go, saying, and i quote: “he will come back, because he’s my son”. Doesn’t this remind you of the tale of Tanabata ?
Killua’s story references the tale of Orihime perfectly, and I believe this is intentional : Killua’s birthday isn’t of any importance to the plot, so why make it Tanabata, a day that celebrates a love story that closely ressembles Killua’s story ? The answer is simple : subtext.
With all this in mind, I think it’s pretty clear that Togashi is writing intentional subtext to hint at Killua’s feelings being romantic in nature. Togashi is a master writer, he has years of experience, and I strongly believe he knows what he’s doing and not planting unintentional subtext. He’s a very smart man, and knows how all of this can be interpreted.
I will finish by saying that Togashi is NOT an author that would deliberately queerbait his readers. So many people dismiss the possibility of having homoerotic subtext leading onto an actual canon gay relationship because “it’s not like the author would ever have gay main characters”. While this holds true for a lot of manga authors, especially shonen manga authors, it does NOT apply to Togashi.
Togashi has always displayed interest in queer subjects and queer representation, putting trans characters in all of his major works (Miyuki in YYH, Mikihisa in Level E and Alluka in HxH). There were also canonically gay characters in his previous works : Itsuki in YYH, and a character named Kuramoto in Level E.
Togashi also always had interest in mangas having BL elements, citing Maya Mineo’s “Patalliro!” as a manga he was attracted to during High School. If you’re unfamiliar with Patalliro, the story focuses on the main character’s love life as a gay man. He also admitted to basing Hiei’s (YYH) design off a character from that manga.
Last but not least, Togashi mentioned in a note included in volume 1 of YYH that he wanted to write a sports manga, called The Trouble Quartet, where basically all the characters are gay. Togashi said he based it off his own interests as a writer, and that while it was refused by Shonen Jump, he got deeply attached to the project and that he would love to explore this project in a different shape once he made a name for himself. I suggest reading this post because the parallels between The Trouble Quartet and HxH are HILARIOUSLY accurate.
In short, Togashi has always had interest in queer matters, and was always interested in putting queer representation in his work. After YYH, which was a terrible experience for Togashi as a writer, he managed to snatch a contract that basically allows him to do whatever he wants with HxH.
Having always held dear BL matters but never being able to explore it to his full intent, I believe Togashi is exploring queer identity further with HxH, because Shonen Jump basically lets him do anything.
To conclude, with Togashi’s past experience and skill, his interest in queer representation, and the amount of subtext surrounding Killua, I honestly believe that Togashi is trying to explore further queer representation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if HxH ends with Gon and Killua becoming a canon pairing, whether it be delivered in an ambiguous manner or not.
I hope you enjoyed the read, thank you for reading all of this, and feel free to show this to anyone who denies subtext in HxH !
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2020.07.20 21:52 5topdreaming My Unfamiliar Family [Episodes 15 & 16] Finale!

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2020.07.20 01:17 _imed The Search was Bugged from the Start

Hello Reddit, longtime /a/ lurker and recent /x/ lurker here. As a newcomer to this search, I know that the community behind it has moved in a very particular direction, and that my post may fall upon deaf ears. Nonetheless, I believe this post could be vital in either reviving the search or killing it off for good, and frankly either way would be fine by me.
Before I go into my main argument, I'd like to share my personal opinion on the existence of the anime proper. Disregarding any subsequent material, the original post(s) on /x/ are slightly sketchy to me for a couple reasons. The first is that the OP claims that he found the anime on the deep web. While you can probably find just about anime in existence on the deep web, you can do just the same on the surface web, be it through P2P, file hosting, streaming, or what have you. Again, this alone isn't the reason why I have my reservations about the anime's existence. The fact that the OP also says things like "I cried myself to sleep", "I don't want to go into details", and "Why would anyone draw that with such precision" is what really set off my alarms. If OP found the anime on a site that presumably had similar content as its focus--that is, a gore site--then I highly doubt it'd be a low-quality rip of what's presumably an independent 80s ero guro OVA that would unnerve him. Again, you can find much, much worse content in terms of gore on the surface web, be it fictional or not. Liveleak, Bestgore, video nasties, you name it. This part really smacks of creepypasta to me. On its own, the description isn't that scary, but the OP recounting how it made him cry out of fear makes it seem much worse, a common tactic of stories in the genre. If the OP did make it up, it could've either simply been to give the thread an entertaining story he spun up, to sound cool, or to mock the OP of the thread, though frankly he doesn't seem like he's a 4chan regular himself from his posting style.
On the other hand, the OP does give some very specific and tangible descriptions of the anime's contents and platform. He describes most of the girls as having bushy, brown hair (not uncommon for 70s/80s anime) and small eyes set far apart from each other (again, not uncommon for the genre and period). He also connects the girl with the white hime cut to Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo, whose appearance is consistent with these aforementioned qualities aside from having black hair rather than white hair. Aside from the anime itself, he also a good description of how he found it. He compares the site he found it on to Bing Videos, and he gives a specific description of the video's title, acknowledging that, while he doesn't remember the specifics, it contained Japanese characters (which he couldn't see) and code. Most importantly, however, he states that he knows for a fact that "Go for a Punch" wasn't the full title, something which I'll come back to shortly. While he could have very well faked these details, their consistency gives his account a little more credence. I could go further into the situation, environment, and such this anime and its genre came from, but in short, there are good arguments both for and against its existence, and I can't firmly determine either way whether it's real. I do believe that the search has its merits, since, as many have said before, there is lots of lost and poorly-documented ero guro material out there, be it art, manga, or OVA. That out of the way, I'll cut to the chase on my main argument.
"Saki Sanobashi" is not the title of this potential anime, nor is it related to the anime in any way, shape or form. Any and all discoveries or leads so far treating this title as legitimate should be immediately and universally discredited.
Let's start with the origin of this "title". Its very first mention comes in an /a/ thread created by one of the posters in the original /x/ thread. As you can see, most of the posters in the thread either mock him or redirect him elsewhere. This is because asking for the source of an unknown anime, no matter how obscure it is, is a big no-no on /a/. There's two separate boards devoted to requesting sources on unknown material, /ws and /. In fact, this is why the thread got canned pretty quickly by the mods. Of these two post categories, the "saki sanobashi" one falls into the mocking category. A common tactic used by posters on /a/ to ward off posters requesting a source is to give them the name of a completely unrelated anime or one that's completely made-up in order to troll them and/or send them on a wild goose chase. Boku no Pico is one of the most common responses of this type, and it even makes an appearance in the very same thread. Ever since, "Saki Sanobashi" and its existence have largely been mocked on /a/.
Now, then, how do I know this title's fake? Simple. It's absolute gibberish in Japanese. Believe you me, I ran さきさのばし through Jisho, Weblio, Goo, and just about any other Japanese dictionary possible and found nothing containing this exact combination of hiragana. The closest thing I could find was the term 先延ばし (sakinobashi), which means "to procrastinate" or "to delay", but this explains neither the gap after "saki" nor the extra さ. The separate words also mean little together. The first word, "saki", usually means "previous", "before", "earlier", or "ahead", while "Sanobashi", also called "Sano Bridge", is the name of a bridge in Japan.
"But that doesn't disprove anything!" some of you will say. "There are lots of anime and manga titles that look like gibberish in Japanese!" And you're right. But I'll offer one more piece of evidence to put this false and subversive name to rest. A quick search of the romanized title on Google trends shows that the first "spike" of searches for this term occurred in May 2015--two whole months after the original mention on /a/. Unlike "go for a punch", which has spikes dating back to late 2006 (though probably unrelated to the potential anime), there is no mention of "saki sanobashi" before this search started.
Again, I don't harbor any ill will toward the search in general. In fact, there's a lot of lost media I'm very interested in and have devoted much research to. I'd very much like to see this search turn up conclusive results one way or the other, but if this makes a lot of you abandon ship, then so be it.
TL;DR - "Saki Sanobashi" isn't related to the anime whatsoever, and all serious research, if there still is any, should be redirected to the title "Go for a Punch" instead.
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2020.07.17 23:46 PriorEstate Need an outside perspective

Disclaimer: do not share this outside of reddit or this sub.
Apologies for the length, I've been stewing on this for a bit.
This is going to be a little convoluted but I need to provide some backstory.
Cast: Me and DH (in our 40's) Ex - Husband's ex-wife (divorced more than 20 years but we get along) SD - Stepdaughter (26F) JA- Stepdaughter's Husband Grandkids - 3 and 9 mo
I've known my SD since she was 10 and my husband and I started dating. (Side note: I do have a kid of my own, they just don't pertain to this story.) So I've been there to see her grow up. We didn't used to get along with the Ex as she was very strict. As soon as we picked up SD for the weekend the Ex would call with the laundry list of misbehaviors that SD performed during the week.
At lot of these instances I think have contributed to my SD emotional immaturity in that she felt smothered by her mom's parenting. So even though she is in her late 20's, she is still acting like she just got out of high school with the exception of having a job and caring for her kids.
There have been many attempts at getting therapy for SD, but even as a kid she was able to tell the therapist what they wanted to hear and no progress was ever made. SD has a habit of dating people who are emotionally manipulative because she doesn't want to be alone and doesn't even want to try. This habit caused her to give up her rights to her first baby as her partner was abusive and isolating her among other things (not going into details for reasons).
SD started dating JA and he had a multitude of issues. Can't hold a job because of anxiety, mooching off his family member; all I can think of is "What a winner!" I completely understand that there are people who can't work due to crippling social anxiety and I would have all the respect in the world for JA if he were getting help for his issues. He just says he can't, no meds, no therapy. Just wants to stay home, sleep and play games.
SD got pregnant very quickly, and because she's matured a bit and isn't in an abusive relationship she gets to keep this one. And I have to admit, she's a pretty good mom with some exceptions I'll get into later.
Fast forward a couple years, SD and JA decide to get married and she's pregnant again. Theory is that his mom was pushing for it thinking that SD would leave JA if they weren't married. Ex had put money aside for her kid's wedding, but in a fit of annoyance, SD decided that she didn't want any of the money. JA's mom would handle everything. DH and I drive over for a few days to attend the wedding. (This was last summer.) Super casual, they were happy with it. Just not my cup of tea.
Let's compress this a bit: They move in with his family member, all of them and his emotional support dog into one room of this apartment. Family member dies, JA's mom moves in, Kid #2 is born and they decide that more room is needed. Ex has a three bedroom house she lives in all alone and just adores her grandkids. So she allows them to live there. They have a room for themselves, a room for the kids. Here's where things get tricky.
Both SD and JA are inherently lazy. If they can get away with not doing something, they will. SD would get home from school, JA would hand over the kids and take a nap. On Sunday, SD would be studying and taking care of the kids and JA would be gaming. Most of the time when Ex is home, they hand the kids off to her and just go do whatever they wanted. JA has had a job for part of the time, then his anxiety or something else would come up and he couldn't work anymore.
Because they aren't paying rent, they are blowing all their money on games and junk that they don't need. Their car was having issues so they decide to keep fixing it and at the same time to finance a $20k truck with the thought to get a camper and cruise around making youtube videos of their travels for money. (Just the latest in grandiose dreams that they have including homesteading when neither of them put in the work for a backyard garden) They wanted the money that Ex put aside for their wedding for this purpose, she said no. That money is now to help with a down payment on a house.
JA's "support animal" died while living at grandpa's and they got a new puppy for his anxiety. They couldn't bring it to Ex's house as she is allergic. I put it in quotations because I doubt it was trained, just go along with a theme that JA thinks it's true so it is. So they had someone watch it for them, then had it in a too small kennel in Ex's backyard, when finally they took it to a rescue organization for re-homing. (that's a whole saga I hurt myself because I rolled my eyes so hard)
Now were here at the most current state of affairs:
Ex finally got fed up with them dumping their kids on her the moment that she walked in the door, JA yelling at her for asking them to clean up after themselves and said that they need to step up and take care of their own kids or find other arrangements. She wasn't going to kick them out on the street, she was giving them time to find a place to move into. (They weren't paying rent, just their own food and their own bills.) Well, JA took this as an attack and screamed at her for almost an hour. SD piled on it, saying that she had an awful childhood because she was made to work (yeah, having chores was slave labor).
So, SD and JA packed some clothes, their kids and went to his mom's house. Where they were told that they could stay til the end of July and would have to find a place of their own. They did ask if they could borrow our camper until next July. That's a hard pass, it's too small for 4 and we live 2000 miles away. Not to mention that they would probably trash it through neglect. They left everything else at Ex's house.
Now, my DH is having to play mediator because SD barely talks to Ex saying that she's toxic and abusive. SD forwards the texts she gets from Ex to show how mean Ex is being. DH and I read them and they are perfectly reasonable, trying to coordinate a time for them to come get their things. The only rule is that JA can't come into the house and can't interact with Ex. Ex has given multiple days (weekend as Ex works during the week) that they can come and she will even have help to get their electronics with SD escorting them. But because JA isn't allowed, SD is going to get a police escort. Ex has shown us video of what they left behind. She's packed it all up nice and neat, even the bags of garbage they left everywhere. The only thing she hasn't touched is the electronics.
SD is whining to her dad about how Ex is treating her and that there are consequences, and I just want to reach through the phone and smack her. And we get it from the other side as Ex doesn't really have friends and uses DH as a sounding board so she calls him for advice. I am keeping my mouth shut and giving constructive advise to my DH for his position as a mediator. But I just want to scream at them both (SD and JA) for how childish they are being. Hopefully, them being forced to live on their own and having to pay all their own bills will really wake them up. Gods know that helping them has just been enabling their behavior. The only thing that really bothers me is how it's going to affect the grandkids. They are at an age now that it doesn't matter much, but kids grow. And both of them need special help (genetic issue, not life threatening can just cause issues with development) that I don't think SD and JA are equipped to handle if they keep with this level of laziness and entitlement.
Just needed to get this out there. I can't really talk to my DH about this, he's right in the middle of it all.
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2020.07.14 00:55 5topdreaming My Unfamiliar Family [Episodes 13 & 14]

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2020.07.12 19:28 Panicless Warum Online-Dating für BEIDE Geschlechter scheiße ist:

Gibt ja gerade vermehrt Diskussionen darüber und da sind viele nette Punkte dabei, aber der wissenschaftliche Aspekt WARUM Online-Dating für alle Beteiligten so frustrierend ist, fehlt mir bisher. Ich habe mich mal sehr intensiv damit beschäftigt und bin dann auf Dan Ariely gestoßen (Dan Ariely is an Israeli-American professor and author. He serves as a James B. Duke Professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University.) Einer der wenigen Wissenschaftler die sich mit dem Thema näher auseinandergesetzt haben.
Ich habe mal einen Kommentar in einem amerikanischen Faden geschrieben, deshalb kopiere ich den einfach mal hier rein, vielleicht hilft das ja dem ein oder anderen es mach Corona doch nochmal im echten Leben zu versuchen.
TL;DR: Weder Frauen noch Männer haben Schuld, sondern (nach bisherigem Erkenntnisstand!) nur unsere unterschiedliche Reaktion auf ein Überangebot an potentiellen Partnern.
Mein zitierter Kommentar:
"This is not something I made up or just my experience, but backed by science --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS8R2TKrYi0) .
The direct quote from the video I linked to from Dan Ariely: "When the dating pool becomes bigger there is a big difference in men and women. Let's say we have a speed dating event with 10 women and men and one with 20. In the bigger one women will act as if they have a budget. They become more restrictive and critical and only choose the top 3 for example, regardless of the number of people. But men have a threshold. They say yes to everyone above 8 (0-10) for example. And that's the reason why tinder only work for the best looking guys. Women can choose from thousands of people and their reaction is: I'm going to be even more critical and restrictive and selective than before. So they act on a budget. But men react to that same scenario with a threshold and just swipe everyone to the right they find attractive enough. Online dating right now is really built for people who could go to and pick up people in a bar."
And another factor comes into play in online dating. But this is true for men and women. Since we're not facing the person in real life we are messaging with, it doesn't hurt as much when they say no, so therefore we are braver, which results in generally approaching people who are 25% more attractive than us. But studies show that it still can be successful and persistency is the key. Message 100 more attractive women and probably one or two will still answer.
To be clear, I'm not saying this is inherently a bad thing. It clearly works for OP and most people, since online dating is the number one way for western people to meet new people. Women are NOT overly demanding and only interested in royalty, but have a normal reaction to an artifical way of meeting new people.
BUT Online-Dating just makes it way harder. Because in real life most women get to choose from let's say 5 really good candidates they know at any given point. Jessie's best friend Jake, that sweet guy in accounting, that hot dude from last night who found you on Instagram, that childhood friend Mike who moved back into town and Gregorios the exchange student from Greece with really rich parents. That's it. There aren't any other real options right now. So at least 3 out if these 5 are REAL options. Wayyyy easier to choose from."
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2020.07.11 15:54 tarangman Abusive housemate & her friends

I am a 20F living in a student household. Lets call the abuser AT, she has been a friend since first year of university when we met in halls, the friendship started going downhill when I started talking to a mutual friend, lets call him JA.
The whole time this happened, AT was dating another mutual friend (lets call him SL), who has been aggressive towards me before, and was generally mean towards me all the time.
AT gave me the silent treatment because I started talking to JA, and victimised herself. A month later she said she cried for a week because I got a boyfriend and told me she couldn’t be friends with me now because it’s making her sad. She made me apologize which I did to keep the peace. AT then gave me the silent treatment again a month after that because she thought I was mad at her despite messaging her multiple times asking if she was okay. She then got mad at me for not apologizing for something she made up in her head.
During the start of the lockdown she ignored me for three months, because I moved back to my student house from my parents house. She was aggressive and hostile over text.
I had been trying to sell my room so I did not have to live with her for another year, however I was unable to sell it and therefore, had to move in with her again. The landlord gave me the keys the top room in the house and I moved in. AT then sent aggressive texts threatening me to move out of that room as she wanted it or move out the house. She tried to guilt me and when that didn't work, she spoke to my other housemate and told him lies about me so he then messaged me to move out also.
When I returned home, my lock on my bedroom door was tampered with and the screws were loose. I knew that SL has a lock picking set therefore I suspected him and AT.
This week I was at JA's house for a small gathering. AT, SL, NS (AT friend) went into a room to talk while I was in the kitchen. AT came out right after and demanded I speak to her but I told her I was in no state to talk (I was intoxicated and under the influence). She then got aggressive and shouted at me and then NS came into the kitchen and neither would let me leave. SL then came in and tried pulling JA out (JA is my bf at this point). NS told me to learn some respect and I asked her what this has to do with her. She then grabbed me by the hair and shoved me on the ground where she continued to drag me around and scratch me. SL and AT refused to let my boyfriend into the kitchen and said “let NS deal with this”. JA eventually managed to enter the kitchen and get in between us two.
I have contacted my landlord and the police in this situation. I have told the police that NS assaulted me and they are investigating the situation.
Is there any legal action I can take in order to get out of the house as I feel unsafe as AT has no problem with getting her friends to assault me.
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2020.07.09 12:16 ISIofficial An introduction and guide to Pakistani pop music and stars

Hello everyone. Not sure how many people would be interested in this but I decided to do a little write up on pop music and stars from my country. I've decided to include a variety of mainstream music as "pop music" even though some may include more traditional sounds as well as rock fusions. This post is meant to showcase a small handful of Pakistani songs and artists from every generation to hopefully introduce these artists to western popheads.
To start off, due to the similarity of Urdu and Hindi Pakistani pop music is closely linked to India. In many ways it has influenced the Indian/Bollywood pop music scene and in a lot of ways it has been influenced by them. Cultural exchange is huge and Pakistani artists like Atif Aslam are some of the biggest musical artists in India.


Early Pakistani pop music doesn't have a lot of documentation behind it. Most of the songs, similar to Bollywood, were film playback songs from the 60s-70s. With the decline of the Pakistani film industry this style of music was eventually phased out. The biggest song from this era can be summed up with Ko Ko Korina by Ahmed Rushdi, the song was absolutely massive and to this day remains one of the most legendary songs ever in the country and is still played and sung at every Pakistani wedding. Weddings have a huge influence on the popularity of songs in Pakistan.
Other big names from this era include: Runa Laila, the Queen Bengali pop who started her career when Pakistan and Bangladesh were one country, she now lives in Bangladesh and is still active musically. Alamgir, another Bengali pop king although this one identified with Pakistan after the independence of Bangladesh. There was no match for Alamgir's popularity in those days, he was the Michael Jackson of Pakistan, although not as fondly remembered as his contemporaries, he was massively influential nonetheless, bringing over a more western pop sound to Pakistani music as well as disco and funk.


Now in the 80's, Pakistanis had become more accustomed to the westernized sound introduced by Alamgir, and unlike the tensions of the 60s and 70s of war between India and Pakistan, things were relatively more normal between the countries which meant there could be more art collaboration between them. Less tensions gave birth to the career of the biggest pop star in Pakistan's history, Nazia Hassan. At the age of 15 Nazia sang a song called Aap Jaisa Koi for a Bollywood film and it became a smash hit in both countries. She did all her work in collaboration with her brother Zohaib as part of the “Nazia and Zohaib” duo. She ended up becoming the youngest person ever to win a Filmfare award (basically the oscar's of Bollywood) and kickstarted her career through it. Her debut album Disco Deewane spawned her most successful single of the same name which remains commonly remixed at music festivals and even got its own Bollywood remix in 2012. Disco Deewane sold over 15 milloon units making it the 4th best selling South Asian pop album ever. Her later album Young Tarang became the best selling South Asian pop album of all time with 40 million units sold. In 2000, Nazia Hassan passed away in London while getting treatment for lung cancer.
The other defining pop act from this era is the Vital Signs. Unlike Nazia, VS's popularity remained limited to Pakistan. They were huge nonetheless. Their biggest single to date is Dil Dil Pakistan which by many is considered to be an unofficial national anthem of Pakistan. They disbanded after their lead singer Junaid Jamshed became more involved in religious activities, eventually becoming a televangelist and passing away in a plane crash in 2016.
Other major acts from this era include: The Benjamin Sisters, Hassan Jehangir


This was arguably the best time for Pakistani music, it was a time when rock, traditional and hip hop influences started to come to Pakistani pop music. The iconic four from this era can be summed up with
Junoon - A Sufi rock/pop band that mastered the blend of eastern and western music. Massively popular in both India and Pakistan. Iconic songs include Jazba e Junoon, Sayonee(my personal favourite).
Abrar ul Haq - The king of Punjabi pop. Probably the biggest exclusively Punjabi singer in Pakistan's history. Iconic songs include: Billo de ghar, Nach Punjaban, Preeto
Hadiqa Kiani - An absolute skinny legend and was my absolute goals when i was growing up. Iconic songs include Dupatta (what a video), Boohey Barian.
Other major acts from this era include: Strings, an iconic band who would end up becoming big time producers in the 2010s. Sajjad Ali (who became famous due to an Urdu cover of a legendary arabic song). Impossible to name enough people here.


This was possibly the most male dominant era of all, despite there being a fair number of female singers from this era. Success was dominated by males. Nonetheless this era produced some great bops such as:
Mahiya and Princess by Annie Khalid
Aadat by Jal/Atif Aslam
Channo and Sun re Sajania by Ali Zafar
Tenu Le by Omer Inayat
Mehndi by Jawad Ahmed (the absolute best desi wedding bop to ever exist). Also Dosti is a patriotic song by Jawad that will make you take out your Pakistani flags and wave them no matter where you're from.
Maahi Ve and Sab tu Soniye by Faakhir
Mehbooba by Haroon (a gorgeous blend of Arabic and South Asian sounds, i highly recomment this one).


People can't decide whether its a good or bad time for Pakistani music. Currently Pakistani music is dominated by drama OST's and television shows like Coke Studio (for mostly established artists) and Nescafe Basement (for underground artists) as well as competition shows like Pakistani idol and Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Coke Studio has emerged as the most "prestigious" outlet of Pakistani music and I'm frankly quite sick of it at this point. Aside of these, music from movies (very similar to Bollywood) and standalone music is also popular but nowhere near as it used to be.
Coke Studio, its a show where different artists record and release a multitude of songs. It's extremely popular and gets hundreds of millions of views every year. It has launched the careers of massive stars such as Momina Mustehsan, Aima Baig, Gul Panra, Asim Azhar into the mainstream.
Momina Mustehsan is a huge star right now although she only releases music sporadically. She has multiple videos with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and mainly gets her popularity from Coke Studio. Her most successful song is Afreen Afreen with over 300M views, she is featured in this song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. My favorite song of her's is Tera Woh Pyaar, i highly recommend all of you listen to it. She has done an Indo-Pak collab with Arjun Kanungo called Aaya Na Tu, and an absolute Punjabi BOP with Bilal Saeed called Baari.
Aima Baig is an industry plant launched by her famous and influential uncle. She is basically singing every song from every outlet whether its Coke Studio, drama OSTs, film songs etc. Famous songs include: Malang, Baazi, Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya (for a drama OST), Item Number (for a film).
Asim Azhar is one of the few young male acts from this era to become huge. He's also considered kind of an industry plant since he's been dating one of the biggest actresses in Pakistan (Hania Aaamir) for quite a long time. Some hits include Jo Tu Na Mila and Tum Tum.
Pakistani movies have had a resurgence in the 2010s and have had many hit songs. some include: Shakar Wandan by Asrar Shah, Hona Tha Pyaar by Atif and Hadiqa, Kalaabaaz Dil by Aima Baig, Haaye Dil Bechara by Jimmy Khan, Noori by Sunidhi Chauhan.
I will x post this to pakistan and hopefully the people there can help me strengthen this post and make it more inclusive of other artists.
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2020.07.07 01:56 Dungeon_Dice JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 25: Arthur and Tracy Vs Bang and Wrenn

The results are in for Match 23. The winner is…
Inch Nine, with a score of 66 to Art Jolson’s 57!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Tie 15-15
Quality Black Hill Estate 22-20 Reasoning
JoJolity Black Hill Estate 19-12 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
The eccentric stranger had proven somewhat of a threat in a fight, but in the end, Inch Nine managed to make it out in one piece, still standing, even if hurting a lot in the process, and certainly going to get that goddamn jacket for Ian she came here for in the first place. After processing her thoughts, she realized with some abhorrence.
Did I… Seriously beat someone half to death over a rubber duck? With the host having long since had the box closed, and even wheeled away in the chaos, her mind had eased slightly, realizing the absurdity of such a thing, and yet, thinking back upon it, could still only find appealing ideas of the lovely little yellow fella. Cairo Satori… What the hell are you up to?
As she quietly contemplated this, with a flourish of some installed confetti and smoke effects, Cairo and ‘Peach Pit’ emerged again, looking eager to give their congratulations to Inch. “Alright, you did it, nice job,” they started, and as they approached, several differently-clad anime-looking boys emerged from the shadows at their gesture, dragging Art away. “Don’t worry about him, yeah? Like I said, I’ve spared no expense on getting a damn good healer on staff just for this. So if he can’t make it through something like that, you know who to sue for malpractice!”
“Not like that’s gonna happen, or that you’d need to worry about it if it was,” Peach Pit added. “We’re really sorry about having to drag you into that, but it’s not like a fight wasn’t going to happen anyways. We just made sure it could happen safely, yeah?” The stand shrugged and gestured out at the state of the store overall. “Nobody died, all the damage is covered on insurance, and uh- you get to take that jacket home for free, completely unstressed about whether or not you’re gonna find yourself in a fight where something big is actually on the line?”
Cairo cleared their throat and stepped in front of the stand, trying to keep the focus away from the fact that they’d just fabricated a brutal fight, regardless of how safe it was or how fated anyone was to come to blows in the first place. “Uh, right! Obviously it’s unfortunate that it played out like this, and I’d like to apologize again, but before you go, um,” They just looked you over for a second before continuing, “Just in case, I should ask, are you good to leave without getting patched up too?”
Two experts in their field, masters of muscle and electricity, are currently engaged in perhaps the pettiest and strangest variant of the trolley problem to date, and as of when this match goes up there is still about a day to vote in that!
Mr. Jones had been utterly brazen in his flouting of his favor with the fates, hijacking a bifrost server and livestreaming the fight for their lives which Manta Malaise, Casey Jones, and many others struggled for their lives against him, and those few who had seen this video had with them some hope that, with Jillian Heart writing a truly in-depth article about the experiences of herself and the other survivors, utterly exposing him, even if Manta Malaise had spared his life, he would face some justice.
Yet before the night was up, Miss Palmer, his accomplice, had turned herself in, confessing to everything which the pillar of the community had done as Conqueror Worm, and bringing with her evidence which even the Stand-authorities of the city needed to consider: she had, just before it would be needed, developed a Stand, [Dresden Dolls], which could allow her to create a strong animated facsimile of any humanoid form of any size, albeit a hollow, fragile one, which could store anything.
Most believed the story published by the Fortuna Hermod, rather than its competitor which employed Jillian, and those who saw the truth for what it was were deeply frustrated. One took it the hardest of all, but they were not the sort to break.
They would fight.
Two young men sat in a convertible, admiring their shiny new helmets, part of their silver, eye-design-plastered ensemble that would make up the new body armor of their neighborhood watch association, as they drove up to a house in West Aurelio, seeing a father and son play with a basketball hoop in their driveway before a small house. Their little game was interrupted by the sound of a horn honking, both backing away in a mixed apprehension which, in a short time, had become learned.
“Afternoon, Finger Family!” One of the motorists said, stepping out of the vehicle and resting the hand on the stun baton which sat at his hip. He had on his half-exposed face a grin, feeling like some of the favorite pop cultural icons of his which he’d always taken at face value.
“Fuck do you kids want now?” The father said, stepping before his son and attempting to make himself taller. “Don’t you ever patrol anywhere else?”
“Hey, Neighborhood Watch has to go where we’re needed! And this neighborhood, on this side of the river…” He waved his baton about, and the man tried not to flinch. “Well, there’s always infractions here to find. Our own founder, you know, a murderer was right under his nose… You can’t trust anybody anywhere these days, and danger could be lurking in any unassuming house.”
“Or you might be trying to burn evidence, like that old manor!” The driver added, before gesturing to their living room window. “Yet I see the curtains closed… Totally un-drawn, so nobody can see in your house. And I know what you’re going to say, ‘but your Watchliness, our house is so messy, we can’t see in!’ Well, that’s an infraction too, you know, unpresentable living rooms… So you’re normalizing something that lets people like Miss Palmer get by unscathed, AND you’re not living up to the town beauty standards!”
“Fuckin’ curtain rules now, are you serious?” The Finger father stepped forward, as if daring the man half his age to try some shit, “you’re gonna start dressing like Robocop or some shit, go actually bother somewhere it matters? I didn’t bust my ass to get this house so some kid playin’ army can scare half the damn neighborhood away!”
The man was wise enough not to advance within stunning range, simply gesturing at the ‘for sale’ signs at the abandoned buildings on either side of him, but the armored guy was both terrified and power tripping anyway, and began to rush at him, swinging his baton.
It swung, and only hit the armored boy square in the jaw, shocking him, sending him reeling back into the rapid descent of a black and orange motorcycle from a nearby tree, landing atop him on its single front-facing wheel.
Bleeding from his mouth, helmet half-knocked off, the cruel boy whimpered, realizing what a weight seemed precariously balanced atop his chest, staring eye-to-obscured eye into the dark glass of a motorcycle helmet’s visor.
“H-heheh, hey, I was just… Just trying to scare him a bit!” The coward waved his hands, “teach him not to fuck with us you know? I wasn’t really gonna hit him don’t be a fucking psychopahtHAAAGHHH!” The bike was revved, and the front wheel spun and spun and spun, and then the bike seemed to speed off and away, leaving him barely alive and his shiny new armor cracked.
The son, who had been watching this all in silence, instinctively recording with his phone, traced it all as the other Watch member did not hesitate to drive away, only for his back wheels to seem to start revving in opposite directions from the front, then jerk the car into its side as the cyclist drew closer.
Father Finger, meanwhile, just sighed, moving to walk into his house. Where the hell is the neighborhood going..? Makes me wonder what I ever saw in this place. And if my kids were out here alone… goddamn curtains, swear to god…
Aurelio Precinct - Suburbs
Compared to the more elaborate offices of VALKYRIE, or the various Downtown PD, the building where Chief Churchyard and Inspector River worked was a small, one-story affair, featuring a lobby, a pair of bathrooms, two holding cells, a visiting room, and a moderate-sized office space/equipment locker mix. Some of the cramped areas reminded Arthur Lifeson and Tracy Von Kehr of the little cramped spaces underneath their strip mall base, full of unique and elaborate secret entrances.
“There art killers in our midst…” Arthur had explained to Tracy when he dragged her out for backup. “We were none the wiser to Remix’s fell nature until he was out of our midst, and now, an innocent woman has fallen into distress whilst the word of another true killer is out there. We must away with her and unearth the truth!”
“Innocent, I would not call her, when Miss Palmer did this willingly…” Tracy mused with her typical smile, “but, semantics. Yes, it doesn’t sit right with me either, the lived experiences being ignored for a twitter confession, and she might know how it is that happened. And the two of us, I think, could extract the truth from her.”
They were blocked at the entrance, though, not just by the androgynous-looking bespectacled brunette in an ‘inspector’ badge boredly minding the reception desk, but by the utter giant impossibly squeezing himself through the doorways, looking the pair over through his sunglasses as he towered over them both. Chief Churchyard, Suburban Regalia had come to know him as by now, and by now they had thought him little a threat, but here, there were bags under his eyes big enough to be seen through his shades, and stubble had graced his face.
“We’re not letting visitors in to see Palmer. If that’s what you want, go away.” Church was either sharper than they had seen before, or guessed lucky.
“I’ve got this,” Arthur assured, stepping forward, chest puffed, “good sheriff, I am a knight in my own right, and I seek to do a justice above our jurisdiction, and-”
“You’re another one of those types who believes Jill Heart’s story, huh?” Churchyard asked, grumbling a frustrated interruption. “Mr. Jones is… I know, he’s a complicated guy, but right now, he’s hurting more, more vulnerable, than ever. He couldn’t even bear to keep his post here, had to take some time off, entrusted it to me… And the last thing he did before his time off? In this time of finding out the woman he was dating killed dozens of people and tried to frame him for it? Last thing he does is try to ramp up the security of his neighborhood watch, increase rules for them to enforce, give them more equipment so they can be safe from people like that.”
That only concerned both Stand Users more, and so Tracy asked, not fully trusting Arthur not to do something rash, “of course, of course, but still… There are mysteries to unearth, which require people of our ‘persuasions,’ you know? If people need protecting from those like this Aurelio killer… We can surely be of use getting into the mind of the guilty party?”
“…prove it, then.” Churchyard said, producing a phone and a blurry camera photo that had been sent to him. “You saw that video that went up, right? Of the ‘Black Angel’ retaliating hard against two Watch members…” Arthur and Tracy nodded, both recognizing the video in question. “Those guys were being jackasses, I can’t deny that. You give power-tripped teenagers weapons and some meaningless post and just watch ‘em abuse it to every level they can… I know they’re mad at the world but that doesn’t mean they can put two kids in the ER!”
Tracy and Arthur exchanged looks, having caught something, and then Arthur spoke, stepping forward, “so you say this citywide vigilante has sent two power-tripping, powerless guardsmen to your apothecary… Are you asking us to do your king’s justice when we do not bow to him?”
“This ain’t about loyalty, or Mr. Jones, or anything like that. I’m just holding this post as a favor to a good friend who’s helped me out of a lot of binds, and nobody has a lick of respect for me so I can’t rein them in, but… But the Angel’s gonna kill someone like this, go extreme, or get the wrong crowd on their back. So, uh… Track ‘em down for me, yeah? I want to make sure they know that just because you’re fighting evil doesn’t make you good, alright? And, uh… If you do get ‘em to stop, say it was because of me, yeah? Maybe these fuckin’ kids will pay attention when I speak if I’m actually responsible for something more than yelling a lot. Here, uh, Mr. Jones even left me the keys to his favorite sports car, said to keep it for my troubles. But I think you’ll need it more, to catch up with a bike like that…”
“Well, then,” Tracy answered, still not quite sure she trusted the intentions of this man, but well aware that he was useful enough to them to accept on her and Arthur’s behalf, “consider us deputized, if it gets you to stop this, and gets us a conversation with Miss Palmer.”
Captains All Country Club - Hole 18
An elderly giantess swung her Iron, and the Par 5 hole was conquered in a single stroke. Superintendent Anastasia, clad in a sweater vest, visor cap, and her usual hand-shaped sunglasses, produced a pair of binoculars and glanced towards the green, nodding and huffing as she flexed with the club. “A hole in one… No matter the sport, I’ve still got it. Could still go pro if I could leave this place.”
The two young men, each outwardly polite and hiding baggage in their own ways, simply stood in silence, neither caring much for golf, but still more than a little impressed and intimidated by the sight. Still, though, neither had come here for this, and it was the longer-haired, sweater-and-skirt-clad of the pair who spoke up to this end first. “Yes, nice job, Superintendent! But of course you didn’t call us out here just to watch you play a perfect run of golf, right? You didn’t have us come all the way out here on a summer day just for that, right?” Wrenn Aflight’s voice was sickeningly high and sweet and brimming with passive-aggression and contempt for the heat.
Bang “Boogie” Bronson, meanwhile, was trying to be quieter, more polite, even as his own frustration and discomfort grew. Wrenn had barely ever interacted with anyone on the team, mostly off in his own little self-important world, a world which Bang was still not sure he wanted any part of as he looked over him and the way he carried himself. Yet for some reason, when it was announced the Aurelio school district Superintendent wanted to talk to friends of Casey Williams, Wrenn had actually up and volunteered to come along… Still, he was trying to figure out why. “If it… Isn’t any trouble, ma’am… We’ve got a lot on our plates too… You asked. You asked for us because of Casey, right? Which means, really, you asked for us because of something to do with M-Mister…”
“With Mr. Jones, yes, but also no,” Anastasia said, heading towards her golf cart (Bang and Wrenn had been riding in it and could barely keep up with her foot speed), fishing through her bag and producing two pieces of hard candy, “and I apologize for spending so long waiting to start talking… When sports are on the mind, that’s where the mind goes. Here, have some candy as an apology, alright?”
Bang watched as Wrenn offered a sweet, “thank you~!” and then mimed putting it in his mouth without even unwrapping the plastic, convincingly swallowing as it disappeared down his large sleeve. Bang’s refusal, meanwhile, was more blatant. He almost had before Wrenn refused, and after all, he wasn’t a kid. He locked eyes with Anastasia, popping open his vodka and taking a massive swig.
That made her grin, actually. “Hahah! My grandson did exactly the same once, when I crashed one of his parties to embarrass those teens out of a brain cell killing good time… Always the self-assured one, Taylor.” Then, she removed her sunglasses, showing to them the tiredness in her eyes, and her smile faded again. “Have you seen that latest video going about, of the Black Angel fighting two Watch members?”
“I have!” Wrenn, more comfortable speaking right now as Bang stewed in backfiring embarrassment at his attempt at maturity power plays, recalling the recording, “and I remember someone dressed just like that, motorbike and all, driving through a puddle right next to me… It almost ruined my favorite sweater! Really inconsiderate, don’t you think?”
“I’ve always sort of hated Mr. Jones, what he was doing… But I tried to be civil nonetheless, and focus on what it was we had in common. Love for the spirit of volunteering, of showing that there is more to life than financial success. I let myself overlook every red flag he had, and never thought that he might be killing people… And I don’t buy a word of the stories saying it was Miss Palmer. She’s not smart enough to concoct plans like this, and I trust the resolve and word of Jillian Heart,” Anastasia said, pausing soberly. “That ‘Watch’ of his focused so much on West Aurelio, the poorest parts of our town, and now, after that little controversy, suddenly they have military-grade equipment, and they’re ramping that up worse than ever, bullying people to the point where they’re selling their homes to get away from it… There are some ideas which are truly toxic, and that man has poisoned this town and gotten away with it.”
Bang trembled as Anastasia spoke, trying to maintain his stiff look as he heard her out, wondering if it was truly impossible for certain viewpoints to coexist, yet at the same time, still trying to process all that had happened himself. He had a traumatic past with Manta Malaise, and yet they had helped save his dear friend Casey’s life, along with all those others… And then, presumably, went and spared Mr. Jones’ in turn. “What does… What does this have to do with that ‘Angel?’”
“People like you two are ‘fated’ to run into people like them, right? So… Track them down for me, yes? And let them know, no matter how dour things turn, how dire things get in this town… ‘Don’t turn your back on the town. You have friends, allies, and those who also can see the way things are going.’” She moved to put her club away, then handed Wrenn an electronic car key. “Take this, alright? It’s to that auburn sports car in the parking lot. I was going to give it to my grandson for his graduation, but… You will need it if you’re to catch up with the Angel, I’m sure.”
Wrenn, for a moment, was conflicted, his sole interaction with this ‘Angel’ having been an unpleasant one, but seeing the look of need and pain in this old woman’s face, he couldn’t bear to say no to her, trying his hardest to rationalize some way to make this pragmatic. Eh, he would retroactively find one later. His hand closed around the key. “We’ll do what we can!”
“Thank you.” Anastasia smiled. “This has been a delightful afternoon… And perhaps my last one here. If they don’t revoke Mr. Jones’ membership, I’m turning in mine. Even if he gets off scot-free, I am through associating with men like him.”
Later, in town…
“This car is… Pretty cool, I have to admit,” Bang mused aloud, sitting in a parking lot as he and Wrenn downed their takeout, parked with the motor running in a random plaza. “Kinda wanna see how fast this baby can go… You know, on open road.”
“Well, maybe we’ll get our chance to,” Wrenn answered, sounding more relaxed still, yet paradoxically in a forced way. “We just have to hang around until we hear word of this ‘Angel…’ It probably won’t be too far behind trouble if they’re in the area, right? And I’ll give them a piece of my mind when we’re being heroes!”
That shouting from a few blocks away, certainly, piqued the curiosity of the pair, the sound of frightened calling, vandalizing explosions, and a roaring motorbike calling them towards the scene in question, swerving past people panicking to find already the aftermath of a Stand Battle, albeit a brief skirmish, between a figure on a motorbike and a grown-ass man armored and riding a scooter, standing amidst the wreckage atop his ride and declaring, “FOOLISH! I am not the legally dead Black Knight Penitentiary Album. I… am the DEATH KNIGHT PENITENTIARY ALBUM!”
After a few seconds, the giant scootered away. “And know this is NOT over, Angel! The death never dies! Unlike the very dead black knight, who I! AM! NOT!”
“A new dark knight, right after the last one died..?” Bang questioned, his tone making his joking intent unclear. “I guess… Penitentiary Album had his fans…”
“I’m sure,” Wrenn remarked dryly, skeptically, before pointing out the obvious: after that strangely brief battle, to the apprehensive cheers and watchful eye of the crowd (and zero help from the armored neighborhood watch member drinking at the booth in the wrecked sports bar), the dark-clad motorcyclist immediately sped off towards the Northern road out of town. “No need to think about that, though!”
Elsewhere, parked behind the building, Tracy grinned at the sight of the Angel driving away from the battle scene. “Ah, yes, I knew the ‘Death Knight’ would draw them out for a fight… but they realized the diversion quickly. Sharp one. Now to see where the ‘Angel’ flies.”
“We’ve more to worry about than that,” Arthur declared, gesturing at the sports car tailing them, “it seems someone else seeks to quarrel with this Angel… But be they friend or foe? Hark! Forward is the only way we may learn!”
North of Aurelio lays the single paved road to lead, technically, out of the city, though it is a pass through frigid mountains in which, no matter the time of year, a layer of snow always seems to be upon it. The road is uneven, ill-maintained by those with no reason to believe they shall ever leave by it, and only the most expert of drivers even stand a chance of surviving the effort to drive through it… And even they, in turn, cannot make it out still.
Due to its nature, location, and the frequency of automobile deaths in these mountains, the pass is known by the people of the Metropolitan area as the “Middle Finger” of the city.
Arthur could see his breath before him, moving to crank the heat on the car as Tracy fired up the wipers. “This is where they’ve retreated to..? This dank tarn, I feel we’ve passed it once already.”
“We’re being led in circles,” Tracy agreed, “but this, isn’t so bad… We will learn this area with dental precision, odd bumps and all. Just keep watch for any trouble.”
Bang shivered slightly, cranking up his own car’s heat, then noting Wrenn looking at him in the corner of his eye, asking, “you cold, Bang? You should try getting nice puffy clothes like this… This sweater’s super cozy!”
“I’m… F-fine,” he said, defiantly, taking a sip from one of his flasks, “this will keep me warm… Just. Just focus on the road.” He tried to look at Wrenn, then turned his attention towards the rearview mirror. “We’re still being followed. So no way these are just people trying to… F-find the road North.”
The cars continued after the Black Angel, however, even as they were led in circles by someone who clearly knew this area so much better than any of them, trying to formulate how they would get into touch with someone who had to know they were being pursued. None of these rides were even teasing their top speed in this snow, but eventually, at the highest point of the pass, they started to drive down a wood bridge so frequently ignored before, the easiest way back South into town, generally considered sturdy, reliable enough, but as the others approached, they looked to one side in alarm, and to the confusion of everyone, took a hard veer off of the bridge.
“Hmmm?” Wrenn.
“Why is-?” Tracy.
“A trap!” Arthur.
“…” Bang.
Regardless of their words, soon after, it became apparent what had prompted the retreat attempt: something further along the bridge had somehow downed it, the entire thing was plummeting to uselessness before them, and neither car was thin enough like a motorbike to try and turn around. Before they could even hope to back away, they were falling, and they were screaming, the quick-thinking parts of their brains thankful, at least, that there was a definite section of road beneath them instead of sharp, steep mountain or frigid lake.
As they plummeted, both parties needed to duck, large pieces of bridge coming at their car in the winds fast and hard enough that the entire tops of their car, sans windshields, were shredded away, leaving the expensive cars topless but the drivers miraculously alive. Meanwhile, on the road beneath them, the figure sped by again, the outline of something else emerging beside it.
(image by Rox300!)
As the Angel drove by, the snow-obscured form pointed up at the underside of their cars, and some noise was drowned out by the whirring of motors as they sped off and away again down the road, the teams feeling something repeatedly impact the bottoms of their cars.
Miraculously, both cars landed completely upright on the road just below them, and though the riders were shaken by their descent, and the bridge completely gone, they were unharmed, and able to keep riding, Wrenn the first to do so, followed shortly after by Suburban Regalia.
“Halt, ‘Angel!’ You will answer for what you have done!” Arthur called out as the lot advanced, turning towards Tracy. “You can keep pace, yes? I have a feeling the knaves before us do quarrel with us. They stand in our way, and so, the knightly thing to do is to cut them down, should they raise their Stands to our own!”
“Ja, of course, of course,” Tracy answered, grinning and tightening her grasp on the wheel, “you are the one who needs your hands more right now… This perilous road, it could kill any clumsy motorist who tried to dare it, but not I! Not us! I am an expert, precise and skilled, and I’ve faced mouths thrice as exciting as this road.” And then, as a last-ditch effort at piece, she called, “hey, kids, pull over! We have work to do!”
“Ohhh, just lo~ovely,” Wrenn remarked aloud to his partner, looking behind them with his Stand, “those guys are after the Angel, too! So now, for helping that old timer, we’re out here in the middle of nowhere, and we’re gonna have to fight ‘em off just because she asked nicely! Isn’t that swell?”
“Y-yes, it seems that’s their intention.” Bang shivered from the cold. “And… I don’t know a lot about what’s happened here, but this Angel, the way they fight and act… They’re standing in the way of something relentless, something terrible.” Through Wrenn’s passive-aggressive frustration, Bang silently felt his impression of him changing. Regardless of all that griping and grumbling, he still was not hesitating to help this person, even if it meant fending off other probable Stand Users in altitudes and temperatures like these. Regardless of all that, now wasn’t the time to be caught up in his polite demeanor, narrowing his eyes and feeling his cold body warmed through the heating of his blood and pumping of his heart. “Let’s wreck these two.”
The Masters, the Regalia, and the Angel sped up.
Location: A perilous roadway mountain pass in the Northernmost outskirts of the city. A layer of thin snow covers everything, but enough of it has been cleared away that you can at least tell reliably where the road is… And boy, is this road a pain in the ass. Sections of it have literally fallen away due to disrepair and insufficient attention, leaving only a snowy ravine under a naturally-formed ramp of sorts, which you will need to speed over to reach the next section of road, and you get turned around so easily that you are driving around in circles. At the start, MFAs are 30 meters ahead of SR, and 30 meters behind the Black Angel. Players are in high-end sports cars which have recently been accidentally made into convertibles, with starting drivers being Tracy and Wrenn. There is a significant drop between the Southwesternmost pieces of the road, the remains of what was supposed to be your bridge out of here instead creating an incline which gives you more than enough space to reliably stunt-jump the twenty meter drop between that and the ‘starting point’ of the road below.
Now, while the road layout is quite similar to a course many would know as “Polar Pass,” it isn’t necessarily completely 1:1 with its namesake. Booster pads aren’t a thing, and where marked with down arrows, only a very steep, bumpy drop down the mountain awaits. The shingled green section of the map represents sections of mountain at steep, roughly 85 degree angles, 25 meters high, the brown strip represents a wooden plank bridge, and the blue represents freezing cold water from a mountainous pond. The grey section represents a section of road underneath a section of natural rock tunnel. At most points in the stage (such as the start), the road has enough lanes to account for up to three cars’ widths, with sections like the bridge thin enough to only handle one. Also unlike the original track, none of the sections of road are iced over - someone has cleared those up for safe traversal, though there are no guardrails literally anywhere.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents!
Additional Information: These cars have tires properly suited for driving in deep snow, and can take insane amounts of abuse, even if individual pieces of them can be destroyed - you can literally be down to a wrecked chassis, and it will still operate and not fall apart; can’t speak much for the safety or comfort of such a thing, though. They have decent handling, and can also reach a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour in 20 seconds, but actually achieving and maintaining anything close to such speeds on most of these turns and in this weather is inadvisable (we won’t knock your jojolities for not constantly hitting near-250). Both player parties are moving at 60 mph at the start of the match.
The sheer adrenaline and peril of this situation has granted all four player characters a 4 in Stunt Driving - out of want to not become a splatter in the snow, every single player character is a truly amazing driver, but to do anything truly impossible would still require some ingeniousness from their other abilities.
The Black Angel, meanwhile, is running something resembling the WR for the original track. Generally, they are absolutely masterful at dodging attempts to attack them, masterfully swerving out of the way of such efforts. They won’t actively antagonize either team.
If ever one car is knocked off of the track or flipped over and unable to recover, five seconds afterwards, it will suddenly be lifted back into the center of whatever section of road is the closest, at a shaky but reliable B Speed - any damage sustained to the vehicle or its occupants by the fall in that time still will have happened, however. If you’ve played a kart racing game and fallen out of bounds, you know how this works. If an active attempt to harm the Black Angel is made, the guilty team will no longer receive this aid.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Masters of Funky Action Bang “Boogie” Bronson “I beg your pardon, Mr. Joestar, but I’m perfectly aware of what I’m doing. I’m not an idiot.” You’ve been entrusted with a lot of big responsibilities here, and this car is one of those… It wouldn’t be very mature for you to disappoint on anything. Do what you can to keep your ride in decent physical condition as you fight and drive!
Masters of Funky Action Wrenn Aflight “By the way, are you familiar with Sumo? Specifically, about the tactics at the end of the ring… Exciting, isn’t it!” Okay now the Angel is just showing off, and if anyone is showing off, they’re sure as hell not gonna be better at it than you! Make creative usage out of your car as you speed along the pass!
Suburban Regalia Tracy Von Kehr “Whoa! He got his car up on two wheels!” You don’t want to lose track of or be outshone by your target now, right? Make creative usage out of your car as you speed along the pass!
Suburban Regalia Arthur Lifeson “If we mess up, we crash! We have to time the turns with our other senses.” If you’re to pursue this target with the regality a knight ought to have, your chariot cannot be in utter shambles. Do what you can to keep your ride in decent physical condition as you fight and drive!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Hatunnosto kaikille Suomen IT-miehille ja -naisille. Ja'mie goes through her bisexual phase and gets a girlfriend at her new school. From the Chris Lilley mockumentary Ja'mie: Private School Girl. Provided to YouTube by WM Finland Mies ja piippu · Helena Siltala Unohtumattomat ℗ 1968 Scandia Producer: NN Composer: Grainer Ron Arranger: Linnavalli Esko ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. This Wednesday, i talk mainly about my first relationship and how it ended up in spite of his own shyness . Everyone has hope, and the partners have to find time soon either. It occurs when the ... Meidän pohdintoja rakkaudesta♥ Ollaan seurusteltu vuodesta 2012. Video on tehty yhteistyössä Demin kanssa. Osoitteesta http://www.demi.fi löydät uutta luetta... Tuhat ja yks elokuvaa! ... Infatuation and the first dating ... 13:44. KE: Höpinää joulusta - Duration: 9:29. eeddspeaks 4,863 views. 9:29. Miksei mies ja nainen voisi olla vain ystäviä? ... Mies ja kilpikonna abzeify. Loading... Unsubscribe from abzeify? ... Naapurin mies ulkoiluttamassa kilpikonnaansa. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, ... Suomeksi tekstitetty lyhytvideo perustelee miksi avioliitto on juuri miehen ja naisen muodostama ainoalaatuinen instituutio. www.ionainstitute.ie 50+ videos Play all Mix - Eero, Jussi & The Boys: Mie Ja Bobby McGee (live 1971) YouTube Pink - Me & bobby McGee - Duration: 4:13. Patti Gaudet Recommended for you